The Enemy Is Not Islam. It Is Nihilism

Charles Krauthammer
The Weekly Standard
22 October 2001 E-Mail this page to a friend

EUROPE'S GREAT RELIGIOUS WARS ended in 1648. Three and a half centuries is a long time, too long for us in the West to truly believe that people still slaughter others to vindicate the faith.

Thus in the face of radical Islamic terrorism that murders 6,000 innocents in a day, we find it almost impossible to accept at face value the reason offered by the murderers. Yet Osama bin Laden could not be clearer. Jihad has been declared against the infidel, whose power and influence thwart the triumph of Islam, and whose success and example--indeed, whose very existence--are an affront to the true faith. As a leader of Hamas declared at a rally three days after the World Trade Center attack, "the only solution is for Bush to convert to Islam."

To Americans, who are taught religious tolerance from the cradle, who visit each other's churches for interdenominational succor and solidarity, this seems simply bizarre. On September 25, bin Laden issues a warning to his people that Bush is coming "under the banner of the cross." Two weeks later, in his pre-taped post-attack video, he scorns Bush as "head of the infidels."

Can he be serious? This idea is so alien that our learned commentators, Western and secular, have gone rummaging through their ideological attics to find more familiar terms to explain why we were so savagely attacked: poverty and destitution in the Islamic world; grievances against the West, America, Israel; the "wretched of the earth"--Frantz Fanon's 1960s apotheosis of anti-colonialism--rising against their oppressors.

Reading conventional notions of class struggle and anti-colonialism into bin Laden, the Taliban, and radical Islam is not just solipsistic. It is nonsense. If poverty and destitution, colonialism and capitalism are animating radical Islam, explain this: In March, the Taliban went to the Afghan desert where stood great monuments of human culture, two massive Buddhas carved out of a cliff. At first, Taliban soldiers tried artillery. The 1,500-year-old masterpieces proved too hardy. The Taliban had to resort to dynamite. They blew the statues to bits, then slaughtered 100 cows in atonement--for having taken so long to finish the job.

Buddhism is hardly a representative of the West. It is hardly a cause of poverty and destitution. It is hardly a symbol of colonialism. No. The statues represented two things: an alternative faith and a great work of civilization. To the Taliban, the presence of both was intolerable.

The distinguished Indian writer and now Nobel Prize winner V.S. Naipaul, who has chronicled the Islamic world in two books ("Among the Believers" and "Beyond Belief"), recently warned (in a public talk in Melbourne before the World Trade Center attack), "We are within reach of great nihilistic forces that have undone civilization." In places like Afghanistan, "religion has been turned by some into a kind of nihilism, where people wish to destroy themselves and destroy their past and their culture . . . to be pure. They are enraged about the world and they wish to pull it down." This kind of fury and fanaticism is unappeasable. It knows no social, economic, or political solution. "You cannot converge with this [position] because it holds that your life is worthless and your beliefs are criminal and should be extirpated."

This insight offers a needed window on the new enemy. It turns out that the enemy does have recognizable analogues in the Western experience. He is, as President Bush averred in his address to the nation, heir to the malignant ideologies of the 20th century. In its nihilism, its will to power, its celebration of blood and death, its craving for the cleansing purity that comes only from eradicating life and culture, radical Islam is heir, above all, to Nazism. The destruction of the World Trade Center was meant not only to wreak terror. Like the smashing of the Bamiyan Buddhas, it was meant to obliterate greatness and beauty, elegance and grace. These artifacts represented civilization embodied in stone or steel. They had to be destroyed.

