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"Wilhelmus Wallace"
24 February 2001 E-Mail this page to a friend

1. Is there life from conception?


At the moment of conception all the elements that create a new human being are present.

23 chromosomes of the father and 23 of the mother unite to form an absolutely unique human being, totally distinct from his parents, forming a new 46 chromosome cell. After a complex process has occurred with the fertilised ovum, some 30 hours after insemination, the cell division occurs. From that moment on any further formation of that child is purely a matter of development, growth and maturation.

For a seed to grow there must be life. Therefore for a child to grow there must be human life. If a baby is not alive, then why is he growing. If there is nothing there, why have an abortion!

"Physicians, biologists, and other scientists agree that conception (they defined fertilisation and conception to be the same) marks the beginning of the life of a human being - a being that is alive and is a member of the human species. There is overwhelming agreement on this point in countless medical, biological, and scientific writings".

Report, Subcommittee on Separation of Powers to Senate Judiciary Committee S-158, 97th Congress. 1st Session, p. 7.

2. If an abortion is carried out at an early stage, can the baby feel pain?


A baby's heart starts beating between 18 and 24 days. At 20 days the foundations of brain, spinal cord and nervous system are laid down.

All living creatures have a nervous system and nerve endings, and it is because of and through these nerves endings that they can feel pain. (Because the abortionist has to piece together the broken fragments of what was once a living human being, abortions are not done before 8 weeks, simply because the baby is too small and parts of the body may be left in the mothers uterus causing infection and sterility. Also most mothers do not know they are pregnant until after the 6/7th week). Therefore as the baby grows and the nervous system becomes more complete the unborn child can most definitely feel pain.

At 8 weeks, and all abortions are performed after eight weeks, the baby is completely formed and suffers an unimaginable agony inflicted by the abortion. Films like The Hard Truth and The Silent Scream portray the suffering of these babies.

When you stick a baby with a pin, she will object. Her initial reflex recoil is exactly what happens in the womb after 8 weeks when the same child is painfully stimulated. Changes in heart rate and fetal movement also suggest that intrauterine manipulations are painful to the fetus.

"What the fetus feels" British Med. Journal Jan 26, 1980, pp233-234.
"As early as eight to thirteen weeks gestation, the human fetus experiences organic pain".
V. Collins, M.D. American Board of Anesthesiologists.

3. What about a woman's "Right to Choose"?

The Right to Life is antecedent to all other rights.

There are two different separate human beings involved in a pregnancy, and by allowing a woman to kill her child, you are denying that child the Right to Life and the 'Right to Choose' whether he can live or die.

Nobody has an unlimited right to do what they want and the right to choose can never supersede the most basic right to life.

Finally, remember that of the 50 million helpless, mute, innocent lives that are lost to surgical abortion every year, 28 million are little girls. (In Third World countries and in China, a far higher number of girls are aborted).

If by exercising your right to choose you will harm, injure, or, in the case of abortion, kill another human being then you cannot do as you choose. If for example, I wished to murder my neighbour, my neighbour's right to life would be more important than my wish or choice to kill him, and the law would prevent me from carrying out that wish. Laws are enacted to protect society from fundamental evils such as rape, assault and murder - therefore the law must protect our most defenceless citizens, the unborn children, from the horror of abortion.

4. Should abortion be allowed in the rape/incest cases?


Firstly, pregnancy from rape is very rare. Studies have given a figure of less than 1%.

Rape victims should be given every help and support whether or not they become pregnant; long term, compassionate counselling and assistance are needed to help to ease the trauma of such a terrible crime.

However, Abortion is not a solution to rape; it merely kills a child and creates two victims of rape.

People are led to believe that Abortion is needed, even essential, for rape victims. The opposite is true.

In the only known comprehensive study done to date by Dr. Sandra Makhorn in the USA, 85% of women who became pregnant through sexual assault, refused to have an abortion when it was offered to them.

Most of them said it was because they felt that abortion would be a second violation of their bodies. Some felt that it would be wrong to punish a baby for his father's crime.

Strangely these findings absolutely contradict the pro-abortion lobby's argument that all pregnant rape victims actively seek abortions.

Remember these studies were conducted in a country where abortion is considered normal - yet 85% of these women refused it when it was offered to them.

Many women said in Julie Makimma's excellent book "Sexual assault victims and their children" that although 10 years after the rape they had got over the trauma of rape they could not forget or forgive the terrible trauma of having an abortion.

The pro-abortion lobby actively use rape victims to further the pro-abortion cause. Kathleen De Zeean, a rape victim, says: "I feel personally assaulted and insulted every time I hear that abortion should be made legal for rape/incest victims. I feel we are being used, without being asked to tell our side"

Abortion following rape seeks to punish a child for her fathers crime. Any society based on justice cannot allow a system which condemns a child to death for the actions of another.

5. Is limited abortion - for rape victims, handicapped children etc. better that abortion on demand?

There is no such thing as limited abortion!

Arguments for limited abortion are used to introduce abortion on demand. In Britain, limited abortion was introduced in 1967 for rape victims, where the mother's health was at risk and for handicapped children. Now only .02%, only one in five thousand, of all abortions are performed for these reasons.

Similar patterns can be seen in almost all other countries which have abortion on demand, including the United States.

No matter what the reason for abortion - remember - the child always dies.

6. But aren't the "Pro-Choice" (Pro-Death) lobby for youth, for women and for the poor?


Abortion is war on youth because it kills the youngest and most defenceless of all young people - the unborn.

Abortion is war on women because it causes physical and mental ill-health. It leads to disrespect for women and attacks, such as rape, on women - in America where an abortion is performed every 23 seconds a rape occurs every 6 minutes. This is because where there is abortion, the traditional respect for women as nurturers of life and mothers, is broken down. Where there is no respect for life there can be no respect for women.

Abortion has been a war on the poor from the very beginning. Margaret Sanger who founded Planned Parenthood, the worldwide promoters of abortion, stated that "the kindest thing a large family can do to one of its members is to kill it". Planned Parenthood states that compulsory abortion and sterilisation should be legalised for the poor - if this seems like fantasy read the article in FC issue 9 detailing the atrocities carried out against Third World women by their respective governments with the backing of International Planned Parenthood Federation.

Abortion, far from being a compassionate caring service, is a money-making racket. The abortion industry is controlled and financed by millionaires like -

Rockerfeller Brothers
Ford Motor Foundation
Chase Manhattan Bank
International Planned Parenthood Ltd.
World Bank

Abortion has a devastating effect on society. When society accepts the murder of unborn children as a legal right, then that society's attitude towards murder in general will in time, change. United Nations figures show that Ireland has one of the lowest murder rates in the world. This is because it has not become numbed by the legalised butchery of abortion. In a society where human life is cheapened by abortion, all weaker members of that society are threatened by the uncaring anti-life mentality that abortion creates.

