What is Racism?

Everyone talks about "racism" but no one ever defines it. American Renaissance´s assistant editor has given it a try.

Thomas Jackson
American Renaissance
Vol. 2, No. 7
July 1991
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There is surely no nation in the world that holds "racism" in greater horror than does the United States. Compared to other kinds of offenses, it is thought to be somehow more reprehensible. The press and public have become so used to tales of murder, rape, robbery, and arson, that any but the most spectacular crimes are shrugged off as part of the inevitable texture of American life. "Racism" is never shrugged off.

   For example, when a white Georgetown Law School student reports that black students are less well qualified than white students, it sets off a booming, national controversy about "racism." If the student had merely murdered someone he would have attracted far less attention and criticism.

   Racism is, indeed, the national obsession. Universities are on full alert for it, newspapers and politicians denounce it, churches preach against it, America is said to be racked with it, but just what is racism?

   Dictionaries are not much help in understanding what is meant by the word. They usually define it as the belief that one's own ethnic stock is superior to others, or as the belief that culture and behavior are rooted in race. When Americans speak of racism they mean a great deal more than this.
Non-whites are said to fail only because whites are "racist."

   Nevertheless, the dictionary definition of racism is a clue to understanding what Americans do mean. A peculiarly American meaning derives from the current dogma that all ethnic stocks are equal. Despite clear evidence to the contrary, all races have been declared to be equally talented and hard-working, and anyone who questions the dogma is thought to be not merely wrong but evil.

   The dogma has logical consequences that are profoundly important. If blacks, for example, are equal to whites in every way, what accounts for their poverty, criminality, and dissipation? Since any theory of racial differences has been outlawed, the only possible explanation for black failure is white racism. And since blacks are markedly poor, crime-prone, and dissipated, America must be racked with a pervasive and horrible racism. Nothing else could be keeping them--the undisputed equals of whites--in such an abject state.

   All public discourse on race today is locked into this rigid logic. Any explanation for black failure that does not depend on white wickedness threatens to veer off into the forbidden territory of racial differences. Thus, even if today's whites can find in their hearts no desire to oppress blacks, yesterday's whites must have oppressed them. If whites do not consciously oppress blacks, they must oppress them unconsciously. If no obviously racist individuals can be identified, then institutions must be racist. Or, since blacks are failing so terribly in America, there simply must be millions of white people we do not know about, who are working day and night to keep blacks in misery. The dogma of racial equality leaves no room for an explanation of black failure that is not, in some fashion, an indictment of white people.

   The logical consequences of this are clear. Since we are required to believe that the only explanation for non-white failure is white racism, every time a non-white is poor, commits a crime, goes on welfare, or takes drugs, white society stands accused of yet another act of racism. All failure or misbehavior by non-whites is standing proof that white society is riddled with hatred and bigotry. For precisely so long as non-whites fail to succeed in life at exactly the same level as whites, whites will be, by definition, thwarting and oppressing them.

   This obligatory pattern of thinking leads to strange conclusions.
"...all whites are racist and only whites can be racist."
First of all, racism is a sin that is thought to be committed almost exclusively by white people. Indeed, a black congressman from Chicago, Gus Savage, and Coleman Young, the black mayor of Detroit, have argued that only white people can be racist. Likewise, in 1987, the affirmative action officer of the State Insurance Fund of New York issued a company pamphlet in which she explained that all whites are racist and that only whites can be racist. How else could the plight of blacks be explained without flirting with the possibility of racial inequality?

   Although some blacks and liberal whites concede that non-whites can, perhaps, be racist, they invariably add that non-whites have been forced into it as self-defense because of centuries of white oppression. What appears to be non-white racism is so understandable and forgivable that it hardly deserves the name. Thus, whether or not an act is called racism depends on the race of the racist. What would surely be called racism when done by whites is thought to be normal when done by anyone else. The reverse is also true.

   Examples of this sort of double standard are so common, it is almost tedious to list them: When a white man kills a black man and uses the word "nigger" while doing so, there is an enormous media uproar and the nation beats its collective breast; when members of the black Yahweh cult carry out ritual murders of random whites, the media are silent (see AR of March, 1991). College campuses forbid pejorative statements about non-whites as "racist," but ignore scurrilous attacks on whites.

   At election time, if 60 percent of the white voters vote
Blatant anti-white prejudice, in the form of affirmative action, is now the law of the land.
for a white candidate, and 95 percent of the black voters vote for the black opponent, it is whites who are accused of racial bias. There are 107 "historically black" colleges, whose fundamental blackness must be preserved in the name of diversity, but all historically white colleges must be forcibly integrated in the name of . . . the same thing. To resist would be racist.

   "Black pride" is said to be a wonderful and worthy thing, but anything that could be construed as an expression of white pride is a form of hatred. It is perfectly natural for third-world immigrants to expect school instruction and driver's tests in their own languages, whereas for native Americans to ask them to learn English is racist.

   Blatant anti-white prejudice, in the form of affirmative action, is now the law of the land. Anything remotely like affirmative action, if practiced in favor of whites, would be attacked as despicable favoritism.

   All across the country, black, Hispanic, and Asian clubs and caucuses are thought to be fine expressions of ethnic solidarity, but any club or association expressly for whites is by definition racist. The National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) campaigns openly for black advantage but is a respected "civil rights" organization. The National Association for the Advancement of White People (NAAWP) campaigns merely for equal treatment of all races, but is said to be viciously racist.