This worship of death and destruction is a nihilism of a ferocity unlike any since the Nazis burned books, then art, then whole peoples. Goebbels would have marvelled at the recruitment tape for al Qaeda, a two-hour orgy of blood and death: image after image of brutalized Muslims shown in various poses of victimization, followed by glorious images of desecration of the infidel--mutilated American soldiers in Somalia, the destruction of the USS Cole, mangled bodies at the American embassies in Kenya and Tanzania. Throughout, the soundtrack endlessly repeats the refrain "with blood, with blood, with blood." Bin Laden appears on the tape to counsel that "the love of this world is wrong. You should love the other world...die in the right cause and go to the other world." In his October 9 taped message, al Qaeda spokesman Sulaiman abu Ghaith gloried in the "thousands of young people who look forward to death, like the Americans look forward to living."

Once again, the world is faced with a transcendent conflict between those who love life and those who love death both for themselves and their enemies. Which is why we tremble. Upon witnessing the first atomic bomb explode at the Trinity site at Alamogordo, J. Robert Oppenheimer recited a verse from the Hindu scripture "Bhagavad Gita": "Now I am become death, the destroyer of worlds." We tremble because for the first time in history, nihilism will soon be armed with the ultimate weapons of annihilation. For the first time in history, the nihilist will have the means to match his ends. Which is why the war declared upon us on September 11 is the most urgent not only of our lives, but in the life of civilization itself.
The original article appeared in The Weekly Standard of 22 October 2001

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I think you are reasoning about God in the same kind of way that the aneinct Greeks did, and Aquinas did. Such a style of reasoning does lead to several concepts of God as a unmoved mover etc. However modern humans are apparently unable to think about metaphysics at all, ever. Reason does not seem to lead to a concept of God as creator of everything - that is a rather unusual idea among world religions - most religions seem to regard the universe as always having been there. (Indeed there are some Christians, such as Mormons, who pretty much believe this.)But the idea of a ’personal God’ concerned with our individual salvation, comes only from divine revelation - communication with humanity from deity. How to prove the validity of revelation? Well the very first step is that there must be admitted to be at least the *possibility* of revelation - and that first step is where modern atheism falls. Modern atheists deny the possibility of revelation, so any and every individual piece of evidence produced in support of revelation is known in advance to be wrong, hence explicable in other terms. Debate cannot even be begun.

35U9fv Really enjoyed this article, can I set it up so I get an alert email every time you make a fresh post?

Deweydeweyhaggerty_at_googlemail.comGeneral Comment
It is not my first time to pay a quick visit this web site, i am browsing this web site dailly and obtain pleasant data from here all the time.

Probability of God arises from atehtsis’ own thoughts.Atheists, whether scientists or not, accept the thinking of scientists and our surrounding realities, so:1. We know intelligence exists and large differences in intelligence between species. Intelligence has increased considerably during the existence of life on earth.2 Atheists define god as a superintelligence. There might be some tipping point, after which intelligence increases irresistibly and fast to the level of superintelligence, resembling a material object approaching then passing the speed of light. It’s at least apparent mass increases very fast and the further acceleration becomes increasingly difficult, but if it can be accelerated past the speed of light, the velocity of the object starts to increase automatically, to gain energy from the environment. The object would have to be special or somehow insulated to withstand this, because normal object would lose it’s electromagnetic field and fall apart in such a situation. Another more closer example to our reality is the tipping point in the spread of epidemics. Small differences in various factors can create a fast spreading epidemic or extinguish it.Or there is just the normal intermittent development to superintelligence level.3. Many science fiction writers, many of them with scientific background, have imagined people at some point reaching superintelligence, and thus supercapability and superquality level. Some scientists, especially physicists, have speculated with these ideas. These have been accepted by all kinds of atehtsis as normal and reasonable thoughts, that could be the ultimate goal and destiny of humankind. In my atheist period, when I talked about these ideas to other atehtsis, they were accepted by all of them, and the reception ranged from accepting neutrality to enthusiastic embrace.4. To explain our universe, physicists use various explanations that go beyond our universe (imaginations, story telling in modern form, without any concrete scientific evidence, although it is possible they are true), or they accept our universe as defined by observations and studies of scientists. In the latter case fine tuning of many factors are so precise, that intelligent design is a plausible explanation.Explanations that go beyond our universe include huge numbers of multiple universes; repeatedly expanding and contracting universes; inflatonary universe of which our visible universe is but a microscopic part; the original energy sea giving rise to universes and to which all dying universes sink again; universe arising from absolute nothing (yes, even this); etc., and some combination of these.Continued ...