7. But won't pregnant women commit suicide if abortion is not available?


The Minnesota Maternal Mortality Committee studies conducted between 1950 and 1966 show that non-pregnant female suicides averaged 3.5 per 100,000 and pregnant female suicides averaged 0.6 per 100,000.

Suicide in pregnant women is extremely rare. Doctors Allan J. Rosenburg and Emmanuel Silver found in a study of three counties in Northern California that the number of suicides of pregnant women was roughly a sixth of that of non-pregnant women of the same age group.

A study in Sweden of 304 patients whose request for therapeutic abortion had been refused observed that not one actually committed suicide, although 62 indicated that they would if their request was refused.

This is naturally of relevance in Ireland at the moment. Records clearly show that suicide associated with pregnancy and early post natal period is very rare indeed. Whether it be effects of the hormone changes in pregnancy or some other factor, pregnancy is protective against suicide. Over the last 12 years for which records are available in the UK (1973-1984) there were only 14 such suicides in the whole of England and Wales; this included suicides up to one year of delivery. (A suicide rate of 1.9 per million births!)

In these cases the victims were psychiatrically ill at the time of their death, with schizophrenia and alcohol dependence being important factors. (British medical journal, 1991, vol. 302, pages 126 - 127) For comparison in the same 12 year period there were 5275 suicides in women aged 15-44 years (child-bearing years) in England and Wales. In order to make a valid comparison between these two figures, it is necessary to calculate the suicide rates per 100,000 pregnancies and 100,000 women of child-bearing age respectively. For suicide within 1 year of pregnancy/childbirth the figure is 0.19 per 100,000 births and for suicides in women of child-bearing age the figure is 3.5 per 100,000. i.e., the risk of suicide associated with pregnancy is 1/18 of that of non-pregnant women!

Furthermore, it has been shown that if the woman is suicidal in pregnancy, she is more likely to respond to proper psychiatric treatment than she is by having an abortion, which increases her depression and also increased the risk of severe post abortion psychosis. (Psychiatric journal of the university of Ottawa, 1989, vol. 14 pages 506 - 515).

8. Is the drug RU486 not an alternative to abortion?


RU486 is a drug that produces an abortion. It is taken after the mother misses her period. It's effect is to block the use of an essential hormonal nutrient by the newly implanted baby, who then dies. It does not prevent fertilisation. It is used only after the mother has missed her period and the baby is already 3 weeks old, with a beating heart. It is no longer effective after 6 weeks.

RU486 kills a developing unborn baby after her heart has begun to beat. The foetal heart begins to beat when the woman is four days late for her period. This pill is always administered after that, and up to her seventh week. Taken alone, the pills kill 85% of unborn babies. If followed with an expensive shot of prostaglandin, the toll goes to over 95%.

RU486 will cause the death of thousands of women in Third World countries. Prolonged and severe bleeding is common with this drug. In one major study, one woman in every hundred needed a D&C to stop the bleeding. This was in a tightly controlled clinical trial, in a very sophisticated atmosphere. In a Third World village the pills will be handed out by a health care worker, who then will leave. Because of preexisting anaemia in many women, severe and prolonged bleeding will be far more dangerous since in many areas there are no hospitals, methods of surgical stopping of the bleeding, and no transfusions available. Many of these women will bleed to death. At least one woman died from RU486 in France last year.

It also causes severe foetal deformity in surviving babies. It deprives the developing baby of vital nutrient hormone - progesterone - at the crucial time when the body structure and the organs are being formed. This powerful, poisonous, artificial steroid will kill most of these unborn babies, but not all. Those who survive will have a significant probability of major defects, including major limb deformities similar to those caused by the drug Thalidomide.

This drug may have an action similar to DES, which was used in the 60s to prevent miscarriage and which turned out to be a chemical time bomb. RU486 can also, in the body, react chemically to produce a free radical. This can combine with DNA, the genetic building blocks of our bodies. Through this mechanism foetal deformity can be produced at birth, and/or possibly show up 20 or more years later as a malformation or even cancer such as DES did. It is even possible that it could unite with maternal DNA to produce cancer or foetal defects in subsequent offspring.

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if you get in a abortion relaly think about it dont do it just because your boyfriend doesnt want the baby if you relaly want the baby you could have it its your decison not nobody else . For example my boyfriend once told me to get an abortion that it would be better because he wasnt ready to have another kid . i told him if you dont want the baby just leave because i do want my baby to be and dont need your support in anything i have my family that supports me i dont need a man to depent on i know am gonna be a teen mom and its gonna be hard be god gived me the most beautifull present in this whole wide world and am not just gonna have an abortion because your not ready to have another baby.Then he reject saying that to me and rigth know i have my baby with me and her daddy and he loves her alott. Any teen moms relaly think about an abortion its up to you nobaody else like i said just dont make a mistake and next thing you tell yourself i shouldnt of done it.

Victoriaveseasto_at_msn.comPro-Death Culture
There is always adoption. My sister had to pay someone in Kentucky to have a child. Please pray for an end to this culture of Death spawned by evil. If God punished Sodom and Gomorrah for their acts, imagine what is coming for the United States.

Does your friend like vignate? I am working on a blog entry about vignate baby showers and hope to have it up tomorrow. You can make the invites and decorations from vignate images of baby things it is so much fun. Do a search on flickr for vignate baby to get in the mood. The colors are so wonderful!! Old made in japan baby planters are in the same colors and are darling with little floral arrangements for each table. Do you have glass luncheon plates with the little cups that sit on top? The handles on the cups look adorable with a little pink bow tied on. Bingo with gummy bears is fun and yummy too! Watch for my blog entry for more. Hope it helps Kristin to adopt
Hi, is the process of adoption a long one and is it wrong to want to adopt a caucasian baby? I suffer from secondary infertility, I have 2 children from my previous marriage and was sterilised in 1997 due to a severe car accident, I got divorced in Jan. 1998, I met my 2nd husband in 2002 we were friends that then we fell in love and decided to get married in 2003, I started going to see specialists in 2003 before we got married, we got the go ahead and thumbs up and went for a reversal in 2004, I fell pregnant twice and both miscarried, in 2005 I had an ectopic pregnancie and my right tube was removed, in May 2005 I had my 1st IVF due to my other tube being blocked, the IVF failed, in 2006 I went for my 2nd IVF which also failed in 2007 I did an embryo adoption and that also failed, I will going into hospital on the 23rd August 2007 for a op to check my womb, if all is well I will consider IVF again with an egg donar but I really feel deep down inside that adoption is the route for me and that is what the lord wants me to do. My husband does not have any children of his own, we both love kids dearly and the child we adopt with have a big sister (16), a big brother (13), 2 four legged sisters (staffie & poodle) & a 4 legged brother (yorkie), and we all live in Cape Town.