   At a few college campuses, students opposed to affirmative action have set up student unions for whites, analogous to those for blacks, Hispanics, etc, and have been roundly condemned as racists. Recently, when the white students at Lowell High School in San Francisco found themselves to be a minority, they asked for a racially exclusive club like the ones that non-whites have. They were turned down in horror. Indeed, in America today, any club not specifically formed to be a white enclave but whose members simply happen all to be white is branded as racist.

   Today, one of the favorite slogans that define the asymmetric quality of American racism is "celebration of diversity." It has begun to dawn on a few people that "diversity" is always achieved at the expense of whites (and sometimes men), and never the other way around. No one proposes that Howard University be made more diverse by admitting whites, Hispanics, or Asians. No one ever suggests that National Hispanic University in San Jose (CA) would benefit from the diversity of having non-Hispanics on campus.
No one suggests that the Black Congressional Caucus ... suffers from a lack of diversity.
No one suggests that the Black Congressional Caucus or the executive ranks of the NAACP or the Mexican-American Legal Defense and Education Fund suffer from a lack of diversity. Somehow, it is perfectly legitimate for them to celebrate homogeneity. And yet any all-white group--a company, a town, a school, a club, a neighborhood--is thought to suffer from a crippling lack of diversity that must be remedied as quickly as possible. Only when whites have been reduced to a minority has "diversity" been achieved.

   Let us put it bluntly: To "celebrate" or "embrace" diversity, as we are so often asked to do, is no different from deploring an excess of whites. In fact, the entire nation is thought to suffer from an excess of whites. Our current immigration policies are structured so that approximately 90 percent of our annual 800,000 legal immigrants are non-white. The several million illegal immigrants that enter the country every year are virtually all non-white. It would be racist not to be grateful for this laudable contribution to "diversity." 

   It is, of course, only white nations that are called upon to practice this kind of "diversity." It is almost comical to imagine a nation of any other race countenancing blatant dispossession of this kind.

   What if the United States were pouring its poorest, least educated citizens across the border into Mexico? Could anyone be fooled into thinking that Mexico was being "culturally enriched?" What if the state of Chihuahua were losing its majority population to poor whites who demanded that schools be taught in English, who insisted on celebrating the Fourth of July, who demanded the right to vote even if they weren't citizens, who clamored for "affirmative action" in jobs and schooling?

   Would Mexico--or any other non-white nation--tolerate this kind of cultural and demographic depredation? Of course not. Yet white Americans are supposed to look upon the flood of Hispanics and Asians entering their country as a priceless cultural gift. They are supposed to "celebrate" their own loss of influence, their own dwindling numbers, their own dispossession, for to do otherwise would be hopelessly racist.

   There is another curious asymmetry about American racism. When non-whites advance their own racial purposes, no one ever accuses them of "hating" any other group. Blacks can join "civil rights" groups and Hispanics can be activists without fear of being branded as bigots and hate mongers. They can agitate openly for racial preferences that can come only at the expense of whites. They can demand preferential treatment of all kinds without anyone ever suggesting that they are "anti-white." 
To "celebrate" or "embrace" diversity, as we are so often asked to do, is no different from deploring an excess of whites.

   Whites, on the other hand, need only express their opposition to affirmative action to be called haters. They need only object to racial policies that are clearly prejudicial to themselves to be called racists. Should they actually go so far as to say that they prefer the company of their own kind, that they wish to be left alone to enjoy the fruits of their European heritage, they are irredeemably wicked and hateful.

   Here, then is the final, baffling inconsistency about American race relations. All non-whites are allowed to prefer the company of their own kind, to think of themselves as groups with interests distinct from those of the whole, and to work openly for group advantage. None of this is thought to be racist. At the same time, whites must also champion the racial interests of non-whites. They must sacrifice their own future on the altar of "diversity" and cooperate in their own dispossession. They are to encourage, even to subsidize, the displacement of a European people and culture by alien peoples and cultures. To put it in the simplest possible terms, white people are cheerfully to slaughter their own society, to commit racial and cultural suicide. To refuse to do so would be racism.

   Of course, the entire non-white enterprise in the United States is perfectly natural and healthy. Nothing could be more natural than to love one's people and to hope that it should flourish. Philippinos and El Salvadorans are doubtless astonished to discover that simply by setting foot in the United States they are entitled to affirmative-action preferences over native-born whites, but can they be blamed for accepting them? Is it surprising that they should want their languages, their cultures, their brothers and sisters to take possession and put their mark indelibly on the land? If the once-great people of a once-great nation is bent upon self-destruction and is prepared to hand over land and power to whomever shows up and asks for it, why should Mexicans and Cambodians complain?
Only whites have been tricked into thinking that a preference for one's own kind is racism.

   No, it is the white enterprise in the United States that is unnatural, unhealthy, and without historical precedent. Whites have let themselves be convinced that it is racist merely to object to dispossession, much less to work for their own interests. Never in the history of the world has a dominant people thrown open the gates to strangers, and poured out its wealth to aliens. Never before has a people been fooled into thinking that there was virtue or nobility in surrendering its heritage, and giving away to others its place in history.

   Of all the races in America, only whites have been tricked into thinking that a preference for one's own kind is racism. Only whites are ever told that a love for their own people is somehow "hatred" of others. All healthy people prefer the company of their own kind, and it has nothing to do with hatred. All men love their families more than they love their neighbors, but this does not mean they hate their neighbors. Whites who love their racial family need bear no ill will towards non-whites. They wish only to be left alone to participate in the unfolding of their racial and cultural destinies.

