The Myth of "True" Communism

True Communists prefer to ignore reality and history

Thomas Sipos
Free Britannia
31 December 2001 E-Mail this page to a friend

My anti-Communist satire, Vampire Nation, and my related articles, have drawn a surprisingly large number of complaints from self-styled Communists who voice the same theme: that Communism as practiced to date is not "true Communism," which remains noble, viable, and should not be judged by past history.

The most recent complaint is from a Mr. P, who writes:

"You're dead wrong.† Let's say I went around telling people I was a doctor.† Does that make me a doctor?† Let's say I went around telling people that as a doctor I was allowed to break into their homes, steal their possessions, rape their children, and burn their livestock.† Does that mean being a doctor is bad?† Does that mean that Hypocrites and every physician from that time is to be cursed and left in the
(Communists) suggest that to gain enlightenment, one should ignore reality, ignore history, and instead concentrate on theory, as expounded in the voluminous writings of Marx, Engels, and thousands of academics
dustbin of history?† No, of course not.† Just because someone labels themselves as something doesn't mean they are what they say they are.† You must look at the core of the ideology itself -- in this case, communism." Here, Mr. P commits the fallacy of the False Analogy.† He equates a murderous doctor with murderous Communists, arguing that neither represents the true nature of their respective categories.

P's analogy is false because the vast majority of doctors do follow the "core ideology" of the Hippocratic Oath, at least to the extent that they do not pillage and rape and kill.† But the OPPOSITE is true of Communism.† EVERY society self- identified as Communist (and always initially cheered by the Western Left) has practiced repression and murder -- often on a genocidal scale.

If EVERY person claiming to be a doctor committed murder, we would indeed be correct in defining doctors as murderers, and we would be justified in disregarding the "core ideology" of the Hippocratic Oath.† However, a murderous doctor is an aberration -- whereas murderous Communism is the norm.† Thus, the Hippocratic Oath is a valid (if idealized) expression of doctors' "core ideology" -- whereas any attempt to characterize Communism by a benevolent "core ideology" is a lie.

Mr. P's email is typical of the excuse of True Communism.† Since the 1950s, this excuse has been dusted off whenever yet another revolutionary hero was exposed as a tyrant.† It goes something like this: † "In judging Communism, you must disregard all past Communist atrocities, because they do not represent True Communism.† And unlike Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Ceausescu, Castro, etc, I am a True Communist, and True Communism believes Ö blah, blah, blah."

Fortuitously for P, True Communism has yet to reveal itself in real life.† It remains an elusive unicorn, a reputedly beautiful but mythical beast.† Its numerous rumored sightings are as maddeningly evasive as those of the Virgin Mary, Elvis, and UFO's.† Western Leftists initially spotted True Communism in the Soviet Union.† When in the 1950s the Soviet genocide could no longer be denied (although it was known to the West by the 1930s), the Western Left claimed to have found True Communism in Mao's China, then in Tito's Yugoslavia, Castro's Cuba, Ceausescu's Romania, Ortega's Nicaragua Ö yet always, the rainbow faded.† Instead of a Pot Of Gold, they found only more corpses.

Mr. P goes on to say:

"You make such uninformed blanket statements based not on any understanding of history, social relationship or even a study of Marxism.† Instead you use your own limited experience with visiting a Stalinist eastern bloc country."

In other words, P suggests that I should develop an "understanding of history" by ... ignoring history.† Rather than judge Communism as it exists, P recommends that I "study Marxism."† P suggests that to gain enlightenment, one should ignore reality, ignore history, and instead concentrate on theory, as expounded in the voluminous writings of Marx, Engels, and thousands of academics.

I can see why True Communists would prefer to ignore reality and history -- and instead concentrate on theory.† One can prove anything on paper.† One can prove that Marxism will make everyone happy, healthy, and wise -- and that precisely 115,878 angels can dance on the head of
Communism replaces individual rights with class rights, then dehumanizes the "rich exploiter class" into an object of hate
a pin.† (It may surprise P to learn that some libertarians argue that because we've never had a True Free Market, one cannot fairly judge True Capitalism.)

P adds that I should not judge Communism by one Stalinist eastern bloc country [Romania].† So then, which country should Communism be judged by?† There are many to choose from.† Can P point to any success stories?† To date, Communism has always resulted in repression and murder.† In Europe and Asia and Africa and Latin America.† In industrial nations and agrarian nations.† In nations ethnically homogenous and ethnically diverse.† In former monarchies, and former colonies, and former democracies.† Whatever the cultural, geographical, and historical preconditions, Communism has been consistently murderous.† How many more chances is it entitled to?† How many more victims?

