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Jaco Strauss
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Preza, elpizw na prestiaiars oti ta arxeia einai .tiff kai einai poliselida, kai na min eides mono tin 1 selida. Den einai mia selida kathe arxeio.Dokimase kanena programma opws to irfanview.

Waas lanklaas hier, maar sjoe het dinge darem nou hier vneredar. Is so bly jy s watter een is jy, op die foto hierbo, anders sou mens sowaar nooit kon raai nie. Ai, my Seun, altyd ’n grapmaker. Het lekker gelag daaroor.

im left handed you deserve do rot in a cell go hang jy is bog

Velvet HammerAnonymousPraise
Brilliant! Just brilliant! I love it! I found your site googling for 'leftie'. Ironic Surrealism II

Brawnybrawnycomedyenterprises_at_yahoo.comI Flush Liberal Heads
How can you tell when a liberal cums during sex? He screams and shit on his boyfriends dick! You might be a liberal if your mother named you after your father: drunk nigger junior! It's Brawny time motherfuckers! it dont hate it
It is unfortunate that hell is filling up with liberals. Soon there wont be enough room and they will have to go to heaven. I love this generator btw. Semper Fi

LiberalAnonymousGeneral Comment
Roflcopter, he insults that i viewed here directly describe Labor approaches

leftyanonymousMy mistake
I thought it was for generating insults for left handers...My mistake

Jaco's Law
Dark Knight is still suffering from a sense of humour failure... hehehehe, stupid lefties - or is it just that something like "Callous, frothing-around-the-mouth assholes who hate common sense" is too close to home ;-)

Dark Knightkissmyblackass_at_africa.comStrauss's Law
Ha ha, Wacko Jacko. Ever heard of Strauss's Law - "When somebody exposes you as a backward racist brazenly counter-accuse them of accusing you of being a racist." That should bamboozle them. Your pessimism will be your own destruction.

Dickwagger_at_mail.comPresent Company Excepted
How's come only faggots post on this site????????

fucking racist!!! you guys dont even own the land! check out the history!!

Pat Lpatexas_98_at_yahoo.comThe Truth II
Guilt Free- As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us. Psalm 103:12

MC-Cerrr yeah riteyou lot
you lot really need to go smoke some trees....

Razorbite me_at_pussy.comDirty ass spicks
Them spicks need to go back to dirty ass Mexico and the president Bush and clinton need to go live in that shit hole of a sorry ass country of Mexico. Because thouse gay presidents let them in. Some one needs to kick the politicaly correct ass! To every one who agrees with me go to www.national and love your white race tell this to every white person you know!!!!!!!!!

Kaffir Killer Elshotdog_at_hotmail.comfighting in Africa
I'm English and MY ancestors fought in africa just like I have and we kicked Black arse,fix bayonets, no prisoners have a nice day.

NadrachAnonymousHmmm ...
DB Wilburn: "God hates Republicans"? Which one?

Bush wackerfart_at_me.comu makin no sense
the republican jesus is just santa clause for adults. cram that flag up you butt and wave it around to show your patriotic duty to country not worth living in.

j van niekerkjvniekerk_at_daimlerchrysler.comAnglo Boer War
Good point Themba, especially british colonial wars. For british school children, british history starts in 1939 and ends in 1945 .. Nobody in britain even remembers the acts of british aggression in the rest of the world .. Funny enough USA, Britain, Australia (all English) are illegally in Iraq once again ..

thembathemba_at_citigroup.comwars of the world
White people are always sooo proud when it comes to wars they fought in .. Korea, Vietnam, WWI/II etc. Funny that none of your ancestors fougth in any colonial wars in africa :-) Don't you think? No european remembers the african colonial wars ..

DB Wilburnjuroncon_at_yahoo.comGod Hates Republicans
You fight for politics and an ethnocentric and un-christian racist ideal. My ancestors fought in the American Revolution, WWI&II, Korea and Vietnam. You don't have any monopoly on patriotism or morality. You just use religion to excuse whatever you want, and that is blasphemy. God Hates Republicans.