   What whites in America are being asked to do is therefore utterly unnatural. They are being asked to devote themselves to the interests of other races and to ignore the interests of their own. This is like asking a man to forsake his own children and love the children of his neighbors, since to do otherwise would be "racist." 

   What, then, is "racism?" It is considerably more than any dictionary is likely to say. It is any opposition by whites to official policies of racial preference for non-whites. It is any preference by whites for their own people and culture. It is any resistance by whites to the idea of becoming a minority people. It is any unwillingness to be pushed aside. It is, in short, any of the normal aspirations of peoplehood that have defined nations since the beginning of history- but only so long as the aspirations are those of whites.

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, I wouldn’t say etheir country is horrible in terms of racism. In fact, especially in the big cities, these places are extremely cosmopolitan, very international, lots of immigrants, lots of people from other cultures. I don’t think you’d have too many issues in etheir country. You’ll obviously be American. In fact, I bet you’ll get more comments on THAT fact, than because you’re Asian.Due to its location, I believe that Australia has more Asians than England does. England has more what they call Asians , but these people are actually from India and Pakistan. There are fewer Koreans in England than there are in Australia. I suggest that you actually speak to some Asians living and studying in both countries. If I were you, I’d want some first-hand experiences. So if you don’t get good answers along those lines here, try some more specialised boards, like the Thorn Tree Forums on the Lonely Planet website. That’s a travel board that’s focused mostly toward students and young people, and people ask very frank questions there. Both Australia and England have major, bustling cities. Life in Australia, even in Sydney, Melbourne, and other large cities, tends to be more focused on the outdoors than that of the UK, largely because of the difference in weather. London’s student life is very pub-oriented, and there are a lot of things to do indoors. But when the weather is nice, it’s like the city explodes, and everyone comes outside. Both cities have a lot to offer students. Because of the things I like to do and my own personal interests, I prefer London for its theater, the huge numbers of students, its architecture, its history, and etc. But if I were more of an outdoorsy person, I might prefer the cities of Australia. My fave city in the UK is London. It’s busy, as you like. Where you live in London will depend on which university you do exchange with. You’ll probably want to be fairly close, and on the train lines. Many of the London universities are right in the hustle and bustle of the city, and they do offer residence halls.

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W.A.S.P.not_at_giv.enWhat is Racism?
as far as being proud of your race goes, if one is proud to be jewish that’s good because that’s history. If one is proud to be asian that’s great because that’s culture. If one is proud to be black that’s glorious because that’s pride. But is one is proud to be white that EVIL because that’s RACIST. But guess what? I’m a white person and I’M PROUD OF IT. Yes I’m Anglo Saxon and couldn’t be prouder and if you can’t hear me now, I’ll yell a little louder.

Catherine Anne Gerhardtgerhardt21_at_netzero.netGhosts
People are haunted by the ghosts of the past and need to face the ghosts of today. A ghost, white person, can be visible in any form that being black, asian, hispanic, etc. White is a class not a color on someone's skin. Anybody can be white and we all fear losing whiteness. Perhaps we need to look at the world in a different manner. Perhaps we need to see that when all is said and done these people that we fear, these white ghosts, are really ourselves.

Has anyone stopped to see that we are all of the same race.....the human race. There are not different 'races', different nationalities, different cultures for sure, but not different 'races'. Social Darwinisim was dispelled a long time ago. So much hate, so much intolerance and so little time on this earth....sad, very very sad. I hope all that have belief in a higher power, whatever each may want to call it, will be able to face that power when their time on this earth comes to its end and know in their hearts that they have lived by the teachings of their 'god', for without doubt the higher power will know. Racisim is spurred on by thoughts which power actions. We can control what we think and so we can control racisim. Some of us just choose not to.
Having just read through some of the comments posted below, I am astounded (once again) at the naivety and shallow thought expressed in some of these comments. Why all the confusion? Racism is a natural, inborn instict. There are only two kinds of (sane) people on Earth:, Racists and Liars. And THEY don't like each other either.! You have as much chance of neutralising racism as you do of raising the dead. And trying to legislate it away by way of law, forced integration the most obtuse scheme imaginable. As long as there are different races there will be racism. Get used to it. site
Great site. Well done Jaco. Has great potential to convey some reality and sanity to a world gone mad. May you go from strength to strength!! Will be back with my own contributions ASAP. Thanks.

Blind Peoplewherever.comRacism
You people are all fast asleep been so indoctinated, LOOK NOW GAY MARRIAGES -- IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO.... YEAH RIGHT.. I ask the simple question Blacks claim to be the origin of humankind in Africa, lets have a look at this for a momment, if black were the origin of humankind why then is Africa in such a slump the whole continent is a mess !! Except for one little country at its Southern tip where the whites have built this up to be a beautifull country only to now be destroyed piece by piece do some research and see for yourself. In my opinion if black WERE the origin according to the rediculous "evolution" theory then Africa should have been the largest and most prosperous conrinent on this earth not true ? Well its NOT !! As far as blacks go they destroy everything they lay their hands on. Here in South Africa with the new "Rainbow Regime" land and farms have been handed back to blacks for them to have an opportunity to also reach for the sky and their dreams and i am not speaking of liitle pieces of dry land NO they were given massively successfull farms from wine orchards to huge maize production land and now 10 years later these farms and vinryards lies dead and dry with the once majestic farmhouses stripped so only the walls are left standing ... and what happenned to the "NEW OWNERS" they left the place and built a shack a few miles away and are living once again in squalor without the whites even having any hand in their lot !!! WHAHAHA Please do yourselves a favour and research the beautifull condition of South Africa on the Internet especially look at Farm Murders robberies killings Rapes Hijackings etc.. This Country has gone from a preverbial EDEN to a wasteland in less than 15 years of black rule ..rediculous !!!

as ifnoone_at_nowhere.comnothing
at our country we have nothing that called RACISM!! we have nothing that called black or white .. even a boy or a girl.. we are the same.. i just want to say.. God help you all..