Those enamored of True Communism's "noble core ideology" may wonder: why should Communism always result in repression and murder?

Because Communism's "noble core ideology" is a lie -- a cover for envy and hate.† Communism replaces individual rights with class rights, then dehumanizes the "rich exploiter class" into an object of hate (much as Hitler's National Socialism dehumanized Jews into hated "rich exploiters.")

Communism encourages envy, and instills hate, by claiming that the "haves" have it because they stole it.† The "haves" are oppressors, even murderers.† How do you deal with a thief, an oppressor, a murderer?† You punish them.† You may even be justified in killing them.† Under Communism, this is not murder, but "revolutionary justice" against "the criminal exploiter class."

(For a deeper historical understanding of why Communism inevitably leads to totalitarianism and genocide, read The Black Book Of Communism.)

As if to acknowledge the envy underlying even True Communism, P writes: † "Your statement that 'communism is vampirism' is so foolish that it would be amusing were it not so stupid.† Communism isn't vampirism, capitalism is.† Workers/managment make all the money for business, yet they are paid what is minimum for survival, whereas property owners are given the king's share, simply by virtue of their ownership." † Aside from exposing his own envy and hate, P betrays his economic ignorance.† "Simply by virtue of their ownership," he says.† But how does ownership occur?† P doesn't say.

Property owners (i.e., investors) provide startup capital to establish a business.† Most new businesses fail within a few years.† When that happens, the workers at least have their past salaries.† The property owner has nothing.† Less than nothing, since his investment is lost.†
There is nothing "fixed" about whether one is a worker, manager, or investor
Contrary to P's assertion, property owners do not get the "king's share, simply by virtue of their ownership."† Instead, they'll often pay worker salaries, and walk away with no share at all.† That is the risk they assume.† And having assumed the "king's share" of risk, is it not fair that they enjoy the "king share" of profits?† (Or whatever remains after worker salaries, and employer benefit contributions, and government license fees, and property and corporate and sales and income taxes have been paid.)

P commits another error.† He seems to think that roles are "fixed."† One is born a worker or manager or property owner, and must remain so.† This class outlook is common in Europe, but is contrary to the American way.† There is nothing "fixed" about whether one is a worker, manager, or investor.† In the US, everyone is free to be one or another, or all three.† Many people work day jobs, while nurturing startup businesses on the side.† I know a teacher who invested in a candy store.† The store clerk earned a salary, but the store failed and the teacher lost his investment.† (He still teaches).† I know another teacher who invested in a real estate brokerage, and was more fortunate.† Thanks to the returns on his investment, he now practices law.

Such are the possibilities of the free market.† If P is a worker and hates it, he is free to create another role for himself.† But perhaps he is too busy studying Marxist theory.

The original was published on the Free Britannia website

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A fantastic article. I want to print it out and put it up all over my university. Can i have permission to do so ? Also i have another anti-communist argument - In a true communist system, people have no choice of what occupation they want to get into. how is this free ? is this just another form of slavery ? i dont get it. everyone works together for the "good of the nation". how is this good, if not one individual actually benefits from this ? how can that be for the good of the nation ?

bonakele ncemaneAnonymouscommunism
communism kills the very dream of man. the dream to expand ,grow and develop. it is simply a way to play around with emotions. it is trying to solve a problem by applying the worst solution. one must to really question if karl max and his family were themselves really ready to live in a communist society that they envisaged. it is a theat to a democratic society because it promotes conformaty. this in turn blocks creativity to innovate

The Syphtbrndnunseen_at_aol.comSo you need info supporting commie-nism, huh?
For all the information you could ever desire supporting communism, visit your local university professor. I do it all the time. However, I don't do because I actually give a shit, but because just by virtue of attending classes many professors think it's their job to prosletyze you. For they are "academics." They know everything from their holier-than-thou ivory tower book world and they feel (leftists don't believe, they feel) it's their contribution to society to show you the unleanred and un-erudite, the way! So when you speak with these people just act like your interested, parrot their words, get your 'A' and move on to better things.

im doing a paper and wanted to know what was good about communism and what was bad?