Sexy Biznitch~why would you careMyself
These insults.. not that great~
SHUT UP HIPPIES! go fuck a tree or somthing...get the fuck out of YOUR country? you wouldnt have a country if it werent for people fighting for it...

The Ultimate RightAnonymousOkay Red..
How is it that you can kill your own fetus, your own child, but yet you can sit there and gripe about the "supposed" killing of Iraqi children? What a hypocrite! What you need to do is close your legs, shut the heck up and wave the American flag..if not, get the hell out of my country.

republicans eat shit! against abortion but killing iraqi children is acceptable, explain that to our god, they are not colaterall damage you fuckers

Jaco Knight lost
Haha, Dark Knight, have you heard of Godwin's Law?

Dark Knightkissmyblackass_at_africa.comNeo-Nazis
It is right that white-supremist trash go into self-imposed banishment. You have nothing to offer the New South Africa.Good Riddance!

VisitorAnonymoustype: Jaco Strauss
and u get this: Elitist, low class opinionists who hate common sense hehe

stupid moronAnonymousflies
I am a idiot who likes flies

The more primitive sentimentalist Visitors can't compete with this Generator

Ikumusubidowned@pigeon.govna amerykanistyke bylo isc...
Even though I'm utterly oblivious to this liberal-republican conflict-thing (whatever) and actually, being from one of these ex-communistic countries (recently) populated by: QUOTE -communists whose mothers dress them funny UNQUOTE I really liked the insult generator (some are meaningless others are so... appropriate). Only the feedback this thing gets.... whoah FUN!FUN!FUN! Me thinks ape best not get keyboard than all be fine!

slidernospam@myadress.comGet a life
This is supposed to be a humor site folks. If you are that upset, make up your own "rightie insult generator". Should be simple as Rush Limbaugh.

YankeeAnonymousJJ Wood's comments
JJ - did you ever learn how to spell? Your obvious lack of education and dim intellegence level give you away! Unless you are a Cherokee Indian, this country is just as much "theirs" as "yours" and mine. You need to put down the PlayStation, turn off "Monster Garage' and go read a book about American History. May God have mercy on your soul. And may you see the error of your ways.

Gay PimpAnonymousSoccer Pratice
I'm a dirty frat boi on a dirty soccer team, go into the locker room after wrestling!

Interesting influx of so-called "liberals" lately onto this page. Even LIEberals as some of those trying to appear smarter with some poor, thinly disguised attempted use of feeble satire. If you guys can't take a joke, go and cry somewhere else.

Like JJ Wood, most of you can't even spell “liberal”. Go grab a copy of anything by JS Mill for a good start. Khobouter doesn't even seem to get the difference between a small country in Europe and the most Southern state in Africa. His definition of Nazism should be as laughable as Nighttrain's ability to judge personality traits. Maybe the latter suffers from a serious bout of projection!

equusequus@classicwhores.comClassic Horse Abuse
Warner is signed up with a "legit" web mail service. Click on this link and count how many times he violated their Terms-Of-Service contract: --- It's not nice to misuse private property, son.

Khobouterkkk@nra.orgDutch Nazis!
Dutch Nazis from South Africa! Now I've seen *everything*!

ironflangebushis@moranA note from God
Dear Mr. Bush: Your appointment is hereby terminated. You have one hour to clean out your desk. Sincerely yours, God

NightTrainrushlimbaughis@bigfatidiot.comSome people have too much time on their hands!
Let me guess, Jaco: you live with your parents, are still a virgin, and have exceedingly few friends. And the friends you do have are just as big a dork as you! Pathetic.

Warner is a whiny little bitchgetbent@jerkoff.comQuit yer bitchin'
Hey, warner, I have an idea, why don't you go buy your own high load server, script your own forum, drop a t-1 into your basement, and host your own damn "free-speech" website forum. Oh, what's that? Mom won't let you? Too bad.

JJ Woodwoodman_at_aol.comLIEberals!
I fucking hate them LIEberals. Before them fucking LIEberals came along, the niggers, chinks and spicks knew there place. Now, thank to them LIEberals I gotta put up with them at bowling alley. The only time I wanna see a nig at the bowling alley is the one shinin' m' boots. As far as the chinks and spicks go, they can just get the hell out of MY country.