Drop it.AnonymousWhy do whites hates blacks
I wonder why white people hate us, I'm a black woman, that's real stupid for them to be that way. We may not be the same color, but by god, we are the same. And there is no white or black god, he is all colors

VisitorAnonymousplot to destroy whites and the West
The reason diversity is rammed down our throats is simple, it is a plot orchestrated by the powers that be, headed by the Jews in sync with those governments, to strip whites of any identity and nationalistic feelings thereby creating a deracinated people who would be more subservient to the "new world order." As the author said, it's only white nations being forced to accept this. Doesn't that look a little suspicious right there? Wouldn't it be spread all over the world to everyone if diversity was such a wonderful, noble thing? It's because whites are a threat to the finacial oligarchs continued hold on power due to their succesful societies, outlook on life, dynamism, etc. To the elites, the less whites the better. Their plans are working out well through the subversion of whites into cowardice by political correctness and other such means that keep them from speaking their minds. After all, it's the worst thing on earth to be branded as an "evil racist." My God, you might as well be worse than Hitler if you dare speak out against anyone non white for any reason. Multiculturalists are in reality the biggest racists on the earth.
well this website is good becuz u can add a comment abt racsim but i think it has to stop no point discrimnating other cultures u hav to get on with each other and other religions and try to understand there backgrounds

Kevin M. Kraftkevkraft4_at_juno.comSo-called black culture
I think something that needs to be discussed is how so-called black culture seems to be nothing less than black adopting and adapting to all the worst stereotypes attributed to blacks by racist whites as far back as the days of slavery...that we're animalistic, somewhere on the "evolutionary" scale between whites and gorillas, that we're illiterate, inarticulate, amoral, oversexed, stupid, lazy, without self-control, thieving opportunist with othing more than their own self-gratification in mind. Comment
I am a white person who is def not racist, I believe we are all part of one world, and we all believe in different things but relate to the same thing, we are all human and orginated from the same place, the only difference is pigmentation in the skin, our religions, our cultures, if we were all the same the world would be a boring place, we are all unique, we are all individuals, I came on the internet to look up racism, not for anyone but myself, I currently go to a day centre, and one of the commitee members is actually racist against white's, I'm only putting in a comment to this debate because its all races that are racialist, we all have rights, we all have the choice to do with our lives what we want, if we all loved thy neighbour there would not be any racism or wars, just think about it.

what everAnonymousthe author is racist!
it will be foolish if not senseless to compare whites with other racial groups. whites drove native americans out of thier ancestrial land, whites took africans in chains as slaves to america- stripping them of thier identity. they also took p. rico and hawaii as thier territory without the indiginous approval. are you telling me that minorities should take blame for this? when blacks were been lyunched been killed, disciminated and segregated where were the non-racist whites? tell me? this ariticle is racist and should have never been writen!

Born Americannospam_at_sorryspammers.comRace is not Culture
In the U.S. there is a deepending fissure between blacks who are tired of being "black" before and above all else and blacks who want racism to be the explanation for their woes. Political correctness is so out of hand that, for protesting ILLEGAL immigration, a person of any color is considered racist. If you happen to also be Mexican, you are now a self-hating Mexican. Law-abiding, educated, productive people of all colors and creeds are welcome in the United States nearly unanimously. But you will continue to see people with black skin calling successful, people with black skin - or worse - black skinned people who do not agree with their politics - "sell-outs" and "Uncle Toms."

helloooooooo! i think it is quite pointless being racist because everybody is not the same and it doen't matter what skin colour, nationality or religion. you shouldn't have to get bullied every five minuets because of that

peasantAnonymousWhite Pride
Yeah brilliant article, the man has balls to stand up and say what every whitey is thinking. I am white and something deeply racist inside me says i should marry a white girl and have white children. You yanks complain about AA, hell in South Africa we are the minority and we have to carry the whole country thats filled with corrupt lazy criminal non-whites.

timothy www.timcha_at_cc.usu.eduhispanic racism
im costa rican im sick of being called mexican for the way my skin color is.

vsbc global.netconfused
i was leaving a place of business when two youths called me a white person and said i live in a white world .they made terrible comments, is this reverse racism? why all the hatred ?

MBsimpson_05_at_optusnet.comwrongfully acused
Yesterday i was wrong fully acused being a racist. Theres an italian kid who likes to wear his hair like Michael Jackson. Everyone who is friends with him was joking with him about him, And i who is also a good friend i said "all you need now is the bleetched skin" not meaning anything bad. H e took it as being racist but he has been bagging me about my receeding hair line for years. The thing i hate is that they all including him laughd for a couple of minutes and then today they were luaghing about what i said. I have been upset for the last couple of days i have not been able to sleep. I did a semester of study in human rights. Which i beleave everyone should be treated fairly and equaly. What do you think i should do?

i never understood why are we called minorities, there's nothing minor about us? anyway people fear what they don't understand, everyone comes from a different place, have different and backgrounds and cultures. Instead of embracing something new and learning from each other people rather remain ignorant. why are people so damn scared?

