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Jaco Strauss
11 November 2003 E-Mail this page to a friend

If you had a database of all the politicians in the world, which query would you run? I would've been tempted to try the following one, although the outcome would've been pretty obvious....
SELECT p.Name,
FROM Party pp,
      Country c,
      Politician p,
      Characteristic ch,
      PoliticianCharacteristic pc
WHERE c.CountryID = p.CountryID
      and pp.PartyID = p.PartyID
      and ch.CharacteristicID = pc.CharacteristicID
      and p.PoliticianID = pc.PoliticianID
      and c.CountryName = 'South Africa'
      and pp.PartyName in ('ANC', 'NNP')
      and ch.Characteristic not in ('Corrupt',
ORDER BY p.Surname;


Name              Surname
----------------- ---------------------

(0 row(s) affected)

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The Ships’s Voyages I feel technological know-how just ceasus it to be even worse. Now there is a channel to never ever care, now there wouldn’t be considered a likelihood for them to find .

This is way more hlefpul than anything else I’ve looked at.

Juann Straussmavusi_at_gmail.comRE: Klein versoekie
Nou toe nou. Daar ler ek nog iets. Nou kan ek twee sekondes minder spandeer aan SQL scripts.

Jaco Strauss
Juann, 'n INNER JOIN word geimpliseer as mens SQL in hierdie formaat skryf. Vir 'n LEFT JOIN moet dit spesifiek gespesifiseer word. Ek verkies hierdie formaat aangesien mens dadelik met oogopslag kan sien of dit 'n INNER of OUTER join is...

Juann Straussmavusi_at_gmail.comKlein versoekie
Hi, ek dink dis baie snaaks, maar wil jy nie asseblief INNER JOIN's tussen die "table names" insit nie?

I love it!!!

dandan_at_themani agree
spot on brother!
Great code. Keep me posted with these. When you have a chance, go out there and fight the real battle for RSA. Your stuck in the past buddy. (Also use spellcheck - you don't seem to be dong too well in that area)

Brianbrianmaike@hotmail.comThats a good one!
Very nice!! I like it!

Mr & Mrs
Well done... But I think thats how they get chosen in the first place. sql
Excellent, could really go to town on this!

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