Laura Bushmrsgwbush@stepford.comDriving
Gals, take it from me. Don't EVER get behind the wheel when you're fit to be tied at your ex-boyfriend. It's so messy to scrape him off the hood.

Neil Bushneilbush@herpes.comGod this itches!
Ya know, ever since I fucked them hookers in Thailand my pecker hasn't look too good. Not that there much of it in first place, but what I got sure does itch.

Jeff Christyhomophobe@praisethelord.comHell is for hypocrites
Didn't you know? Jeff Christy was my name before I changed it to Rush Limbaugh. God called, he wants his ego back.

Jesusjesus@yourass.comYou Right-Wingers suck!
Hello Republicans....God and I decided we don't like you anymore!

jennifer fitzgeraldshit_for_brains@ freerepublic.comeat jeebus
So now I get it. Wingnuts are so stupid they need help to come up with idiotic insults. Have another helping of hillbilly heroin, Rush!

You librals will regret talking about your libral crap when we put you all in camps.

Warnerwarner_t@classichorse.comPosted on DU heheheheeee
Progressive, enlightened forum or self agrrandizing, myopic bubble? I was banned from the DU forum 3 times now because I dared discuss, in a polite yet thought-provoking way, the ideology and politics you all (and I mean all) adhere to with such unquestioned loyalty and blind enthusiasm. Rush fans have nothing on you "progressive" folks![br] For a group so committed to their purported respect for diversity and free speech, I was astounded that I was [b]silenced[/b] so quickly, and without explanation. Yes, I am fairly conservative compared to this crowd but more [b]independant[/b] in my voting. Is that threatening? Will my comments burst your myopic bubble? Will I rain on your "we are so much smarter" parade? Does your fear of real discussion outweigh your arrogance? Its hard to believe so considering the following post but I'm at a loss to find any other reasonable explanation. [br] [br] I read and understood the DU forum rules, prior to posting, and it states with the diversity focused, extra-enlightened, embarrassingly-arrogant liberal lingo, that within the forums you "will likely encounter many points of view here that you disagree with." In an even broader stroke of enlightenment and exercise in courage, and in the spirit of truly challenging your highly evolved intellect, the rules further point out... "We ban [i]conservative[/i] disruptors who are opposed to the [i]broad[/i] goals of this website." The glaring question is, how will anyone in this forum [b]ever[/b] hear a point of view that you dont agree with if you are unwilling and unable to open the discussion to OTHER POINTS OF VIEW?? [br] Another question comes to mind. What are the true "broad goals" of this website? Might I speculate that the sole purpose of this website is to: take your money, keep you ignorant and unchallenged in your feel-good, self righteous thoughts, and make you feel safe and cozy in your little "me too" bubble, surrounded on all sides by people... JUST LIKE YOU? Diversity you say? [br] There is no question that the purpose of you being here is to share your liberal ideas, meeting dates, hate campaign of the day etc. But why are you so drawn to a forum where diversity, dissention, and debate is outlawed? I thought liberals invented those traits (I think Al Gore said that). Do you learn anything here beyond the date of the next feel-good, issue-of-the-day rally? Is this only what you feel comfortable with or do you feel DU serves some other, more enlightened purpose? Perhaps you feel having a little liberal rec room all to your own, absent of true logical engagement, is healthy for your political conscience. [br] Surely you all can find forums that are open to truly diverse points of view. Surely you can take the collective liberal circle jerk into the public forum. Or are you hiding behind these ideologicial walls in fear because you find solace in your consolidated groupthink? [br] Just a thought but you might want to break out of the little "most righteous" bubble you live in and start thinking for yourselves. Its hardly surprising the right wing is gaining more and more influence in public office and in the hearts and minds of Americans. This forum, this shining example of enlightened, intellectual liberal discourse is nothing more than a frightened and uninspiring "me too" festival. Sheep? Yes, I think you have redefined that term here. [br] When you are ready, I invite you to join me and my fellow Americans in the truly meaningful discussion that is going on all around you.[br] Thank you[br] currently warner formerly helmeuth[br] formerly grkda[br] ..more coming soon, im sure[br][br] P.S. I would like to refer you to my previous posts but they were deleted, locked, or archived by the [b]"moderator"[/b]....for your "protection". Hail free speech! Hail DU!! [br]