I think that it is a hateful moral crime. No one wants to be hated and no one chooses to be black, white, etc. but we as humans fear one another because of our insecurities, and because of the things we can't achieve.

NWA IGBOnwa_igbo_at_yahoo.comYAHOO

yellow monkeyyumishiuji_at_yahoo.comracist
Racism is still exsit today as bad as slavely. If you take look at prison system or hoster care system you can see all the black and hispanic are suffering becouse of thir color.


Racism is a part of life, and will never stop or be eradicated. I agree that it is un-humane but people do it (not always intentionally) and there is no way this can be stopped!

The level of ignorance here is astonishing, and it seems indicative of someone who has never stepped out of his element long enough to see society for what it is. As a white person, I profit each and every day from the privileges afforded me because of my skin color. My response is to combat racism among whites through achieving a greater knowledge of the underlying reasons for racism. Thats not guilt. Its reality. The deluded dream that one can blame minorities for a condition created in large part by a system entirely dependent on white privilege as a means of self-perpetuation is tantamount to modern slavery. The fear of being dispossessed, of the dominant (i.e., white) culture being threatened by the influx of, as one reader commented animal-like urban culture, reflects a deep-seated racism that itself is animal-like. It lacks a rational basis for existence, and is grounded not in intelligence, but in fear. Those who equate equality with everyone acting equally white dont need to try very hard to show how superficial and dangerous their fears about anti-white racism are. Nor do they need to go to great lengths to demonstrate the danger of so-called intelligence operating without clarity of vision and basic human decency to guide it.

Racism should not exist. We are a creation of an only God. I am very sure that if you cut your veins, you will find red blood just as my blood color. Stop discriminating minorities in this country pleaseeeee!!!!

Why can't we all just get along? We are all a part of the human family.

I think that there are some problems to how racism is defined. I agree that no discrimination should ever be based on superficial differences such as the colour of ones skin. But, there are fundamental differences in value and behaviour choice that lie at the root of most prejudice. While we can all idealize a world where we can respect and value our differences; it is still likely that humans will identify with others who are more likely to share their value systems. It is not the esthetic multiculturalism that is in question, but the political one. How can a multicultural society expect that all its members be liberal thinkers and mutually-accepting if some of the countries represented have more conservative ideologies? It is not that any ethnicity has a different capacity or ability; but rather a seperate philosophy that divides one person from another. Should political differences be defined as racism? I believe that humanity is coming to the point where lack of resources and opportunity is creating a crisis of ethnic tension where people are looking for excuses either to maintain or gain advantage at the expense of others. The time has come to look at the heart of what drives people to look at differences rather than similarities...and to keep the discussion going. Peace.

VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment
I think these days racism is becoming worser. I think the fact that people are getting a way with racism is the reason why we can not move on from racism. If anyone threatens anyone, it's big enough situation for the police even though they are just words,but so are racist coments. I feel it should be taken much more seriously,for example put on a record or some kind of law.

racism should be illigal, specially in united sates fuck white people

I think there are to many niggers on TV, When I look around I hardly ever see a nigger but TV makes them out to be atheletic dinamos, bu their just droop fagets who don't read well

I am amazed at the ignorance in the responses to this essay on race. I honestly believe the author is right in what was written and can tell you that whites have had to suffer the indignities impugned on us by a government that sold us out to the sorry ass blacks in this country. I don't have to accept anyone race or it's criminal intent if I don't want to. My second ammendment rights ensure that. Blacks are doing enough to destroy themselves and hopefully they will prevail. Unfortunately it is going to cost white people dearly. We are going to have to foot the bill to clean up the mess after it is over.

josharmysnipe2001_at_yahoo.comu guys r so wrong
i dont know where u get off saying all whites are racist. i play football with a bunch of balck people and there is NO one remotley racist on our squad so not all whites are racist so sorry bout your luck

i dont understand why people are racist. take my english teacher for example, she is racist against hispanics and that includes me. also, why do people think that hispanics dont like white people. we do so stop it.

in spite of agreeing with many of the articles principles, hatred or resentment of a certain race is not so much bad, becuase its that god awful- worse-than-murder racism, its awful becuase its hatred of another human being.Very simple. The fact that such an issue is made of it is mainly becuase minorities truley are terrified that there might be some truth to them being inferior in some way - and being "superior" ie - smarter, wealthier, more cultured, educated - is so highly esteemed among human beings (of all races) HOWEVER - upon realization of this, a truely careing individual would bear this in mind, and be more sensitive around such misguided people. Years of government legislation which attempts to help minorities acheive the same levels as whites has unfortunately backfired. but in a sense its not unfortunate becuase now we can see why -its becuase in having special programs and incentives for certain races they are saying "look here, you obviously have some sort of racial handicap and need government assistance!" Its hard to find that line between walking on eggshells around certain people who are sensitive, and understanding why they might have that sensitivity and not provoking them just becuase its so easy to do. The fact is, there ARE slight differences statistically in abilities from race to race - but so f'in what! i dont have a problem if my race means that its more likely i wont be a good athlete or musician for instance or that i dont have certain social skills that would help me land a better job! becuase i dont base my worth on those things thats the bottom line - if you have any higher moral values, i would hope your self worth would also be based on deeper things, things that cannot be hindered by any man or natural circumstances.