Jaco I have to make the decision
Hi Kim, unfortunately I can't contact you directly, but would like to assist as far as I can. Your situation is definitely not one to envy and I can't even begin to appreciate what you must be going through. All I know is that my wife and I also went for our 12 week scan (of our second child) today and seeing the little life developing is just amazing. The little fellow already had to overcome odds of more than a billion to 1 chance to make it to where he/she is now. On the verge of life! Would termination thereof not cause more long-term problems of guilt and regret which would ultimately more than outweigh the (temporary) monetary alleviation you might experience? Remember also that you already have 2 kids linking you to him; a third (or absence thereof) won't change that. Another option (if you decide not to keep the baby) would be to consider adoption. There are many childless couples out there who could provide a great home. Faced with a choice like this, I realize that giving a child up cannot be easy. But the alternative - destroying the life of one of your own offspring - must surely be worse. Feel free to contact me at jaco @ if you would like to discuss this further in private.

kimAnonymousI have to make the decision
I am 26yrs old and in quite a predicament.I have been together with my fiance for the last 81/2 yrs and we already have 2 wonderful kids.But he has chosen the fast paced life of drugs(tik) and an inexcusable number of new lady "friends".Amongst all this,he left his job to start his own business but no money has been made yet and we are in dire straits although I am employed I hardly earn enough to support our family and pay bills,bonds,etc.To add to this,he has started to physically abuse me.I found out that I am 7wks and 6d pregnant.he hit me last Sunday and I decided I had to leave for my own sanity and he well being of my kids but what do I do now?I dont want to be a single mother of three.How do I cut ties with him if I have to bear another child of his.I am working and since I moved back with mom could take care of it on my own but I am at a crossroad and dont know where to turn.Infact,when we found out that I was pregnant with the 2nd one,he had forced me to go for an abortion and even got his mother to defend his case but I stood my ground and refused to go through with it.This time I went as far as making the appointment and I went,not knowing how far i was,I had to go for the sonogram 1st,when the women said 7wks,2days and that it was 2.9cm in length,i couldnt do it.i paid for the scan and now Im sitting here with a heavy heart not knowing what to do.I have until the 3rd August to decide my baby's fate,pls help me with some advice or give me a place where I could go for counselling,I reside in the southern suburbs,Cape Town.

cindyAnonymousGeneral Comment
Pro-choice.Noone is entitled to judge you!its your life not theirs!!!!

LannaAnonymousGeneral Comment
Each case is unique...You people should stop judging these girls. I am disgusted by your harsh attacking entries. The choice in having an abortion is hard enough... They are taking a big step in doing it. Its for the sake of their future.Lady's this is why you have the choice. Good luck to all..And remember abortion is not a form a birth control. take care of yourself, do not make this a habit...

I did not read all of your comments but I read enough. Abortion is wrong. I understand that this world full of evil it is also full of lot's of love and BLESSINGS. A lot of time we may see something as "the worst thing that could have ever happened" but remember there is always something worse happening to someone else somewhere. Choose life and pray for God to help you make better chooses. The most important thing "you do have a choose to have no sex or even with no money use birth control." For those with parents who you think may flip out beleive this,you may be very surprised how they may react about the news of a baby. If you have abusive parents. I promise if you ask God and lots of people that may be able to help they will. No matter how hard it may seem to bring a child into this world. It is a gift from God and one day if you make it to him in heaven he will repay you for trying your best to follow through with HIS will. You will also allow more blessings in your life by "Choosing Life".

I just can't believe that some of the pro-murder people on his site have described the unborn child as a PARASITE. As far as I'm concerned, one only has to listen to these people to perceive what moral plane they are on: they are Nazis.

Bianca206206127No to abortion
I'm 18, was not pregnant yet, never thought of abortion and I'm not intending to do it. It's a sin. I believe that a child is a blessing from God and you should not murder. So if you do think if abortion rather give the child up for adoption.

Disgustedcertfx2001_at_yahoo.comLoad of Crap
Such profound human arrogance! Which usually comes from the, "Christians" on the fanatical right. Let us not forget that we too are animals. Such arrogance to presume that the world, indeed the whole universe was created just for us? Use your power of reason. If anyone thinks that abortion is killing life at such an early stage of development, then put that hamburger down. A cow has more sentience than a four week embryo.

I had an abortion and it really hurts nowing that i would've had a beautiful family by my side but i had my daughter with arthrogryposis multiplex congenital and every one told me it was better for me to have the abortion that i now regret but me feeling bad or having regrets will not change the fact that i killed simething that was living inside of my body,

The "Never mind" vegan reckons that if a "kid is suffering from down syndrome or some other kind of genetic disease" it should "surely be within (the parents') rights to drop the baby". Interesting. I wonder if the vegan would be as keen on genetic purification if a gene is isolated suggesting an increased propensity to a vegan lifestyle and meat lovers decide to “drop” these potential social misfits!?!?!?!

Never Mindit is of inconsequential matterTHIS GUY IS JUST TOO GOODIE-GOODIE
Come on, cut it out. There are parents who find out that there kid is suffering from down syndrome or some other kind of genetic disease. Surely it should be within their rights to drop the baby. The thing about babies can feel pain. Well so can cows, pigs, and hens. Using them as a food source on day to day basis sounds just as harsh. A baby at the early stages of development has not quite developed a sense of the world or lacks imagination. The child is no different than an animal. If we can candone animal slaughter surely abortion shouldn't be a huge hassle. P.S: I am vegan.

Please let your baby be the joy in your life other than some loser.Abortion is not the way out ladies God gives us a gift don't destroy yours.
Hi there after 2 months of not getting your period is there any form or medication that can be used to abort the effects it has... Just done a home pregnancy test with the instrument obtainable from pharmacies & discovered that the results are positive, now abortion will be my next option coz I still have my future ahead and this might effect my career... Please advice soonest as this put pressure on me.

Oh, and as the baby is voiceless and without caring parents, mates and colleagues we can just execute them. The most innocent members of society?
Abortion is acceptable, provided the woman want to.

VisitorAnonymousPhysical abuse
I'm just under 8 weeks pregnant. Its my second pregnancy. I have a little girl of 18 months and she is wonderful. On Sunday night, 19 June 2005, my husband hit me in front of my little girl, in fact she was in between us on the bed when he struck me. Last year this time he hit me as well. I thought it was just because he was under alot of pressure. I didn't realise that I was looking for excuses for him. Anyway I am leaving him now. My problem is that I refuse to have another child/life be involved in our bullshit. I did opt for adoption as I am dead against abortion, but in South Africa the father can adopt his new born baby. Which is what he wants to do!!! This man has made my life a living hell and now he wants to adopt our second child and use it as a weapon against me some how?! to hell with that!!!! WHY PUT A CHILD THROUGH THAT FOR THE REST OF ITS LIFE WHEN IT CAN GO BACK TO 'HEAVEN'AND CHOOSE NEW PARENTS!!!! GOD WILL UNDERSTAND HE IS A FORGIVING GOD...