i am doin a research paper and was wondering if true marxism(communism) is possible to exist

sundiiisundiiiaaa_at_yahoo.comBuild live/work Towers & Trains
If the USA had build live/work Towers connected to Trains (like we should have, because looking backwards, & now forwards, there always were too many cars & not enough housing), then we would have ended capitalist wage-slavery long ago, & we would have ended world poverty long ago. And we would have found cures to all diseases long ago because we would have educated all people worldwide in science & medicine by now. No one could fight against USA capitalists who control/led what people thought, & still do. All nations need to build live/work towers connected to trains to force people to save their own lives, & save the earth for future generations. All people must own all things to be "free" because no one is free until every person is free. And then food & medicine would be free to all children, who are always sick, but so are most adults. And all people should be able to work part-time, say 10 hrs a week, & have fun the rest of the time. But it will only work if it's worldwide, which it can be now by using modern technology to teach all people how to save the earth, & save their own lives.

Yippiefree_the_schools_at_yahoo.comCommunism vs. State Dictatorship
Before I start, let me make something clear: I'm not a Marxist. I am a mutualist and a libertarian socialist, Marx just needs to be defended here. People diatribe against communism on grounds that it destroy's individuality. While that may have been the vision of dictatorial proto-fascists like Stalin or Mao, it is the exact opposite of communism. Marxist theory is about changing society's priorities to value people's individual desires and choices above money, above the bottom line. A wage/state system is antithetical to freedom, as it takes power away from individual people, and puts it on the hands of their bosses, and the market. Authentic communism is about maximizing the happiness and prosperity of all, in a free and equitable way. Right now, our economic system is 100% about the bottom line. Communism's humble suggestion is that we put people ahead of profits. As anyone who has actually read the works of non-dictatorial communist's (including Marx in his early years), or seen it in action (Spainish civil war, Krondsat, Wiki), communism is not "pro-state", it is remarkably and definativly anti-statist and libertarian. Workers of the world, unite!

inevitable834chenjun834_at_hotmail.comLittle too harsh there
How is it that most of you have opinions on communism without actually understanding what communism is? For instance Morgan your analysis of communism is based on pure biast and nothing else, furthermore one cannot have an arguement about communism without being open minded as I seem most of you all are not.

GuyAnonymousCommunism's existance
In response to yohomes, the answer is complicated. Marxist communism (aka authoritarian communism) has never been acheived as Marx suggested it would, nor will it likely ever. However, there have been literaly hundreds of working small-scale libertarian communism's in existance ( to take the most obvious example, the massive farmers cooperation movement in the Spanish Civil war, before Marxist and Fascist forces destroyed it.) All in all, "true" Marxist (authoritarian) communism is a myth, and the Marxist strain of thinking has tainted genuine socialism for centuries. Cooperation, mutualism, a right to a decent life - these are genuine socialist values, not a Marxist state (or any state for that matter.)

yohomesanonymousmy opinion....
Im doing A research paper....and as far as I understand there has yet to be a country to achieve true communism is that true? or am I missing somthing?

nicoledivaangel1025_at_yahoo.comno way
I think that communism is wrong. How can one person control what you own and what you make and how you live? How would you like it if some one came to the U.S. and in the future all this "it's a free country" saying will be misleading and one government telling you no matter how hard you work at your job today you will only be paid a little which is all you need to live. I'm just trying to make a point through the U.S.. Can't you ppl picture the U.s. as communism because I can't. WOuld you like to live in a world where you have no say for your leaders, life, or your FUTURE!

I read the first response and I died of laughter. Why donít you people just realize that Communism is a flawed system and isnít possible with itís utopian ideas. Since you praise communism so much, I say you be as much communist as you can be and move to a communist country.