Genuine GeniusAnonymousA Genius's Perspective on Racism
I am white, have an i.q. of 150, was raised in a non-racist household, and taught that all humans of every race were CREATED equal(but may not neccessarily choose to ACT as such). Many members of my mother's family are hispanic, and my first best-friend was black. HOWEVER..... I DESPISE ALL FORMS OFF SUB-HUMAN, ANIMAL-LIKE, URBAN CULTURE.(rapper-esque, criminal mentality) Anyone who analyzes society as a whole will find that the deprevation of American Society as a whole has been perpetuated through the ACCEPTANCE and subsequently the GLORIFICATION of the disgusting, lazy, criminal, gangster, inner-city, punk, drughead, uneducated, ebonic-spouting, unkempt, unclean, welfare sucking, wedlock-birthing, uncivilized lifestyle of black, hispanic, and poor-whites as LEGITIMATE CULTURE. When it IS NOT LEGITIMATE CULTURE. It is the CHOICE to live a DEPRAVED LIFESTYLE. Whether you are white, black, or brown, URBAN, GANGSTER, LEACH OF SOCIETIES MUST BE ELIMINATED FROM AMERICA. May I also note that according to the U.S. Census Bureau: (WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT) ,BLACKS AND MEXICANS ARE DISPROPORTIONATELY LEACHING OFF SOCIETY AND THE GOVERNMENT. This is FACT and not biased oppinion, you can either WAKE-UP, or you can continue to DELUDE yourself into believing the FALSE DOGMA THAT ALL RACES ARE EQUAL CONTRIBUTORS TO SOCIETY. And ofcourse there are exceptions to EVERY rule, but that DOES NOT change the fact that the rule STILL exists. Ignoring reality and deluding yourself won't change the fact that there are CLEAR and OBSERVABLE differences in the societal productivity of the races. Learn To Accept Reality

I think anyone who doesn't want to learn and experience life at its fullest is the dumbest person of all. Do you think your soul is the same color of your skin when you die??

gurmit singhgsingh3uclan...ukracism
can you tell me about racism in football

whitneyfirefighter_babe18_at_yahoo.comwhy racism?
why do people have to racist? we are all humans and people we have all have feelings so why hurt someone! come on guys! god i hate people who are racist! yeah im white, but my boyfriends black and i love him to death, we get stares all the time and random people come up to us and say that we shouldnt be together. i hate those people. well i am doing a paper for school on racism if you could help me out i would parcipate it! thank you whitt

Adrian CarsonAnonymousYOU ALL BLIND
I am a African American/Native American and some of you people are blind. There is racisim today infact more then there was 40 years ago. Sure the KKK is not hanging anybody anymore. No wait a minute 1999 James Byrd got his head cut off by the KKK.

it doesnt say on the decloration of independance that america has to have only one race or religon we have to grow up and start accepting people

tori Anonymousclean up your act damn it!
i think racism is a big problem in society today. but then again if they would get theyre bad asses together and learn som proper english then we could all accept them a little easier.

the guy thats here to talk againAnonymousstuff
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The guy says stuffAnonymousracism
I think sometimes that i need to take a poop and sometimes i think i need to take pee but hey i not talking about other people. MAn i want asandwich

i think that there shouldnt be and racist people, and for the people that are you suck monkey balls!!! hahaha this bitch mrs ott is a fat azz cow!!! im out holla at ya gurlie

Black IrishAnonymousRace
It is all around. Everywhere you look. White guilt and "Colored" victimhood. It is all a result of liberal education. Whites have been tricked into thinking that by being White they are inherantly evil to a degree and need to show sympathy to people of Color. In schools they teach "Only Blacks were slaves, only Whites were slave masters." Wrong. Blacks were sold into slavery by other Blacks in Africa. Whites kidnapped form the British Isles were enslaved in America as well. "Yeah but they were indentrued servants, right?" Wrong again. They were slaves. White babies were born into slavery and the only way out was, well, through death. Just like Blacks. Whites constituted 30% to 60% of the slave population in America depending which time period you are looking at. Also a substantial percentage of Blacks held slaves themselves. These are the facts, look it up if you don't believe me. Now lets say that what I said is not true (but it is), what is to be said for White ehtnics. They came to this country during turn of the century America. They faced discrimination of their own and lived in inner city slums, some of which could have made South Central look middle class. They had nothing to do with slavery. Everything in America that is by nature White Christian, is shunned, while people of color are to be embraced. Diverstiy today means, the less Whites, the better. Liberal education supresses facts as you read above and elsewhere. The Holocaust was a devastating tragedy in which 6 milliom Jews perished and left the rest scarred emotionally for life. But what about Oliver Cromwell's ethnis cleasing of the British Isles. He starved the Irish, when the English had plenty of food. He put Irish and Scottish peasants in chains to be sent to the New World as slaves. He had plans to exterminate the Cornish and Welsh in which he was somewhat succesful. He had Ireland colonized by Protestants who raped Catholic women and killed Catholic children. Under Cromwell, anyone who didn;t comforn to Anglican worship was put to death. Over 5 million died in the "Irish Holocasut". You never read about that in Western Civ. Liberal Whites and others bring up internment camps for the Japanese during WWII? What about the Germans and Italians who were also put into the SAME camps. What about the Ukrainians forced to live in Canada's harsh winter climate while in similar camps during WWI? Non of this has ever been mentioned by liberal Whites or people of color. I hate Blacks that act "White" just as much as Whites who act "Black". Lets get rid of affirmative action for good. I hate patronizing others.

i think this is all so much crap. because if you think that for one second any non-white person could never be racist and when they are it should be pardoned is completely ignorant. I go to a highschool where there is a minority of African Americans but I believe that there is much more reverse-racism than there is racism shown towards blacks. Almost every day I am harassed at my school for being white. I've been pushed, called demeaning names, and harassed. I really don't think that you really have any right to say that this behavior should be pardoned. You're essay or whatever you would like to call it, is in my opinion, very offensive and I think that maybe you should look at this issue from more than one side of the spectrum.