I just have a few things to say. One is that most of what you said is wrong. Most abortions are not done after 8 weeks. In fact 88% are done before the 8th week using pills. Secondly yes it is true that the POTENTIAL human's heat starts to beat between 18 and 24 weeks, BUT it does not yet have nerves or a brain, and therefore cannot feel pain. The heart starts beating only to keep the cells which are forming alive. The potental child does not think or feel, not until later months.

ParticipantunknownGeneral Comment
I'm actually thinking about aborting my unborn baby and as much as I would like to keep her and love her the circumstances don't allow me, my family will take me as a fool and most importantly I don't want my child to blame me in future. Believe it, it happens especially when things go wrong, kids always blame their mothers. Abort the child if you feel it's good for your future.

annonAnonymousGeneral Comment
I resently had an abortion. Non of you who say that abortion sould be illegal know what you are talking about. What if you were in a situation where your mother was just diagnosed with lung cancer. Yes many would that i had the chance to give my mom the opportunity to see her grand child. My mother would rather die than have an illigitamate grand child. I think she would probably have killed herself if she knew I was pregnant. Another reason for the abortion is that i study teaching an let my lell you that 95% of children with behavioural and learning problems come from single parent families and diviorced parents. All I did was save my child from hurt humiliation and being a disgrace to my family. You should all THINK before you say something that you know NOTHING about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dishakvivek_at_intnet.mugeneral comment
it is true that abortion is not always the only answer but sometimes it is better to opt for abortion. if a child is bornt out of a rape then the mother will have a tendency to picture the violent scene each time she seees the baby and she will develop an extreme feeling of hatred for the child. this may result in battered child or even a case of suicide as the mother will be psychollogically disturbed.

peasantAnonymousWilhelm you idiot
yeah yeah brilliant research, ITS NOT ALIVE until it breathes. As far as i am concerned it is a parasite dependent on the host (the mom) and if the host is not willing to be the host for any reason then fuckers like you have no say about it. You can take all your stats and research and shove it up you dark age ass. fuckers like wilhelmus probably bomb abortion clinics. Girls you have a choice and even if you regret it later at that time it was probably the right choice.

michellebabeygurlz18_at_yahoo.comabortion is wrong!
i think to kill a person is to kill a family one should have the right to choose to have an abortion.murder is murder. and i used to think alright incest or rape is an exeption but its not. its still murder. there are better choices u can make with your unborn child. make the right choice.put it up for adoption. do something other than kill your unborn living fetus. i know someone who has had two abortions in the last year.thats horrible and she doesn't even care. and it's not like she accidently got pregnant. she doesn't make an effort to avoid the chances of pregnancy. but do yourself a favor if you are thinking of having an abortion. DON'T!!!!!!please you will regret it....

VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment
It's up to the individual to decide whether or not to have an abortion. You don't live anybody's life but ur's so how can u decide what's best when u don't know where the person's is coming from and has been through. Abortion is legal because at the time of the prgnancy,you can make a choice. Once u have a baby,even if you do decide to give it up for adoption,u can't change it's life. It goes on from there so do something while you can. i'm currently waiting to have an abortion and don't thionk i'm beoing heartless by decicing to have one,but my reasons are my reasons,i won't bring a child into this world to suffer when i don't have the means to take care of it properly and i wont have it grow up to know that it was unwanted by it's natural parents. I do want children,but under the best of circumstances where the child can be happy. simply cos,i'm not ready to have it now doesn't mean i should give up some of the pleasures in my own life. So stop jugding. This is a personal decision so whether one opts to or not,is nobody's business but the actual people involved.

VisitoranonymousGeneral Comment
Personally I think your website is too biased in trying to make peoples decision for them. Why not only provide the facts and leave the decision making to the individuals. Everybody makes mistakes, and here am I, seeking advice, getting all this BS. You talk about destroying a life... How about my wife finding out about the pregnancy of my "girlfriend" (who still is on contraceptives), I'll destroy my life, that of my wife, my sons, my lovers', her husbands'and that of her son... How many lives should you destroy in the process? It's nice having a perfect life, not exposed to this kind of situations. Some of us don't have it that way... We've made an informed decision to have a safe abortion done anyway. Good luck with the website, but your approach didn't convince me. If this was the view you'll face a dilemma of people dying in backstreet abortions due to people being desperate for a solution. PS. My son was born on contraceptives as well, and due to circumstances that were more favourable at that time the decision was made to give birth, so no... I'm not a heartless monster, just a realist.

VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment
you lot dont know what your going on about, probably never experienced it, and wont

the friends of mine who had abortions were much more messed up than the ones who carried the baby to term and gave the baby up for adoption. regardless of what anyone says, a person who has an abortion knows that they terminated a life. and it is not because anyone told them they did something wrong. someone who has an abortion knows what happened and they either have to be completely cold and callous or deeply hurt by that "choice"

I love your website. It's very informative and does in fact answer frequently asked questions. Abortion is not the answer in any case. I read the comments of people getting an abortion because they weren't ready or capable of caring for a child. Did they really not know or did they just conveniantly forget that a child can be put up for adoption. There are so many people out there who want but are unable to have children. And here are people killing there child because for some reason they think they have no other choice. Even now if you have a child you don't want you can drop it off at a hospital where a nurse will care for it no questions asked. I just don't understand why anyone would get an abortion. If your not mature enough to deal with the consequences without resorting to murder than you shouldn't be having sex. And don't get on my case about rape victims. I did my own research and found only 1% of abortions were for rape victims. And majority of the women who had them done says they just felt more dirty. They were violated for a second time, and now have to deal with the realization that they killed an innocent. Abortion does not turn back time and make everything alright. It is a gruesome painful surgery that results in the violent killing of an unborn child. What did the child do to deserve to be mauled and mutilated. Nothing except be an inconvenience.

Here in S.A abortion is legal. Thank god. Do you know how many rapes happen here in our is staggering! If abortion were illegal, we would have many backyard abortions which would be a sure death for the women having the abortion. We have a right to choose what we think is best for our own lives. How dare you judge anyone who takes the path of abortion! I am not only talking about rape cases, what about a deformed babies. So, you bring this child into a world where it will be put in an institution for the rest of it's life. That would never be an option for me. Everyone has a right to choose and no one should be judged by their choices, whether it be obortion or not! I agree with Merryl, that your statistics are from almost fifty years ago and yes, please do try some new research! Quality of life!

Abortion is too bad.

Lauralgargani_at_ramapo.eduGeneral Comment
Congratulations. You've done it. I've just decided to devote the rest of my life to working for choice and to protecting safe and legal abortions. Oh wait... I've already decided that. But thank you for renewing my fervor. Because sometimes I forget how many truly deluded individuals there are out there, willing and able to put the well-being of a fetus -which, if unwanted, is, let's face it folks, a parasite- before that of a woman or the suffering child that that fetus could become.