Du Luft Angelangelo_de_orcaa_at_yahoo.comCommunism is delicious!
Alrighty, I am going to say right away that I myself am a beleiver in communism. I would also like to commend the author for his very logical arguements and points that hit revolutionary socialism head on. For that is actually what the governments described are. Communism, as defined by everyone it seems besides marx and engels, was broken down into two words that actually explained the form this specific type of communism took. It is interesting that there seems to be no knowlege of the fact that communists differ quite greatly on exactly what communism is. The communist (Labeled) societies were ones that were run by revolutionary socialists. Revolutionary socialism must now be explained. I will offer this definition based upon George Orwell's take upon these regimes, more or less they were literal "wars against the people". These governments did nothing but practice an active and never-ending war against whomever was against it. That was the total idealogy summed up in one sentence. Also; what was best for the PARTY was the policy. This meant that whatever doctirine they wished to adopt they could, whatever policy, whatever they wanted or needed to beleive about their supposed form of communism they could. It did not matter if communism's true meaning was the producers of the society making the decisions, the workers. For this is the basic definition of a true communist society. If you look back you will note that the workers, the vast majority of people in the "people's republic" had no power whatsoever. This is flagrently "Anti-communist" but completely within the lines of "revolutionary-socialism". In fact, for the longest time I do believe people have accepted that Fachism and Communism are two opposite idealologies altogether, yet it seems as though they operated in almost exactly the same way. In fact, nations who profess beleifs in democracy itself acted in ways fairly similar and equally barbarous. This group of much older revolutionaries came to power in the late 1700's, the french democratic republicans. Taking a look back at that time period you will notice striking simularities between their behavior, while under the guise of democratic reform, nazi behavior, while under the guise of socialist reform, and the recent (And collapsing) communist dictatorships. As you can plainly see now it seems almost as though romantic idealism (even if they somewhat believed in it) was something Robespierre, Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, and Mao used mainly to attain power. After that the only beleifs that had were in themselves and their farcical party loyalties. Now, i would like to say one more thing that will elude to why i still have faith in communism. This is reference to your critical analysis of the doctor excuse for "communist misbehavior". You see, your definition of "Doctor", your very perception of doctors, police officers, and others whose core duty is supposed to be to serve and aid those in need is based upon current and not historical conditions. Doctors (For the most part) in the earlier centuries (And i know this explanation also has its holes but bear with me) were quakes who roamed the world spreading leeches and snake oil rubs the whole medical field (especially industry) was filled with medicine laced with Cocaine and god knows what else. For the most part these people did more harm then good until better, truer, more technologically advanced medicine and increases in regulation transformed medicine from archaic barbarity to something that is our civilization's greatest acheivement. Police officers i will now add into our debate, will not you all agree that in the recent past at least (1900-1920's) that it is well documented that officers of the law had just as much a hand in criminal activity as the criminals they were sworn to apprehend? The very law makers were veritably (And still are in many cases) corrupt to the core. Even with this evidence we all still (For the most part) beleive in these institutions. Their core values have always kept them in the people's heart even though the people who call themselves doctors and officers used to (and in some cases again, they still do) do much harm because we have all had faith that someday things would be better, we would learn more and we would fight to clean these systems up. I just want to state that communism, just like hundreds of years ago when doctors drained blood and administered mercury and police were generally used to keep the governments in power, is still in its infancy. The idea of a unified, caring people, who make the decisions not just in public national and local policy but as well as economic policy and production is still a fairly recently new one. In practice anyways (The first communist government was actually thought up, recorded anyways, by Plato Himself). Thank you to whomever reads this gigantic blubbering of a TRUE red. -.o

bret h dAnonymousworking communist society
True Communism can only exist in a world in which free and individuality doesn't. The closest thing to a working communist society is an ant or bee colony, but like all communist societies they are also ruled by a dictator.

This system sucks ass. its a waste of time!!!! I HATE COMMUNISM AND I'M A JEW. Dammit!! don ne1 tink of me wen dey made this site!!

Sundiii@yahoo.comsundiii_at_yahoo.comSocialism is the future
I know that Socialism is the future, but US capitalists are still blinded by too much "empty land." US never cared to help starving children worldwide immediately. US/UK still enslave children today (fields, schools, mowing lawns etc). US never thought that small islands don't have lots of empty land to build cars, houses, hotels, etc. US built everything wrong to "create jobs" for men mostly, but we should have built live/work/play 100 story towers connected to trains to eliminate all the (deadly) work. Every tower should have fun things to do for all ages, & build robots to do all the work. But capitalists were so blinded by the wage system, they still think they're doing things right. Again, they never thought of eliminating all the work, & they never thought of helping starving children worldwide (who can't help where they're born or the color of their skin, or IF they could get an education, or if they were sick or deformed, etc). The capitalist wage system IS the beast that enslaves every person (even the richest), & it will destroy the earth & has to be eliminated soon. Working 40/wk for 40-80 hrs is pure slavery, & then most die broke if they live that long, & retirements are boring, so it was a bad system. Insurance never should have existed--slaves need it because they're poor. Renting should not be legal because it's slavery of the majority to make a few people rich. Debt never should have existed--cars & houses equal lifelong debt-slavery. USA never built anything right & we forced too attempts at Socialism (& communism) to fail BY building everything wrong to "create jobs." The wage is a WAR against women & children, & is the cause of all prostitution, crimes & wars (wars & weapons & cars & houses create the most JOBS...which shouldn't exist). And employees are slaves! So the wage shouldn't be legal.