Racism Stop IT

*daNielle*crazy 0 n 9*RaciSm*
..* i think that all the people in this damn country need to shut tha fuck up and get over there issues with blacks... if one of them make a stupid mistake .. why give all them a bad name.. but then if a white man or girl does something wrong we ALL dont geta bad name..thats bullshit and i realllly think it should stop.. no one deserves to be treated differently because of there color and thats all there is to it.After all the shit those black men and woman went through to be inb our country im so suprised they arnt the ones in africa attacking us .. i no i sure as hell would be.i have MANY black friends that i love to death. and im a white 14 year old girl in love with a black guy .. and i dont give a fuCc what AnYoNe THINKS about it .. Neith should yoo00o!

stop chatting bullshit one of you guys are bastards your-self.

If using the word "nigger" is so wrong then why do i hear African Americans or black people call one another "nigger" every day? Is it justifiable for one race to be "allowed" to use the word and not another? I personally do not use that word and i am not a racist. I live in a very diverse enviornment and I do not believe it is fair for anyone to say that only whites can be racist. I feel that i have been a victim of racism at some points in my life an i am white. thank you.

hichamcourage066_at_yahoo.frno for racisim
i think that racism should be eradicated all over the world as it retards the progress of so many countries that suffer from the bad treatement of some tyrants who have power and authority that they use against those who are poor and needy and inferiour as well so no for racism and no for segragation and tes for unity and parity moreover peace should be omnipresent all over the world

Albert Ervinalbertervin_at_yahoo.comAMERICA BLESED?
I,have really don't think so.Not with it's past ugly racist doings to the Native American and his African brother this is the most hypocritical counrty in exsistance how can we forget the past when you have my people on reservations starving knowing that you Europeans took what was never your's . You still exhibit that White PSYCHOPATHIC FEAR YOU TELL ME WHITE DEVIL?

brian minkman2003_at_hotmail.comWHAT!
this is not right accent your life

LOLAnonymousThen give the USA back to the "true" Americans
Let's not forget that the TRUE Americans are the Native Americans, who inhabited this land long before the Europeans came and wiped them out. This must be the greatest example of genocide in human history, because they took an entire continent from them. If white's want to celebrate their ethnic heritage, then go back to Europe.

Scottlongrainger_at_yahoo.comGeneral Comment
Basically true. All racism is wrong no matter what race it comes from. SImple as that really.

gingAnonymousyou guys are a bunch of idiots
I live in zimbabwe and run a large club where i have many staff working under me i am white they are black however we are very happy workingv together racism is rife in this place but ultimately us on the ground just get on with our lives fuck the politics we are just too busy surviving to worry about shit like that your biggest problem is POLITICS stuff the politicians i am not saying lets screw each other but we can be friends after all we are all human beings (i think) and do still deserve to be treated as such

The definition of a racist is the Author of this article who is masquerading as an intelligent person. I'm embarrassed to be white with people out there like Thomas Jackson and the others on this board that agree with you. I completly agree with D. Stizzle!!!

seamusseamus_lee_at_hotmail.comi suk shit
im going 2 commit suicide

louridi salwalouridi_salwa_at_yahoo.comthank you for this article
i'm very happy to write you this email in order to thank for this good article; it's meanful and it have a big iportance, so i need the new abaut this subject "rasism" exactly its reasons please give us the information ant send it to my emil thank you again...

to the girl who says this is bull, you will nevr get anywhere by being ignorant. It is okay to voice your opinions but get your facts straight

andrew mahoneyandy_at_hotmail.comnigga's
all yo shut up

heatheranonymous"white diversity"
I am so tired of everyone lumping all "white" people into one group. We are very diverse. I would like my kids to be able to celebrate their heritage, which is largely scandinavian, without someone labeling them racist. I've had enough of everyone else being able to enjoy their cultural heritage and whites are lumped together as if we are all the same. Italians are different than the Irish, French are different than Swedish, Portugese are different than Ukrainians, etc. Many, if not all of these groups experienced discrimination when immigrating to the United States--the Irish being the most written about.

VisitoranonymousGeneral Comment
It makes a lot of sense. You don't see all this multiculturalism in non-Western nations. We're supposed to be open and accepting of everyone else but we can't become them.

rwAnonymouswas ist racism?
just another liberalist-marxist traitor whose rantings will no doubt turn decent, repressesd peoples into frustrated, bitter racists who will come to support mosleyites.

Its time to start lynching blacks again, they arent afraid of white power anymore time to reinstitute old customs.

Andrewscalisti_at_yahoo.comanti-white racism
I have been a victim of anti-white racism perpetrated by blacks 3 times while I was a student in Gainesville, FL. It is an anti-white town where blacks hypocritically think all whites are racist. The police think nothing of it.

almost right...Anonymousalmost right...
the blacks have a lot of hate between them... the south africans hate the zims and all other african immigrants, cause they're taking the jobs that "belong" to south africans. then they hate the zulus cause they're so violent, the zulu's hate the xhosa's cuase they're lazy and so on and so on.... i wish everyone could just shut the f ck up and do something constructive for a change.