VicAnonymousGeneral Comment
I think abortions should be legal and they should be up to an individuals own choice and cercumstances. I dont beleive in people using terminations as a form of contraceptives like some stories i have heard but other than that everyone has there own rights and responsibilities and if they are the people who decide to do it its because they want to and its no one elses choice or fault.

I am a nurse who works with young people and sexual health. I am absolutely disgusted at the comments written by some people on this webite, and in fact the entire set-up of this website. It is no-one but the individual's decision to decide whether or not a termination is appropriate. Everyone who feels it is their right to judge others and advise them of what they should or shouldn't do, needs to take a step back, and mind their own business! I believe in everybody having a right to their own opinion, however maybe you need to keep your thoughts to yourselves in some cicumstances. Take a moment to think about what some of these girls are going through, and what an emotional time this may be for them. And those of you who talk about terminations being wrong for girls who have been raped, how many of you have been raped??? The last thing these already confused girls need is to be made to feel like they are 'killing' a person, when in fact they are not. Do any of you eat meat, fruit or vegetables? Does that make you too murderers? I suggest you learn a bit more about the reproductive system before you pass anymore judgement. Oh, and for those of you who are so religious - does't god teach people not to be judgemental?! The saddest part about all this is that some valnerable people may actually take notice of the rubbish you write, and while you are sitting back in your couch at home, living your happy little existence, these girls are feeling more pain than they did prior to reading all your judgemental crap! Who do you all think you are anyway??

LouiseAnonymousGeneral Comment
Im 17. i have recently had an abortion. I knew that i wouldnt be able to cope with a baby. I work in childcare and i know the reality of it all. Is it rigth to keep a baby when you wouldnt be able to give it the things it needs. Only cheap lazy people will have a baby so that they can get a council house and claim loads of benefits. i wouldn't want that for any child of mine. I wouldnt bring a child into the world when i got nothing to give it. LOVE isnt enough in this day and age. At such a young age your life is gone. I felt that their was nothing their. And how dare you tell other people that they cant have an abortion. It was rigth for me, i knew because i felt no differnt ater i'd been in the hospital. All i can say was i was lucky that i had my boy friend to support me. One abortion isn't wrong. If you found out your baby was physicaly handicaped, what kind of life would it have. Abortions are Not wrong. One is a mistake but twice your just bloody stupied and you should live with your mistake. Abortion isn't a form of controception.

U dimb girl if u knew dere was a possibility of u gettin pregnant why did u open ur legs? U r clearly stupid and u r only twenty .Wonder wat u will be like as a mother later on. sick sick girl!!! AND HOW CULD U WANT TO ABORT THE BABY MEANLY? R U CRAZY???

I have had two unplanned pregnancy's, the first I aborted the second I gave up for adoptio. I felt such emense relief knowing I had given the child like and completed a family, I wish I had done it with the first. There ARE alternatives to abotion, DONT think it is the only way out. Give someone else the gift of life and have peace in your heart. I will celebrate the day I meet my child again.

I don't think that abortion should be legal!!!! I made that mistake once and I'm not doing it again.

Keshapuggies07_at_hotmail.comlife- do you want to die think of that before you kill a baby th
i am a very religious person, and i believe that you should ask yourself the question would i want my mother to kill me without asking me? would you want to do this? it really doesn't matter how old you are becasue God gave you that baby and i really think you made the choice to open your legs to that so you were basicly saying bring it on and so you brought it upon yourself.. you really should think about all of the possibilitys before you have sex with your partner.. also if you are pregnant then i believe you and your partner should both take the responsiabllity of taking care of that child if you can't then there is always adoption and i also know adoption is better than killing your unborn child.. i was adopted so i know.. and jsut because a baby hasn't breathed the outside air that does not mean that it doesn't breath. it is breathing off your air and it is also wating off your food supply so i wouldn't say that the baby isn't breathing yet because as the web site said that the baby as a heat beat after 12 to 24 days so ya it is breathing..also on another effect to this situation i believe if you are not ready for a baby then don't have sex!!! and even if you are raped then i still believe that you should have the baby because that child shoudldn't be a victum to there is adoption.. and jim i understand where you are comign from but giving your child up for adoption wouldn't mean giving upon your child it would just seamply mean you care enough for your child to give it a better life than what you can give.. i am apauled to all of you who say you are totaly for abortion so what you are basicly saying that if your mother killed you , you would be ok with that...!!! well i really appricate you all who are against the killing an inacent child .. i am only 16 i once thought i was pregnant but at the time i was 15 i was sacared.. my parents would have made me get married and i would have been stuck with the decistion of giving up or keeping the child and i really wouldn't know what to do but it really wouldn't haev crossed my mind to kill a child that has not even a say so in it.. my dad is a paster if a church and so that is why they are so strict but i am so greatful for that becasue i would be in a lot of wrong situations that i was.. and for advice to those who have the baby who had no heart beat pray prayer works pray that your baby will have a heart beat but if it doesn't work out still have the baby abortions can leave so many problems later on in life and you might want to see what your baby would have looked like... my prayers are with you all who are going through all the hard and difficult decisions and i will be praying that you all make the right decsions and if you all need me to personally pray for you or jsut to talk jsut email me ..

abortion is one of my top priorities on what not to do. Who knows, you could be killing the next mark twain, the next einstein, or a mass murderer, but still. DON'T DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mariamariapeddle_at_hotmail.comNo Way
I am 8 weeks pregnant now and my boyfriend has just left me because he doesn't want the responsibilty. I also have a 5 year old son. My boyfriend Paul Kirk was trying to threaten me in aborting the baby but I just said No Way! They might be right for some people but NOT for me!

although i am just doing a research project for school, i don see how anyone can hurt or kill their baby under any circumstances. you can always bring your baby to any emergency room and drop he/she off so he/she can be adopted by someone who will have the financial support and who is ready for a child. i consider abortion to be murder, your no better off, you killed an innocent child who did nothing except be there. no matter what anyone else thinks, you can have the baby, even if you dont want to or you cant because of circumstance. i may be only 13, but i have gathered lots of information on this subject and that is enough to know that this is totally wrong and unexcepable signed, PLEASE DONT

Nadiasecretsanta1364_at_hotmail.com3rd Baby
I am 20 years old and is expecting my 3rd child, I was searching the internet for ways to abort the baby meanly because I do not want people to judge me as they do where I live and also I do not think I can afford to have another child. Please send advise, really confused.

Stephenstephen_at_nowhere.nadaIt's not about judgment
A lot of people mention how those of us who do not approve of abortion are judgmental. I agree that a lot of people talk about the sin of the mother and father who are choosing to abort, and it is unfortunate that there is often such harsh criticism. It would be great if parents and other supported their pregnant daughter and encouraged her not to abort in a loving manner (promising to help her through the entire pregnancy and even after). I know this is often not the case, however, and my heart goes out to you. It is amazing that there is not enough talk of all the people waiting to adopt children, however. When you do not feel you can raise the child "adequately", remind yourself that there are countless people longing to do that for you. Even if you are raped, you should ask yourself whether two wrongs will make a right--will ending the life of your unborn child not add to your misery? Even if you do not experience pain over this, it is still wrong to end another's life. No, you are not more sinful than me...that is not the point...the point is, I want what is best for everyone. Often the right thing requires some inconvenience, or even some pain, but ultimately it will always be better than doing the wrong thing!