the Big DCdarkkitsune0013_at_aol.comListen Up
I am German, nearly pureblooded, and I can say without fear of being critisized that communism is the way to go.

your logic is flawed. you want to throw the bay out with the bath water. just because a country calls itslef socialist or communist doesn't make it so. even the nazis called themselves "socialists", and so does modern day china even though they have a capitalist economy. if you're going to rant against an economic and political philosophy, you need to have some knowledge of it besides "well, if the soviets and cuba CALL themselves socialists, even though they're really fascists, then socialism and communism must be evil".

Sandysundiii_at_yahoo.comSocialism is the future!
If the USA had not built any cars, roads, houses, malls, offices, etc, & had instead built things to save lives & the Earth (cars, houses etc destroy the earth & kill people).....if we had built 100-story live/work TOWERS connected to TRAINS, then we would have had Socialism. Neither capitalism nor communism were good--they were both too extreme & both killed millions of people (cars killed millions so capitalists are (worse?) mass mruderers) so the right way is Socialism--love thy neighbor. In T&T, all people would have worked 20 hrs a week, & farms would have been automated (near towers) long ago (farmers are slaves). "Entrepreneurs" are slaves whose businssess usually fail (98%+) leaving them with not income & maybe homeless & dead. None of the schools or colleges should have been built to "create jobs" & schools teach slavery because wage-slavery is slavery & employees are slaves (masters are also slaves in capitalism). None of the cities in America were built right--they're all ghettos, full of crime & slime & death because we did not build or do anything right, but we did just what capitalists taught (& forced) us to do. So we're all still slaves until every person on Earth has a Guaranteed Residual Income & works part-time building live/work TOWERS connected to TRAINS. See my website/s called "Employees are slaves, & so are masters". Down with capitalism & communism. Socialism IS the future! Bring it on.

what are goods and bads about communism..i'm doing a research paper and i need pro's and con's of communism..and i can't find anything...PLZ HELP!!! Elle

At a young age I thought of the theory of communism and I came to realize that it is not in human nature to live in an equal social class but instead we strive to expand and become more superior. But the idea to grow as one, equally, and prosperously is an idea that describes a world utopia that either rejects all religion or respects all religion. Therefore I concluded that a mixed government consisting of both capitalist and also communist ideas is the best for this era. TO ENFORCE LAW, MAINTAIN EQUAL FREEDOM WITH EQUAL RIGHTS, AND TO HAVE A MAJORITY MIDDLE CLASS.

I have to make a persuasive speech about how bad is the communism doctrine, please send me some info about the advantages of this movement.

Viktor Morozofyuri123_at_russia.comI LOvE MY COUNTy
I am a homegrown Russian. I grew up living in a one room house sleeping with my mom on top of me. I love her alot. Russia was very organized and i didnt have to do anything but sit at home. I love it. Now the country is corrupted and i cant do anything so i moved to America. I LOVE USA!!!

Simon Mooresimon.moore_at_dsl.pipex.comCommunism
Interesting to note that many people who oppose the communist "everyone has an equal share" principal do so on the basis that they would be much worse off than they are now. The irony is that the vast majority of people would probably be significantly better off, and only a very small minority would be much worse off; this is a direct consequence of the huge imbalance between wealth in most capitalist countries. In most capitalist countries, large numbers of people who consider themselves to be "quite well off" are actually extremely badly off in comparison to the few percent who hold the vast majority of the nation's wealth.

i don't think communism is the perfect system. it has some great ideas in it... the idea that everyone should be equal is awesome but to not beable to vote for your desired party is bullshit. we need to find a way to take the best ideas from communism while keepind democracy