It’s imperative that more ppeole make this exact point.

Ritaobscure2harley_at_gmail.comGeneral Comment
Nihilism is not the the coherence of nothing itself is just oh I don’t belive in anything. And I saw a comment on how nihilism is about murder rape and fetisism and materialism when materialism is the opposit of the nihilist goal. The goal is removal of all systems and replacing it with nothing, while at first it may bit make much sence when you think about it does one truly need self possessions and desires, do we need a god that makes us decide how to live out life- the answer is no. Nihilism is about thinking for yourself, and what I’ve gained from this article is someone who’s intolerant of any ideas and chose the easiest path to divert from what many Americans do belive. While myself am a Nihilist I don’t belive that muslism or anyone who follows Islam is a radical asshole. And again back to the paper the author dosent explain the concept in enough detail for of just going along with how Americans describe muslism today that "Islam is bad, all muslism are insane." which is of course false. The same thing is stated about nihilism rather than try and understand and learn what we don’t know we point fingers at what we don’t understand and use that as an escape goat for what were afraid of. I as stated before am intact a true nihilist, but I’m not some psycho who wants destruction, and rape, and murder. For every thing there is theres radicals who make something not so bad look like a terror, there are muslism extremist, Christian extremist, Jewish extremist, black exfreismst, white, etc etc etc. Jews, Christians, and Muslism do infact share the same god but their prophets are all different if god were real I honestly think he would not care and wish the same as I do: people need to see not what the world wants you to see but what you want to see, to understand, to progress, and live.

SincereHeartkakhtab_at_gmail.comGeneral Comment
Your ego (self-opinion)is the enemy dumass. A nihilist also denies Islam's foundation of truth and of moral truth. That's what you're doing. You and United States of Amurdera. Be humble.

VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment
Wow, I laughed through this entire article. You clearly don't know what nihilism is. At least google nihilism before you write a hate mongering, finger pointing, message of nonsense.

the second comingAnonymousnihilism
i am a nihilist. ididnt have an opinion on religion before. before i was an agnostic. then i saw what christianity and islam has caused over the years. i hope the world burns because humans fucking disgust me!

When we do not adhere to what God has shown us through the prophets and the natural laws it creates an atmosphere that breeds Nihilism. However Nihilism exists within Religion as a curruption of Religion If Nihilism was truth we would not be emotionally pulled by the words of Martin Luther King Jr or moved by the deeds of Oskar Schindler.

Nihilism doesn't justify murder. It doesn't justify anything. Morality is simply a human concept, nothing more, nothing less. Recognize the difference between a social responsibility and a moral responsibility. Social responsibility is don't let lions eat people. Moral responsibility is torture lions that eat people.

Nihilism is atheist-hard materialist anarchist extremism. It is pure evil. It is anti-Social behaviour. ASBOs are nihilists. All chavs are nihilists. Nihilism is evil because it justifies murder, rape, prostitution, thievry, happy slapping and materialism. It is full of disrespect. All chavs are nihilists!!

"To Americans, who are taught religious tolerance from the cradle" You have got to be joking! Americans are very intolerant of dissenting voices.