Dark Knightkissmyblackass_at_africa.comBullshit sophistry
To pretend that SA whites have not/are not/will not continue to benefit from the legacies of Apartheid privilege that was guaranteed them from birth at the expense of the oppression of their fellow countrymen is pure bullshit. White people need to acknowledge that pay-back time has arrived and then 'get with the programme' and embrace Transformation. The obvious solution to the AA dillemma is for whites to stop whining and make use of their old-money and old-boy connections to support themselves by becoming entrepeneurs. In this way they will be making a positive contribution by creating jobs.If you are not prepared to make amends to heal our Land then please f*"k off to New Zealand.

Katie Reidi_want_candy20_at_hotmail.comracism
This is totally cruel of mankind. People are different coloured but we are all HUMAN

D.Robertsnospam_at_nospam.comre: WRONG
Seems like non-whites just want revenge for previous misgivings (like their culture has never had any). D.Stizzle I am sorry but your comments hold zero weight, perhaps you need to go out and live a little because in the real world the comments made in this document apply and are felt by many people. I myself have personally experienced many of the problems highlighted in this document so if its proof you require then I am living proof. I have been called "white boy" many a time in an intimidating fashion, not let into clubs because I am white, shunned in a festival because I am white. Even if I hadnt read this document I still think it.

D. Stizzlepessimistra_at_yahoo.comWRONG!
First and foremost i would like to say that that article was pure, unadulterated drivel. It was a poorly supported--no scratch that--a completely unsupported load of crap, trying to mask itself as a scholarly piece... You don't seek to define something in 1000+ words and make statements of fact without supplying a reference... a source.. so that's my first gripe. Secondly, it's mighty ironic to me that the author would make any white-sympathetic race argument and speak of deploring and displacement! In America!? come on, dude... This country was founded on the displacement of peoples it finds unimportant. Over and over again that can be demonstrated--take Manifest Destiny for instance, or Japanese Internment Camps or The trail of tears or slavery. What about those examples of displacement? You simply can not make race arguments in this country without acknowledging a very blantantly racist past. This country was literally built on the notion of white superiority. From the "discovery" of America, to colonization, to the instution of laws and government, America has made it VERY clear to non-whites, that they are not equal. The fact that we have a current climate that "celebrates diversity" and is in some ways, admittedly anti-white is an answer to the many hundreds of years that minorities were oppressed... that's how i feel about that..... Now, let's acknowledge the race-centered support groups with race-based membership he speaks of. I'll be honest with you when i say I can understand why people have a problem with them. Some argue that they're divisive--that they promote a climate of seperatism--yatta yatta... I can truly see that. But having been a member of more than one at a predominantly white institution, I can only condone and support them. That's based on my own personal experience. They originated b/c the members were in the MINORITY. That's not something you can ignore. The point he tries to make when he talks about the high-school group that tried to make an all-white club is lost on me for that reason. If they really felt out-numbered and wanted the support of those like them, what's wrong with that? The reasons whites catch so much flack when they try to institue organizations like those is b/c of what they imply. Race-pride amoung white americans has historically connoted racism. That's because of two things: 1) Obviously--white racists who use "white power" and "the heritage movement" to perpetuate intolerance and hate. They've poisened the psyche of Americans to the idea that being "pro-white" can mean anything but that. 2) White racial pride begs some interesting questions. Whites in America come from a very diverse ethnic pool... Italians, Greeks, French, German, Russian, Czech--these are all considered white people... How then can whites unify under one idea? And what is that one idea? It seems reactionary if anything.. Anyway, I've wasted enough time addressing this poor excuse for an exegesis. A word to the author: Check your facts next time, bud..

PHYO AnonymousNigga What!!
I think 50 CENT is cool !!!!!!!!!!!

maria gomezlilnena_899_at_yahoo.comracism
i think this is bullshit

VisitorAnonymousThis is rediculious
do you know how much pain they over come just because of their skin are black? huh? they are not born to be nigger, they are made to be nigger. Stop racism!!

TruthAnonymousGeneral Comment
Saying that all white people are racists is a racist stereotype of white people

unfortunatley the whites wernt thinking about the future and the outcome of there acts toward blacks now as a result of this they are in a situation as they are now.whites are now crying for how every thing is what r u saying do you rather it be the way it used to be?

TorstenAnonymous"Nasionale Alliansie" se verduideliking

Ernest is racism
Just a short comment on the article with the same title by Thomas Jackson. My observation is that Thomas Jackson should be Robert Mugabe's speech writer.I say this because he so ably articulates the honourable President's and the ruling Party's thinking on these matters.He only falls short of exploring or suggesting a possible solution to what is an obvious problem.Jackson laments the preferential treatment of the coloured people in America,to the detriment of the native whites,he rightly shows detest for the dispossession of natives by non natives. We (assumedly) all agree that racism is evil,in all its forms. It is the "solutions" to the problem that not all seem to have agreement about.In South Africa it is called Transformation.The policy puts white people at a disadvantage in favour of the previously disadvantaged white folk. President Mugabe simply put action to Thomas Jackson's woes.

Mister E.somebody@wholovesyou.comW.E.T.
I want to see a White entertainment channel. I want to see a Euopean Congressional Congress. I want the boy/girlscouts to make Fudge waffers with white chocolate....

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