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Sean Gabb
Libertarian Alliance UK
18 February 2002 E-Mail this page to a friend

While the Government's proposed decriminalisation of cannabis is a step in the right direction, full legalisation of all drugs must remain the final objective. So claims the Libertarian Alliance, Britain's most radical free market and civil liberties think tank.

Libertarian Alliance spokesman, Dr Sean Gabb, said:

We want a situation where any adult can go into a pharmacy and - without showing any permit or identification - buy as many drugs as he or she may want and use them for any self-regarding purpose. This means legalisation for recreational use and for self-medication.

He added that nearly all the evils blamed on drugs can really be blamed on drug prohibition. For example:

Of course, Dr Gabb added, as a libertarian, he believes that adults have an absolute right to do with themselves as they please, and this is independent of the utilitarian reasons given above.

The only answer, said Dr Gabb, is a return to "Victorian Values" - the situation that existed in this country before the Dangerous Drugs Act 1920, when adults were free to decide for themselves what drugs to take and for what reason.

Dr Sean Gabb sits on the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Alliance and edits its journal "Free Life". His latest book, "Dispatches from a Dying Country: Reflections on Modern England", is available from Politico's.

More articles on this issues can be found at the UK Libertarian website

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Sweet, because we all know how Aussie piictiolans like to "keep up with the Jones"(so to speak) then its only a matter of time before the law changes here to. Maybe just wishful thinking .. but we all have dreams.VN:F [1.9.20_1166](from 5 votes)

Really vangeIV?Let me make sure we’re talking about the same Gary Johnson here...If it is the same guy aprenaptly he appeals to the ’p & p’ crowd...P & P? Sorry but you lost me. He is the social liberal and fiscal conservative. Romney is a social conservative and a fiscal liberal. Obama is liberal on both social and fiscal issues. Johnson could do to Obama what Nader did to Gore in 2000 (Nader picked up 97K Florida votes and lost)... I imagine that he would take from both sides, particularly if Ron Paul endorses him.

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That would be nice doc, one should have rights to do anything (without causing harm to others) and should choose what to do.... this is our fucking body, it should be our concern what to do with it,,, this world would have been different place had they listenend to people like you and me.

Stevenstpike2001_at_yahoo.comPaying for rehab
Although I do believe adults should be free to do with themselves as they see fit, one should consider the cost of providing services for those adults that are truly children in mind. I believe taxing the drugs would finance the humanitarian approach to helping those that can not help themselves.

I found the page very interesting!!! It is so useful to me as a student. But still... I won't take drugs...hehehe...

Warrenpseudo_at_webmailWould love to think
I'd like to think that adults out there are able of making responsible well informed decisions for themselves in this regard, alas I think at this point ion our history it would more than likely be self-induced survival of the fittest as the dumb one overdosed on a daily bases until only the sensible remained
I know you've broken the law, and I'm going to TURN YOU IN!!! HAHAHAHAHA!

sadly some of the reactions i have read just go to show that a lot of adults arent ready for this. it could destroy whole communities and cities. cannabis should be legal, not heroin or coke.

Simon Mooresimon.moore_at_dsl.pipex.comDrugs
An extremely intelligent and well written piece. Which sadly means that most people will not even bother to read it properly and will make jokes like "yeah cool man! loads of drugs for me please!!" DOH! too late....

Patirishpat49@earthlink.nett kelly
Write soon.VERY EXCITING!! On a more serious note, you have a very interesting site. This was my first visit, I will be back. Keep up the good job you're doing.

yeah guys are very immature about this extreamly serious situation....i mean come on and grow up a bit!!!

Sarahsquidge_69_420@yahoo.comKelly is a stoner
all of my friends are crazy lil crackwhores!!!! help them! legalize drugz now nigga!

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