The Dudead.willis_at_yahoo.comReligious Nihilism
If one reads the works of Nietzsche then one should know that Nietzschean Nihilism, that is Nihilism as descibed by Nietzsche, christianity was considered nihilistic. This 'religious nihilism' is true for any religion or faith that holds that there really is no value to life while living, the only thing that matters is the afterlife. So if all that mattered is an afterlife then life 'on earth' would be meaningless. So this article is completely biased, and it would seem, since there are no signs, that this man from the Weekly Standard has done no resarch on the topic of nihilism. This man uses another fellows comments on nihilism to put them in another context, unless of course this other man is just as wrong as the author, to suite his needs of creating a scapegoat of nihilism. Religious nihilism is not the nihilism that is the reaction to the postmodern era, it is the embedded belief that life, here and now, is meaningless. And the only type of life that has value is the one beyound the here and now, the big pie in the sky know as heaven.

Hadihadi_daher_at_hotmail.comGeneral Comment
define an ennemy? how often do you feel offended by others? everything that differs is a potential threat to our system of is everything around... thus nihilism is out!

By just going through history , we can know that religion is the cause of much destruction and wars. Religion's intial purpose was to create an order in society (by using the fear of God ), but soon 'The Religious ' people started manipulating it and using it for their evil purposes. The real enemy thus, is not nihilism but actually religion or more precisely people who manipulate religion. PS: But one shud never forget that religion is a belief and God a myth .Man should practice religion not because of fear of God or expectation of some favour but because it is the right thing.

Buchoofbuchoo2365_at_hotmail.comV.S. Naipaul
V.S. Naipaul not an Indian writer. He is from Trinidad & Tobago in the Caribbean and spent a significant portion of his life in London. He is of Indian descent but you would find very few of these 'Indians' in Trinidad & Tobago who identify with actual 'Indians' from India.

emptyAnonymousGeneral Comment
nihilism is not against religion.religion is against everything.

Martin Heidegger writes in his Letter on Humanism (1947) this: "With the assistance of logic and ratio -- so often invoked -- people come to believe that whatever is not positive is negative and thus that it seeks to degrade reason -- and therefore deserves to be branded as depravity. We are so filled with 'logic' that anything that disturbs the hbitual somnolence of prevailing opinion is automatically registered as a despicable contradiction. We pitch everything that does not stay close to the familiar and beloved positive into the previously excavated pit of pure negation, which negates every thing, ends in nothing, and so consummates nihilism. Following this logical course we let everything expire in a nhilism we invented for ourselves with the aid of logic." That nihilism precedes Fundamental Islam is a great insight by Mr. Krauthammer. But, it is insufficient to the task of ending the War on Terror, for not only do we have to take on the nihilsim from the Middle East, but the Nihilism of the East .... and the West. And even the nihilism of our own beloved USA. Nihilism does not seem to care what Poltical or Religious Structure exists. The KKK and the Southern Political Agenda since the Civil War and its lynchings of Black Americans is but one example of Nihilism. The US Government treatment of Native Americans via long marches and the reservation systems are another. Then, move to our Foreign Policy and the clandestine wars of our CIA since WWII, that has led to the deaths over over 6 million people. Then, take the arrogance and solipsism of the current Bush Administration as it kills innocent Iraqi citizens and perpetrates torture at places like Gitmo and Abu Ghraib. All these have their Posters and Slogans that justify their actions, but in the end, Islamic Fundamentalism and American Imperial Policy find roots in nihilism, and in those roots, the energy and anger and vehemence to kill and eliminate other human beings. The first notion is that something needs to be changed, but, alas, as we have found: the more things change the more they stay the same. Or, if Islamic Fundamentalism and American Imperialism are really not the problem and danger that we face, then what is this monster called nihilsim. Why does it continue to come at us? All of us? How do we get our arms around this phenomenon, that has plagued humankind for thousands of years? Starters would be to understand that our unconsciousness to reality may be so unconscious, that any awareness of our unconsciousness is concealed in such deafness and blindness. There an inquiry can begin, possibly leading one to understand how a smart person like Charles Krauthammer can be so unknowledgable. Or, how to go about waking ourselves up.

Calvin Georgecalvinanthonygeorge_at_yahoo.comTerrorism
Maybe the difficulty in understanding/rationalising terrorist motives comes from the fact that they they don't really have a rational. Maybe they are just you a bunch of grade A variety A**holes. Regardless of religious convictions.

VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment
I am still at a loss to understand humankind's need for an answer to the question of what is beyond "life." As I see it, you can't know until your 'shuffle off this mortal coil' and once you do you can't tell anyone anyway. I don't see nihilsm as the enemy. Muslim (or any faith's) extremists are the true enemy. The Muslim extremists will kill you if they get the chance, even at the cost of their own life. Therefore, they musn't get the chance. Relax and realise that the simplest solution is usually the right one.

Religion is a lie... mind candy for the weak to bolster their sense of self-worth in persuit of an afterlife. You have one life so do the best you can without hurting others... find your own truth and stop feeding off the fairytales of others who claim to know better. Nihilism strips away the lies and deception... open your eyes.

XeperAnonymousThis is moronic.
Wait a second, nihilism is the enemy huh? Who started the Crusades, Inquisition, Genocide of the Native Americans (including the Sand Creek Massacre led by the great Methodist missionary and military leader John Chivington who in the name of God slaughtered Women and Children. In its worst form he and his men cut the unborn children out of their mother's womb while both were still alive. I'm sure Jesus would approve), Sept. 11th, The Thirty Years War (which decimated Germany in the 17th century) and Oral Roberts (Hey if you don't give me 8 million dollars God will kill me) just to name a few? It wasn't Nihilists. All these were by Christians and Muslims. Who is the real enemy? And how is Islam Nihilistic when Nihilism rejects faith in anything utopian or unprovable? Krauthammer thinks he is clever by using Nihilism as a derogatory term and an insult. He only shows his true colors as being an ignorant hate mongerer. Do us all a favor Krauthammer and walk into a meatgrinder. It's pretty clear that your thought processes are deranged and you are a detriment to your race.
I think nihilism is just a transitional phase into a kind of extreme form of humanism. I think all us nihilists should get together and bring U.G. Krishnamurti - now there is a guy that is capable of shutting all you Christians and god-men up! Like U.g. said "You can create god in your head and put him on the table and experience that but THAT will always be in your imagination"

Barneystabmaster_g_at_shaw.caonly I know
There is no black and white. There is no good and evil. There is only the void. I think I'll write a letter to a random person in the middle east and get them to love me. Maybe I'll send 'em ten bucks to seal the deal. I kinda think they'll take my money and slit my throat the first chance they get... then grab my wallet. It's just life... enjoy it while you can. Don't take wooden nickels.

williamAnonymousNihilism and Islam
In Nihilism you *deny* belief in deities since there is absolutely no proof for them. And in Islam, I did find a few choice verses that justified a war against a Christian Nation... 'O you who believe! Do not take the Jews and the Christians for friends; they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them for a friend, then surely he is one of them; surely Allah does not guide the unjust people. Since the majority of Americans are Christians, this can be called a 'Christian Nation.' This verse does seem to clearly support a war with the U.S. and it has absolutely nothing to do with nihilism. Just thought that you would like to know that...

The attacks are being made out of faith in a religion...once you have that you no longer have nihilism. Nihilism does not mean you are "waiting for death", which the author relates to nihilistic beliefs, it only states that there is nothing in life and nothing in death.

stephanieAnonymousGeneral Comment
dudebroz yr all wack.
And Gary, why exactly do we have a happier and productive life than they do? We can't progress in life if we constantly get accused of being a threat to the world and subsequently having our countries literally flattened by the so-called 'diplomatic nations'. Look what we've done to Africa, South America and now the target is the Middle East. Anyone who denies that this is a war against're ignorant. Before making ambiguous comments, do your research and you'll see that there was a time when Islam ruled most of the world, being the most educated and up-to-date nation, spreading nothing but peace and harmony. And we europeans were living like animals. we're not far from that now either! If any one is using a 'cop-out' - it's us.........and we've been using it for a LONG time.