Scottrecycle@rusticroots.comLIFE - TRUTH
Communism - Better said "worldwide human community (Our common (root word of communism) thread is that we all have certain basic needs - food, clothes, shelter)" Socialism - Better said "How we interact with each other socially (Golden Rule - love thy neighbor as thyself)" Capitalism - Better said "The fruits of one's OWN labor" In this world to date there has yet to be True Communism - True Socialism - and True Capitalism period - but in time they will all come together. When we all share equally in the responsibilities ("burdens of the flesh") of the necessities of life this is True Communism which when practiced gives everyone an equal amount of freedom upon which True Socialism is built (IE - honoring the unique diversness of each individual) which then leads to True Capitalism (the fruits of one's own labor or consensus agreement of the many to equally share the fruit's of the labor of the many). Capitalism in it's current for is just a stepping stone to understanding that the true foundation of mankind lies first in True Communism which allows True Socialism to flourish which in turn allows True Capitalism to flourish, but the foundation is always Common (Communism) to all people. We can debate this if you wish. Email me privately and I promise that I will only ask questions and you will answer them yourself which will lead to the truth. As Jesus said "The Kingdom of God is within us" both literally and figuratively. Scott

Dave, you are clearly confusing the two. It is much rather Communism that is "a social order that garuntees(sic) mass death, mass suffering, mass devestation, mass hypocracy, and the gradual destruction of the world in which we live"....

Daverincewind98@hotmail.comSecond thoughts...
On second thoughts I do not wish to remain anonymous. The post directly below this is mine. Feel 'free' to mail me.

The biggest problem with Communism is that people assume it justifies the existence of Capitalism - a social order that garuntees mass death, mass suffering, mass devestation, mass hypocracy, and the gradual destruction of the world in which we live

corycarolingstar@hotmail.comare jews responcible for holocaust
I am doing a persuasive speech in school and I am thinking of discussing whether or not jews brought on the holocaust themselves by not wanting to participate in the communistic society that they lived in.Tus providing the communist with a scapegoat for the reason that communism didnt seem to work well.

Communism is the worst system and always will be i hope china changes or they will corrupt themselves. I hate communism with a pation. Fcuk communism.

CaliGirl03AnonymousGeneral Comment
Communism would work IF people would let go of their selfish needs and wants for more capital.

you are just quebling in your articals and .............................

Indridindrid@badtzmail.comMy opinion...
You capitalists are too stuck on yourselves. I don't see where you get off on discriminating against other people and other nations that have tried and fought bravely for what they believe in. America's pathetic. Just because a couple of towers fall and people die, the nation wants to kill all Muslims. Once the war starts, everybody protests and says the president is stupid. In a communistic society an ill comment about the leader would get you shot, and I wholeheartedly agree with that. I admit that Capitalism has its pros, but it is littered with cons. There was a dream that was Communism, and it was fraught with pros, but corrupt men used it to control nations with an iron fist, and the people were oppressed. I agree with Mr. P., and I stand for the true communism, the dream that was such, the dream that Lenin had. Thomas, don't you dare add Lenin to those names of people that were genocidal and totalatarian. You know nothing about Communism. You've been brainwashed by this pathetic government that is Capitalism. Also, don't you dare compare Communism with Nazism, You must know nothing of the two. Communism has been a system prefered by dictators and tyrrants simply because it is tempting to use it for ill deeds and manipulation. If Communism was what Lenin and Marx had dreamed it to be, it would've been a success, However it is easy for men to become greedy and corrupt when such power is given them. In a Capitalistic society only the smart and strong survive. You have to be in the right place at the right time, and the government judges men by their wealth instead of their character. Crime is rampant because as children we are taught to work for our selves. The people that can't keep up with the competition sleep on the streets and eat from trash cans. Medicare in a Communistic government is payed for by the government, because the people are valuable. As a citizen you are given such a right. Free enterprise, and a market economy are highly overrated. Also Sara, and Bill, Don't pay any attention to these Capitalistic snobs. There is plenty of pros and articles supporting the right places. -- I don't agree with most of Stalin's tactics, but you must know that under his rule the Motherland reached the technological achievement in 5 years that other countries had worked decades for, thus becoming a world power. All hail the Soviets...may they rise to power yet again, and Down with Capitalism!

Natemissing_link87_ns@hotmail.comProblems and Answers
The only problem is that a true communist government can and will never exist so long as people view life and all aspects thereof from different perspectives. True communism is merely theory. I'm not for communist governments but I do believe that Communism is a good subject for expanding basic thought and comprehension. On another note, I myself do not believe that Communism is another form of control as most governments are. I believe that True Communism should not be labeled as government, for that was not it's intention. True Communism is a leap up from Democracy. Communism doesn't have any laws, any restirctions. True Communism involves all people accepting a common lifestyle. The only problem from thus being that this would only be possible from a single consciousness controlling all things. Thus leading to my next point. Communism does not, and cannot involve religion, which is where most stray from the point... most religions are a form of control. Chrisianity has it's commandments for example... but since Communism has no set laws or systems and religion, being a matter of opinion, could not change a single person or True Communism will have been breached and in thus non-existant. Well, that's all I have time to tlak about for now... please email me with any comments or questions.