KerryAnonymousGeneral Comment
To Jim: in the end, the choice you make is going to stick by you for the rest of your life. I'm going soon to have an abortion, as both me and my boyfriend aren't ready for a child- we are still studying. If you and your ex-girlfriend keep the baby, dont be with her just for the baby- it wont be fair on anyone of you. There are many different ways of getting an abortion- all painful but not as cruel as the method you described. The decision is both your and your ex-girlfriend's, but if you feel you cannot look after the child, let your ex-girlfriend keep the baby, then support it financially until you are ready to support it emotionally and be in its life. If you can't keep the baby at all, and abortion is the only option, then you can talk to your ex-girlfriend and get the counselling you will need. It sounds as if you still love your ex, maybe this will bring yo two back together, maybe this will make you and her realise you love each other dearly and want to start a family. And remember, the anti- abortion believers will make it sound as bad as possible, like those who are anti-McDonalds and such, but if you do your research, you will find it's not all as bad as you heard. Good luck with your choice.

JimAnonymousGeneral Comment
I am currently trying to deal with the fact that my ex-girlfriend is pregnant with my child. I discovered this after finding out she had slept with 2 people since we split (although i thought we seemed to be working things out), since she had become pregnant. She was unaware until recently that she was pregnant. Now we are faced with a very hard decision, do we get back together and have the child? Do we stay single and have the child? Do we have an abortion and then deal with the guilt and remorse of having killed someone who never had a chance? I feel that if we did have this child, we would be struggling to provide it with an ADEQUATE life, let alone a comfortable, happy one, and that i will be even more resentful towards my ex-lover for having slept with other people whilst carrying that child (even though she did not know).Since finding out she was pregnant she has said that it explained the way she had been feeling when she decided to finish our relationship, saying that due to her hormones running wild (without her knowing) she was wanting to hide away and nest (so she pushed me away and 'dumped' me, but still wanted me there as she loved me, she said she was getting more and more confused. She says she still loves me, but i cannot forget she has slept with 2 other people (both of whom i know). I am extremely confused, worried and scared for the future of this unborn child, about the risks for my ex involved in a late abortion (if we decide to take that route). I do not know what to do, i feel completely unprepared and inadequetly 'equipped' to provide a child with any decent standard of life, but i cannot get the vision of a growing child, with arms legs fingers and toes, a brain and a soul being cut into pieces inside someone who i once loved (and am unsure if i still do) and then sucked out and thrown away, out of my head. I have thought about adoption, but would feel guilty about giving up on a child of my own, i would be constantly wondering about what i would be missing out on. I want to do the right thing for all three of us, but have no idea what that is. It seems to me that in the whole abortion debate that both pro and anti abortion lobbies are giving out information to simply 'out do' the other, to scare people to go either way. It should not be this way, people have a choice and should not be forced or influenced either way except by their own conscience. They will have to live with whatever decision is made for the rest of their life. I do not know what to do, but either way this experience will effect the rest of my life.

VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment
If a person is still in school and she accidently falls pregnant, she should be able to have an abortion. It's a hard enough decision without millions of people saying it's wrong and being judgemental. We all sin, we all make mistakes- abortion is one way of dealing with the mistake. The girl getting the abortion should at least be able to talk to someone about it without them going on about what a bad person she is.

Meliathekonstantineplacebo_at_hotmail.comTwo victims of rape
At the age of 15 I was faced with a choice. Drop out of school, not take my exams, ruin the rest of my life because of an education cut short and have my rapists baby, or abort. Unfortunately, because of people who share your views, and radically religious people who refuse to accept that not everyone has the same philosophy of life as themselves, I could not tell my parents about the rape and consequent abortion. This means I get no support from them on a day-to-day basis, and I cant have long term regular councelling because they would have to know why. Had I given birth, the baby would have been born into a situation where it's mother resented the abrupt halt to her life (social, educational, and any relationship I might have in the future) and it's grandparents, although I'm sure they would love it in time, would be ashamed of the situation it was conceived under, and the age of it's mother. I would have moved out on my own, my family home isnt big enough for four people and a baby. Not being able to afford a home in a "good" area, my child would have been brought up by baby sitters and child minders while I worked in minimum wage jobs just to keep us both eating. The child would hardly ever see me, and, having no father or father figure around, it would probably spend it's days alone at home while I worked, hanging around on the streets with kids, maybe fall in with a bad crowd, get into drugs, stealing, who knows. Sometimes I still think "what if..." but when I look at all the things that have happened to me and all the things I've done since I had my temination, I KNOW I did the right thing. My life would be miserable and lonely right now had I kept the baby. I am an active, social teenager with friends who spontaneously take trips and do fun, stupid things, like most teenagers. Being pregnant would have made this impossible after a time, and no one wants to have to worry about hurting a pregnant woman. I also now have a place at a good school, something that would never have happened had I kept the baby. Some people might be in the position where they receive love comfort and understanding from family and friends, and their lifestyle, situation and ambition allows them some breathing room. Perhaps they have faith that God will keep them and their child safe and happy. As the victim of sexual, mental and physical abuse, and rape, I know this is not always the case. I would love any child of mine too much to put them in a position where they could fall victim to the hazards of not having a parent around, exposed to places or people who I couldn't protect them from. People can scream blue murder about how abortion is murder and children are a gift and theres no exception, but they will never persuade me that what I did is anything BUT for the best.

Choice is choice. If you feel that it is wrong to abort then do not do it. Just continue to concern yourself with your own lives and don't attack those who do believe. Some people do not believe in God. Whether or not you support abortion is no different in the end to whether or not you believe in god. I respect the beliefs of others and do not go around trying telling people that god does not exist and I expect the same respect from those who do believe. Just as I support science and believe science is correct therefore abortion within a certain time frame under the right circumstances is perectly acceptable. You believe what you want, I believe what I want. If we all stuck to that then there would be a lot less trouble in the world.

VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment
YOUR WEB SITE SUCKS!~ ABORTION IS THE RIGHT OF EACH INDIVIDUAL PERSON! If a person is raped they should have the option of getting rid of something they did not want. Havng an abortion is not creating another victim of rape, its saving one already existing victim. An un-born child has no feelings and you are horrbile people fro saying that it is killing somehting that HASN'T EVEN BREATHED AIR YET!

What if a teen girl didn't mean to become pregnant..But did, and was scared to tell her mother about it cause her mum is a bit, scary, and couldn't cope with the baby, and knows she would miss school and end up with the baby being hurt even worse, wouldn't that be a case for Abortion?