Nihilism is the biggest cop-out. My life is not going the way I want it to so I will believe in nothing. People using nihilism as a way of life is the same as a 2 year old not getting what they want from their mother and saying I hate you because of it and then scrawling in the floor to throw a tantrum. I do believe that the Middle East does follow this cop-out philosophy though. Since you have a happier and more productive life than I do, I hate you for it.

Heyˇ visit or (In spanish..) and read read readˇˇˇˇ Nihilism, it's "belief in nothing"... so you can't say "hey nihilism and religions have a relationship" that's not TRUEˇˇˇ If you think that the 11 Spt... was a war declaration... GO OUTˇ and try to search about the last 50 yrs of history... and you will see.. that the war.. was declared too much time ago.. and we just are "observing" some acts...

JaredAnonymousGeneral Comment
yes I suggest you go to, Nihilism has nothing to do with God and Polotics except for the abandonment. Nihilism does not promote violence, it promotes nothing. Do your research next time.

Nihilism has nothing to do with Islam - they believe in a god after all, which is anything but nothing. To call it nihilism is simply a way of ignoring the belief system behind it.

There is no good or evil, only self-interest

link to nihilism: read to learn..

What we need is a modernization or reformation of Islam. We need the Need to reform and educate people not to fund the likes of Bin Ladin. Clerics to stand up and denounce Bin Ladin and redirect outward aggression to form a parlimentary system in Saudi Arabia, to oust the royalty and the corruption it breeds. A palimentary system in Iran and Pakistan.

puzzledanonymous_at_yahoo.comIslamic Clergy are being Nihilism
What we are seeing is the lack of criticism from Islamic clerics about the subversion of their religion by people like Bin Ladin. Bin Ladin is practicing Nihilism by subverting Islamic Law and commonly accepted practice and unleashing a hatred to acheive and end. Pure Nihilism is unachievable but in practice, like Hitler, you use nihilism to subvert a common history, culture or nationalism to mobilize a community to achieve your goals. The Pan-Arab, Islamic community has a bad habit of pointing fingers outside the community to fault others for their problems. I believe it act as misdirection in order to focus their peoples frustration outwardly rather than inwardly. We are somewhat witnessing the implosion of Islamic Nations as a viable government. A government as we have learned over history where power is centralized becomes corrupt. They are rotting from the endside. When faced with the standard of living around the world and their own standard of living it become increasingly difficult to maintain control of their peoples. Only by starting a crusade against the evil west can they unite the Pan-Arab nationalism needed to preserve Islam as they know it.

Nihilism is great because everybody have to know that god doesn't exist and that religions have caused to much death and war! American Puritan you suck so muchhh !!!! Bush is the incarnation of your stupidity, and he just make me feel hill.

I would feign to say that Middle Eastern nations would allow a Christian population in their countries equal to the Islamic population in the United States. Therefore i would have to agree that America is being the tolerate country and that radical terrorists do not have a legitimate claim for the atrocities they are commiting.

Jill has a good point. The United States is deemed a "Christian nation" by many Middle Eastern Muslims but America is highly open to the Islamic religion itself. Why does America have to get a bad rap for not being "tolerant" when we are so open to other religions?

I agree with the "Non Educated Guy." I think that the Muslim people seem to have a deep hatred of the West. Although many people argue that the West "terrorizes" the Muslim people, Westerners are much more open to other religions, whereas Middle Eastern Muslims are quite closed to the fact of having Christians or other religions in their countries.

Non Educated GuyAnonymousGeneral Comment
Do you believe that the Crusades are indeed the main reason of Islamic hatred towards the west? Or, do you believe that these tensions are simply a lack of understanding on part of Muslim people towards the West?

Educated GuyAnonymousThank you
Why thank you Jason that is an honorable remark from you. Cameron how can one's beliefs be boring. To someone who is not a Christian belief in a God you can't see or talk to could be boring... Rethink your ideas. Signed, The Educated Guy Holla! homie!