Natemissing_link87_ns@hotmail.comProblems and Answers
The only problem is that a true communist government can and will never exist so long as people view life and all aspects thereof from different perspectives. True communism is merely theory. I'm not for communist governments but I do believe that Communism is a good subject for expanding basic thought and comprehension. On another note, I myself do not believe that Communism is another form of control as

Joanna hzlbaby04@aol.comCommunism and Our Society
What exactly is communism and how does it relate to us in our society?

Mike necromancer610@aol.comMy opinion of capitalism
Well i've read your articles claiming how true communists ignore history and all but the truth is capitalists seem to have done this too...........They fail to recognize that for capitalism we have lost over 50 million people in two world wars over imperialism.........we almost wiped out the entire native american race...........we have bondaged millions of african slaves...........we still suppress millions around the world with our actions here..............we have enough food and medication to feed the hungry and at least supply some aid to the diseased but yet we dont cuz millions are still dying..........we have cut down 90 percent of the original forests of the u.s we waste natural materials for profit which by the way includes oil which will run out and when it does this whole sytem will fail for everything in this society relies on oil for everything including computers needs power which relies on oil................the top 10 percent of the social class of america owns 8o percent of the wealth which is total BS as they basically have the most say in this country..............Now communism cant be all that bad if it is run democratically(where the people in society rule the government) we all will just work a few hours every day and the rest of the time we can indulge our selves in any activity we want..........not only will this make us happier but it will also allow us to become enlightened...................capitalism is like the catholic church of the dark ages it stops us from being able to expand as humans for we our forced to work hours and hours a day competiting with each other for better hours and wages while a few top guys make the most profit.........

Lyndon or capitalism
There are problems with both economic systems, communism and capitalism, both have their pros and cons. all of you right and left supporters have argued and fought wars for decades. the answer is not in wars, or argumentation. cannot you see that neither is altogether correct. We all know that the U.S suppressed communism in South America, and put to death the great hero Che Guevara, but the answer is not in revolutions and annihilation. the answer is in compromise. communism and capitalism are more or less opposites, but if you bring the two together you could create a new political system. a system where all are able to vote, but everybody has a job. you may still have your worker, middle and "ruleing" classes, but the wealthier population have topay out to the workers. balancing the scales so that all have "wealth"...

The Bobhrm3@knology.netCommunism dangerous?
Is communism still a dangerous philosophy or is it now close to irrelevancy? I do not mean dangerous in the sense of what individual adherents, such as the wingnut in N. Korea might do, but dangerous as a viable alternative to capitalism.

bill, you've come to the wrong place. On this site you won't find anything in support of that discredited and outdated experiment in collectivist nonsense. On second thoughts, this might just be the right place for you - here you can read something sensible rather than illogical crap (as it would, per definition, have to be) supporting communism!!
I need some articals suporting communism

Sara:I assume this would be Grade 11 (Std 9) in a South African school. Incredible that they want you to come up with information "supporting communism"!! It is system that has never worked and never will - other than for its success in spreading misery.

What next? Are your teachers going to ask you to come up with info in support of other failed collectivist systems such as apartheid and fascism too? They are all just different implementations of the same warped socialist/collectivist ideas.

You won't find anything positive on this site regarding these defunct systems of ideological garbage.

FuzzyThanks for the feedback. You can spread the article (and everything else on this site as far and wide as possible. I'm not the author of this particular article, but I'm sure Mr Sipos won't mind either.

(Just take note of the "FAIR USE NOTICE" on the main index page which essentially just say that you may not benefit financially from this)

Saranico_aw0@hotmail.comNeed Info.
Hi Im a grade 11 student in need of some information supporting communism, which is not that easy to find. Please help. -Sara !
A fantastic article. I want to print it out and put it up all over my university. Can i have permission to do so ? Also i have another anti-communist argument - In a true communist system, people have no choice of what occupation they want to get into. how is this free ? is this just another form of slavery ? i dont get it. everyone works together for the "good of the nation". how is this good, if not one individual actually benefits from this ? how can that be for the good of the nation ?

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