Holster Hanktruepatriot@army.milThis page rock!
Librals are so stupid, hahaha! They can't tell they're ass from a whole in the ground. Fucking name-calling, nigger-loving, jewish trash little pussies come run and hide when the army comes a'knockin' in the middle of the night to haul your treasonus bastard asses off to siberia or alaska or something.

Marvin Foonmanavedon@usa.netPriceless!
It's not enough you folks needs someone to tell you how to think, how to worship and how to interpret network news. Y'all are so pathetic you can't even insult the opposition without electronic aids. I'm going to be laughing at you for a week and a half.

God I hate Liberals! If it wasn't for them, I'd still be allowed to call black people niggers. PC freaks!

Jim B.freeamericausa@yahoo.comFuneral Directors!
Funeral Directors Love Liberals....DEEPLY!(6feet deep)

Jim B.freeamericausa@yahoo.comFeel Good Liberals?
Last time I felt Good about a Liberal.. Preparation-H felt good during application. Warn Liberals when using PREP-H....Be sure to rinse after brushing!

BongholioAnonymousGood insult
Boner Bitting,ass licking, Eminem fucker

JF SebastianAnonymousLove it.
Leftist oppression loving evil class exploiters who hate themselves and humanity...

Cindy Brucecbruce@tampabay.rr.comAddicted Republicans
The one good thing that comes from Rush Limbaugh's fight with addiction to Prescription Pain Drugs; is that know we all know that RICH Republicans get HIGH too!!

Get a job, be prosperous at it and piss off a Liberal, also keep God in your heart.

fibblefeeble@wobble.comHillary's Book
It Takes A Village.... To Raise An Idiot

whatthehellhappenedlastnightDOTcom123leftiesrule@yahoo.comalways left, never right
fark the "can't think for yourself" right-wing...selecting a dumbass like King George...augh

Anyone who wld use this is a Frothing-around-the-mouth, prejudiced moron who relys on affirmative action! And a bunch of Vote-fodder-exploiting, intolerant wussies who keep the masses poor!

Preston Colemanpres@rebelholler.compinko pussies
Pablum-fed pinko pussies patronizing patriotic producers.

Waynewayne@bluelabeltech.comThey are delusional
Gormless self rightous cretins who believe freedom means getting everything for free.

markosAnonymoushere's a good one
for conservatives: pompous, self-satisfied jackasses for liberals: whiny, fascistic nazi-creeps

NickAnonymousTry this one
Horny for Hollywood, undisciplined, dreadlocked deadbeats who don't know their ass from a hole in the ground.

RiaAnonymousOoh, I'm feeling evil.
Holier-than-thou, tree-hugging criminals who hero-worship parasitical good-for-nothings... ...I'm a parasitical good-for-nothing, but I don't see anyone worshipping me. *pout*

maryAnonymousGeneral Comment
Hee! I'm totally left wing and this is hilarious!

Amanda Grace pt.*HAHA*
Liberals are dum! I can't come up with any original thoughts, so i rely on fox news and rush limbaugh!

Amanda Graceamanda@amanda-grace.comAWESOME!
I don't think liberals would understand any of this...haha, they'd have to get the dictionary out to understand that they're being insulted!

Blankety Blank!schuylerdunsmore@yahoo.comFunny! And scarily accurate
Vote-fodder-exploiting, heartless bigots who hate America

Ptarmiganptarmigan@the-big-apple.comInsult Suggestion
CommuNazis pinko ass verministic racist bastard freaks of nature who hate civil liberties and freedom.

Justin like a good insult
Prejudiced, treacherous assholes who keep the masses dependent one
Tree-hugging, bomb planting half-wits who hate their parents.

Jaco liked this one
Minority exploiting, two-faced useful idiots who desire a nanny state Please give suggestions of more applicable insults...

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