Why would people want to become nihilists. To believe in nothing would be boring. You would have nothing to talk about.

JasonAnonymousGeneral Comment
Educated Guy has some good points. He must be well educated.

Educated GuyAnonymousGeneral Comment
Comparing Nihilim to Islam is like comparing apples to oranges. Each as its own pros and cons just like any choice in life. Just picking one because you think it is better than the other would be a complete waste of time because there will always be someone opposing your ideas. Two words we all need to live by is peaceful coexistance.

AnnaAnonymousgood comment
what complex comments u have

read some books they are good on nihilism

nihilism is something i do not understand

nihilism is a very complex philosophy

bobAnonymousGeneral Comment
Nihilism is really kind of stupid because i dont think people can truely not believe in anything!!

i htink yall are right

I think that Americans are nihilists

do you think nihilism is the only cause of this religious tension

MeAnonymousGeneral Comment
I love Nihilism

JoeAnonymousGeneral Comment
I agree with Katherine

KatherineAnonymousGeneral Comment
I really think that the people need to get over all of this religious tenison because things are only going to get worse if we dont all try to get along!

Mr. ClarkAnonymousRussian Lit.
Hi, I am a teacher, I regularly make my class read such things!!! I like pain as you can tell!!! mwahahahahahaha!!!

I am Summer. I am a nihilist. I like Richie Boyd.

That B Guyme@home.coolwe would be...
we would be nothing... if were all nihilists and that is soo cool d00d!

White Crackeras@sd.comnada
If everyone were a nihilist they wouldn't be white.

That B GuyAnonymousNihilism rulez!!!
If everyone was a nihilist then we would be cool like Rob Hudson!!!!!

VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment
Nihilism is not what you you'd like it to be. Nihilism is just natural, personal, a kind of "nothing else until I die". There is no link with politic, absolutely no link...

downfallAnonymousGeneral Comment
nihilism = peace, but i wouldn't expect the untermensch to understand, islamism,integrism and fundamentalism are alien to nihilism in their very essence

vinceAnonymousGeneral Comment
Charles Krauthammer, who writes this article is absolutely wrong and has no idea what nihilism is. Maybe he thought that replacing terrorism by the world nihilism would lead him to the Pulitzer Prize. laugh Actually, i agree with what hmm said on 2003/01/04 "are you sure that's how you want to portray nihilism? i've taken nihilism to be an absence of faith in anything, as i've learned that faith and trust are often betrayed. a nihilist would believe in nothing, including destruction of others. a nihilist would only destroy themselves." It is however true that sometimes people who are nihilist can be attracted to become terrorists and more than that destroying everything. But as it is indeed much more easy to destroy everything by committing suicide, I think a true nihilist forget about destroying and killing everybody, and commit a suicide in his bedroom.

Justinjustin_94404@yahoo.comComment by "Visitor"
Visitor wrote, "Perhaps it is the Nihilism in the United States which has led to such terrorist attacks." Clearly Visitor has no ide what "nihilism" means, and, furthermore, he is an irrational buttplug. "You 'nihilated us first!" sounds like something you'd hear on a playground.

Morgan Bochanwqrmhqle@yahoo.comYour article
These guys gave islam a bad name.The love of a promised land, hate of the life they're in, yes it does explain the actions of the terrorists, but slur nihilism, why. Hate is antithetical to nihilism.

VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment
Perhaps it is the Nihilism in the United States which has led to such terrorist attacks

hmmi_slay@hotmail.comGeneral Comment
are you sure that's how you want to portray nihilism? i've taken nihilism to be an absence of faith in anything, as i've learned that faith and trust are often betrayed. a nihilist would believe in nothing, including destruction of others. a nihilist would only destroy themselves.

qudsi rizviqudsi_rizvi@hotmail.comyour article
i liked your article very much. its a good approach and very meaningful.

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