Philosophy & Ideology

I believe in the principles of Classic Liberalism, Libertarianism and Objectivism. This page will carry articles dealing with these philosophies and their practical implementation in the world of politics and economics.

Racism: Diversity and Multiculturalism: The New Racism Berliner & Hull 2001
How does the UN define racism? Jaco Strauss 3 May 2000
Individualism: The Only Cure for Racism Edwin A. Locke 1998
What is racism? Thomas Jackson Jul 1991
Racism Ayn Rand Sept 1963

Crime and Punishment: Ordinary South Africans receive death penalty Jaco Strauss 6 Aug 2003

Abortion: Abortion FAQ 'Wilhelmus Wallace' 24 Feb 2001

Prohibition: Why drugs should be legalised Sean Gabb 18 Feb 2002
Prohibition the root of all evil Sean Gabb 10 May 1998
Ridiculous smoking legislation cartoon Zapiro Dec 1998
Anti-smoking legislation is fascist Jaco Strauss 20 Apr 1996

English Liberalism: Rise and fall of English liberalism Sean Gabb 1998
Review of JS Mill's On Liberty Sean Gabb 1994

Economic thought Peter Singer´s Disingenuous Ethics examined Dan Roentsch 20 Mar 2002
Professor Robert Nozick Obituary 26 Jan 2002

International Politics: The Myth of 'True' Communism Thomas Sipos 31 Dec 2001
Al Qaeda - Like Nazis or Commies? Adam Wolfson 12 Nov 2001
The Enemy Is Not Islam. It Is Nihilism Charles Krauthammer 22 Oct 2001
The Scapegoat Mechanism Wynand de Beer 22 Jun 1998

Humour: Why did the chicken cross the road?

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