Juliejmverkamp_at_usieagles.orgGeneral Comment
A baby's a baby no matter how small. On the issue of Rape and Incest: Just because the father committed a crime does not mean the child deserves the death penalty. On the issues of physical danger for the mother: Abortion is 4 times deadlier than childbirth. On the issues of a defective baby or a baby being born into a bad situation: I'm sorry, but I would rather be handicapped or poor than dead. I have a friend who narrowly survived abortion for this reason. He's been through rough times, but he certainly doesn't wish he was dead. God created each life for a reason. A woman doesn't get pregnant every time she has sex. No life is a mistake or a burden. There are millions of couples out there who would do anything to adopt. Smile your Mom chose life!

LMMKenduko_7_at_hotmail.comcould be right
i think abortion is something you just have to go through if you are not ready to keep a child. it's better not to let someone suffer cause of you.

Merrillficsc99_at_aol.comup to date... NO
Many of your statistics are from almost fifty years ago. I don't think your out dated info is helping much. Try doing some new research. Also, try checking out the definition of quality of life.

I was put in a terrible possition by my brother who informed me that his girlfriend is about to have an abortion and has sworn me to secrecy. I hate what they are doing as it goes against my beliefs. I can hear in his voice he does not want this and my heart is breaking for him as I love him dearly. I want to stop this and suggest they look at adoption as I feel the finacial reason for the abortion is not the right one the child has a right to life. I adore his girlfriend but hate the fact that she has got my brother to agree to this. I want to lock her in a room for 9 months!!!!!!
I am not an extremely religious person but i do believe that babaies are blessings from God.When God gives a man and woman - no matter what race, age or class- the gift of creating a life that grows in and receives nurturing through her body it is a PRIVILEDGE. He has evaluated each and every couple and has chosen those particular people to be the best choice. And yes,often fathers do not want to be responsible but don't you think God has thought of that too. When He placed that seed in your uterus it was because He knew you were the best mother that child could have. So go on your knees and pray to God for strength and understanding because it is not always easy to walk the difficult road of unplanned pregnancy. You have been appointed to perform the most important life.And that is a bond not only between a man and woman but a bond between mankind and God.So feel blessed and priviledged and think of women who so much desire to be chosen but are not.

Miriam Bandamiriambanda_at_yahoo.comabortion- father's rights
what is the position of the father of an unborn child, where the mother wants an abortion, but he doesn't? can he do anything?

Brendandies_at_africa.comNo Heart Beat
Hi . My wife is 7 weeks pregnant. After having two scans done the doctor found no heart beat & advises us to end the pregnancy before my wife has a miss. What is your feeling about this situation? Has any one had this problem? What advise can you give me? We have another appointment with the dictor tomorrow to do yet another scan to be sure.

how many weman get abortions daily?

VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment

undecidedanonymousabout to have an abortion
Last night I did a home pregnancy test and confirmed what i suspected. The test indicated that I am pregnant. I love kids with all my heart and couldn't wait for the day when I can have my own child. Problem is that my baby decided to come a little to early for me and am not prepared. The pregnancy must be less than three weeks. While I dont have any deep rooted feelings about whether to keep or abort, I'm at cross roads. I could keep me and the baby alive on the little salary that I get but I don't think I can do it without the support of my partner who at this stage is suprised by the news and is not financialy ready. I had plans to acquire things but having a baby is gona put these things on hold as all my resources would be channelled to the baby. But my main concern is that my partner has clearly said that he is not ready for the baby and I feel I can't do it without his support. What shold I do? - LIFE
I love life and would have been greatly done inn if my mom decided to abort me. I have so much to offer. We are all unique. There is always an alternative to abortion.

Emilioemiliocuervo_at_ubbi.comGeneral Comment
I need to know if the drug RU-486 or misoprostol are inofencibas when they have 5 days of gestation, or if exoiste another similar drug. Perdo for the translation but I carry out it with a translator, alone I speak espaniol and we made an error of I calculate with my even one and it is not at the moment our desire to fecundate a he/she drinks. Thank you

Sad jhbzwelakwazuluk_at_gov.gpg.zaGeneral Comment
We have been trying to conceive for the past 12 years, then Dec 03 My Wife fell pregnant but unfortunately in March she was very sick,when we went a sonar the Doctor discovered that the child was liveless and my Wife had to be admitted for Evacuation.What was the cause of TOP

Jaco answer to Tammy
I sent my answer to 'Tammy' directly on the 1st already. In the meantime we've been for the scan and it is incrdible how well developed the baby is on 12 weeks already. Little arms waving and legs kicking. Even sucking her little thumb. I say 'she' because that is what the gyny reckons, although, due to the position of the baby, she wasn't able to have a very good look.... Whatever it is, boy or girl, it is an absolute miracle - and most definitely human life!

Jaco answer to Tammy
Hi Tammy

You won't believe this, but my wife is now also 3 months pregnant with our first. We are going for the scan on Thursday to find out the sex of our baby. Have you done that yet, or plan to do so?

A baby is well developed after 3 months and I don't think you should allow conservative parents to take that away from you. Mine are as conservative - and I'm married now so it isn't that relevant anymore - but if my girlfriend fell pregnant before the wedding I wouldn't have allowed my parents' conservatism to be the cause of the death of their grand children.

Please feel free to write back. You can use my work address of too, if you like.

Good luck

Everyone must stop lying to themselves....The bottom line is that abortion is wrong no matter what the circumstance! If you abort your child you are no better then some murderer killing another person....God has molded this tiny person with his bare hands a person whom is linked not only spiritually but internally to you it's mother and how do you repay it???? By inflicting pain on it's tiny heart and not giving this baby a chance.

Tammysinazo.ntshinga_at_undp.orgAbortion/ baby
I am three weeks pregnant. The issue is not whether I can afford the baby or the boyfriend does not want the baby. Al these are fine. My family is the problem. They are highly judgemental and conservative. I am 24 and boyfriend is 26. His family is thrilled. I am scared to tell mine. I do not want an abortion, what do you think. Please advise.

I think that the choice to have an abortion should be the woman's. Pain to the woman and fetus/embroyo will be experienced. Knowing that you are still entitled to the decision. I would not want to be in the situation myself but I think that since this is America women shoud have the service avaliable to them. If we were in any other country then maybe things would be different. This is America. What if other choices are taken away from us; like clothing choices, then what. I know that the two issues are very different but think about it. A woman should have the right to choose. You may not ever choose to abort a fetus but dont judge those who do. Those who abort will have to face their Master, let them choose as they please.

skyAnonymousabortion faq
I had an abortion about 4 yrs ago. I was in first yr varsity and came from a conservative family who didnt approve of my boyfriend.I decided to have an abortion mainly because I couldnt afford to have a baby.I dont regret it because I would not have been able to give the child everything it needs, but I feel terrible about the pain the baby had suffered. I live in SOuth Africa where I see poverty everyday,ppl have children without even thinking of how they will provide for their emotional and physical needs. Think about it from that perspective.We basically have no system that takes care of these ppl or children. Poverty is rife

JacAnonymousabortion FAQ
I feel realy bad for the baby, but what life can provide for my child! I will not have one now, i want to give her only the best out of life. Now that she is born, she must die of hunger, and be less. Act of 1998
What does the Act say? I am a nurse in training and it is part of my research. Thanks

anonymousAnonymousAbortion FAQ
Hi I would like to know what happens to those children that are born unwanted as the mother has no choice but to go through with the birth, as she feels guilty about killing her child and is not financially stable to take care of the child, Do they end up in foster care and lost in our systems and becomes a statistic, or ends up in Jail having a past of abuse or neglect going from one home to the next. Wont that child suffer cos the mother is emotional and stressed all the time, wont she start abusing the child unintentionally as she is tired holding down 3 jobs to take care of the child. Society is not willing to help or care for mothers in situations like this as we are constantly poining fingers at each other and say things like "that's her mistake she must deal with it", etc. Brining up a child on your own (as most men do run away from the situation) with no support can be quite emotionally & physically draining and challanging 24/7. I would not consider Adoption under any circumstance as I would always feel that there is apart of me somewhere out there in this world and I would worry if it was ok and taken care of, I couldnt live my life wandering, hopeing, waiting for my child to one day rock up at my door and want to know why I didnt want her/him. I am a single mom and if I had to fall pregnant again as accidents do happen (that is what happened with my child, I was on the pill and I fell pregnant with her), I would consider aborting as I am on my own (I dont live with my partner) and financially not able to have another child, I am currently in a relationship. My partner and I have spoken about this and he said that if I happened to fall pregnant he would support me in my decision as we cannot afford another child, & we couldnt give our child away. It will be heart breaking as it will be for anyone having to give up a child through Adoption or Abortion. We would moarn for the child and the child would always be in our heart forever but I will know that my disition was one for the childs sake. I would also go for counseling with my partner afterwards. I understand that you say that the child has rights but I am the mother and I know whats best for my child and I know that I will not be able to give that child a good stable home life, which is what we need for our future nation. We need to give our children stable homes with love and support and we need to teach them morals and standards again so that they wont have to turn to abortion or any other extremities. This is just my point of view and I hope I havent offended anyone.

Mr No Name, God might have given us free will, but he didn't give us the corresponding freedom to kill those we don't like, those who bother us, the feeble, the old, the poor - nor the very young!!

Mr. No NameAnonymousResponse
God gave us free will... it's their choice... whatever the choice is, good or bad, they have to live with no matter what... life is all choices...
Your points on pain inflicted on the unborn baby, has really made me glad that I decided not to go through with an abortion.I never ever thought about that side of it.

Jaco participants
I appreciate your views and hope it will help stimulate this most important issue. While you seem to be considering your boyfriend's opinion (and of course your own) it might be worthwhile to consider the future life of your offspring as well. They seem to be the ones least considered although they stand to lose the most.

I see you didn't read everything on this page. As it is a matter of life and death it might be worth it to not only read the entire FAQ, but other pro-life views too. The conventional wisdom and society at large is stacked in favour of the so-called pro-choice view, so it might be advisable to make 100 percent sure you disagree with the alternatives before it will forever be too late.

melaquec@yahoo.commale participants
well....i didnt quite get around to reading all of this page so i may have missed some bits about what i;m bout to sugest be put onto the page, but there were some interesting points brought up...perhaps you might want to have a portion devoted to the "male particpants".... generally how they feel about their partners getting abortions....i must say in my case i happen to be almost 5 or so weeks pregnant. and to make a long story short, he wants to keep "the baby", but i still plan to it would be nice to see a section devoted to some stats on related situations. PS: it's much easier for a the male to say "keep it" and its not causing them any extra physical burden such as mourning sickness....hours of labor pains....and so in a way they have the easy way out. ITS ALOT EASIER TO SAY 'KEEP IT' WHEN ITS NOT IN YOUR BODY TO KEEP!

Robin Woolerydrwoolery@sbcglobal.netFamous people who's mother's were the victim of a rape
Do you know where I can find the statistics or names of famous people who were born as the result of their mother's being raped. I thought Pearl Bailey was one but cannot find info to support this thought.

Jaco weeks????
Helen, that ties in with one of the points I made in that the time-frames are chosen arbitrarily. It varies from from country t country and I assume the original author wrote it from an American point of view. Life seems to start at different stages depending on the country you live in.....

HelenAnonymous8 weeks????
I had a surgical abortion at 6 weeks, so your info. about abortions not being performed prior to 8 weeks is inaccurate.

Jaco FAQ
Thanks for the question A. The reason for the apparent anomaly is that we are essentially dealing with two separate issues here. The one is whether the unborn child suffers pain when a "traditional" abortion is performed while the other deals with whether using RU-486 can be seen as abortion at all.

The point made in relation to the first issue is that pain is being experienced during “traditional” abortions which are not allowed before the arbitrarily legislated 8 weeks (in most countries). This is not implying that abortion would be morally justifiable if performed earlier; or in a manner as to not inflict pain.

The question regarding whether RU-486 is an alternative, aims to give more information on its use while illustrating that it is not an “alternative” to abortion but abortion proper - albeit of a different hue. As this pill cannot be used effectively after 6 weeks, it falls in a different time-frame to “traditional” abortion. Maybe the unborn will not feel pain in this case, but it doesn’t alter the moral fact that a life has been taken.

Is it OK to kill someone in her sleep, but not when she is awake? In essence a life is still taken just as in both of these methods of abortion.

Your questions regarding different methods and timeframes underlie some of the major problem I have with this whole issue. As far as I’m concerned it is wrong to take innocent lives. After conception there is life and we have to deal with it in a way other than destroying it. The fact that it is increasingly “acceptable” doesn’t make it “right” from a moral point of view. If one is of the opinion that “life” doesn’t originate at conception, when is it created? At birth? And if so, abortion should be legal from conception right up to the day before birth. Anything else is arbitrary.

The emptiness of the morally bankrupt position of the pro-death lobby is well illustrated by thumb sucked timeframes during which time it is legal to take the life. How can anyone be serious about a position that defines “life” to start so arbitrarily? And if they move away from the arbitrary to a specific such as birth, it leads to more problems. Taking the life the day before birth would then be fine – a day later it is murder, punishable by death in many states…..

Me, DuhAnonymousAbortion FAQ
At the top of your page, Abortion FAQ, you state that "..abortions are not done before 8 weeks.." when asked if the baby can feel the abortion. Then, when asked about RU-486, you say that "It is no longer effective after 6 weeks". Why? If it is no longer effective after 6 weeks, then when exactly is it used?


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