South Africans receive Death Penalty

Kayla Rawstone (1), mother and grandmother executed

Jaco Strauss
6 August 2003 E-Mail this page to a friend

Last Thursday Kayla Rawstone (aged 1) was sentenced to death
I received a petition today, demanding the reinstatement of the death penalty in South Africa. Although I agree with the spirit of the petition, I could not help but to see the whole thing as rather ironic. You see, as far as I am concerned, we never really got rid of capital punishment in this country in the first place. We merely stopped using it for those criminals deserving it.

Last Thursday night, for example, Kayla Rawstone (aged 1), was sentenced to death.

She was celebrating her first birthday with her mother and grandmother when they were hijacked and abducted by three "men". The first to receive the death sentence was Kayla's grandmother who was killed and dumped soon after the hijack took place. A 16 year old girl was hereafter abducted as well and taken (together with Kayla and her mother) to a remote place outside Pretoria.

Here, the three men acted as judge, jury and executioners. It is not clear what these women (and baby) stood accused of; except maybe their gender as both women were raped and beaten repeatedly. After an orgy of lust and violence, Kayla was the next to receive the death sentence. The mother's pleas for clemency were ignored while she was forced to witness the execution-style killing of her only child. Both women received their death sentences soon afterwards. They were also shot and left for dead.

The three men acted as judge, jury and executioners
Incredibly, the 16 year-old, shot through the mouth, survived the ordeal and assisted in the arrest of these monsters.

The problem is that in this country, where all law-abiding tax-paying citizens live under the constant threat of the death penalty, these murderers don't. They are guaranteed the "right to life" by a constitution badly failing the rest of society. If the inadequate legal system manages to get them behind bars, they will enjoy a relative trouble-free life for the next 10 years or so on the back of the same taxpayer, before being released in yet another government amnesty or on parole. That is if they haven't escaped by then.

59 out of every 100,000 South Africans received the death penalty in 1998
The current Government is unwilling to release detailed crime statistics, but a recent Interpol report showed that 59 out of every 100,000 South Africans received the "death penalty" in 1998. It is the highest murder rate in the world, beating Columbia by 3 murders per 100,000 of the population and is more than 10 times the international average. Incidentally, 3 murders per 100,000 is actually the murder rate for Spain!

The vast majority of all South Africans, irrespective of race, colour, creed or gender, support a state death penalty. Our so-called "democratic" government is however not interested in adhering to the will of the people by re-instating it, thereby disregarding the most basic of democratic principles. They continue to callously ignore the will of a people who, without exception, face an informal death penalty every day.

The government's policies, directly and indirectly, contribute to this sad state of affairs.

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Killed because "they were white"

Describing the murderer, rapist and kidnapper as "Satan incarnate" judge Monica Leeuw sentenced William Kekana on 27 July to six life sentences plus sixty years. Leeuw, who handed down the sentence that will ultimately only make Kekana eligible for parole after 54 years, said that she, in her 27 years in the legal profession, had never encountered one so evil.

Kekana initially blamed his behaviour on the divorce of his parents when he was 17 but then admitted that he found crime easy.

He said he had not expected to be arrested as "all the charges previously had been withdrawn due to lack of evidence. "I found it very easy and simple to commit the crimes". Kekana told the court he had killed the family because they were white and because of apartheid.

"I am a black man and you are a white man and I forgave you. I ask you to forgive me," Kekana told state advocate Dewald Reynierse during cross-examination of his evidence in mitigation of sentence. Kekana's remark elicited a gasp from the presiding judge and the public gallery.

"You raped a white lady and killed her and her family because of apartheid... What do you know about apartheid?" interjected Leeuw, who pointed out that Kekana had been born in 1984.

Kekana asked the court through Roothman not to give him a life sentence as he would "prefer death" to receiving another life sentence. He had been previously convicted on other charges.

Kayla's father and Janine's fiancé at the time of the murder, Clifford Rawstone, said he would only forgive Kekana the day he saw him hang. But he and the rest of the family said they were happy with the sentence as it brought closure. Rawstone's father, Henry, said it had helped seeing the accused, but he wanted the death penalty back.

Interesting that the vivtims' family, most South Africans and even the killer himself wants the death penalty. Yet, in this supposedly "democratic" state the government is not interested - not even in acknowledging Kekana's right to die!

Based in part on this News24 article.

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That was some massive sercet-keeping skills. I once tried to keep it a sercet that we had front row seats to a Bill Cosby show. I finally blurted it out on the plane back from St. Lucia about 2 weeks before the event. So you ROCK! He looks so surprised and that makes it all worth it. You know turnabout is fair play, though, so watch out. There’s bound to be something in store for you!

In awe of that aenswr! Really cool!

Carl Faulhammercarl4sa_at_eircom.netDEATH PENALTY
Too many innocent people being Murdered and Raped, and innocent children abused. There is no respect for the next person anymore. The Perpertrators know they can get away with it, to have a fully paid for accomodation, as apposed to hard to earn life to survive. Had Mandela been sent to chikkurubi Jail in Zim would he have lived so long?

Many refer here to the frightful unfairness of the chance of an innocent person found guilty of murder, having to face the death penalty. True - but statistically insignificant, unless the judiciary is as corrupt (which we should take care of I guess!) To say the very least, the guilty who are hanged, are guaranteed not to repeat the crime. They cost somewhat less to maintain, and the not-so-guilty can enjoy reduced taxation. I certainly empathise with the person sentenced to death. Must be an awful feeling. To know exactly when you're going to die.. bad thought. At least their victims were granted freedom from that. They never knew in advance when they were going to be punched by the heroes, raped by the adonises, burn with their own irons, and finally slowly killed in some bizarre way. What a blessing! Let us now not be angry with the poor attackers - just feed 'em - I guess we need 'em! Would you, good supporter of keep'em alive, willingly sacrifice your child for these murderers? If so, please bring her tomorrow - just leave her somewhere for these poor vultures to find. And don't worry - if they do not do it today, they will do it later - mercifully, she will not know when!

Dennis Peekdennispeek_at_telkomsa.netDeath Penalty
It is obvious to me from this and other articles that Norman McFarlane is an idiot. penalty
the death penalty should be abolished heard the song "libero Barabba" of Babbini against the death penalty!

Cyniccynic-101_at_hotmail.comDeath Penalty
Firstly, as the author so correctly points out - by abolishing the death penalty for criminals in SA it has instead been pronounced on innocent (preferably white) civilians of all ages and persuasions. Furthermore, this is exactly what the ANC wants because it so perfectly suits their agenda of the genocide of whites in SA and labeling it crime. They do not want to and are not going to ever dish out a deterrent to any criminal activity against the white population of SA. The death penalty in SA WILL NEVER BE REINTRODUCED - get over it. With a murder rate of 20 000 per annum a just and equitable application of the death penalty implies 20 000 executions per annum in SA and this ain't ever going to happen because if it did, it would totally discredit the humanistic image the Black Racist ANC Govt. is trying so hard to cultivate, it would totally alienate the largely criminal black electorate and while there is no suitable alternative to the ANC in SA this would in short order plunge the country into another black African conflcit zone. So for now the ANC Government is happy for criminal elements in SA to slaughter whites. The balance of the murders that make up black victims are a miniscule drop in the ocean of the black population that is being decimated on a far greater scale by AIDS, substance abuse, Road carnage, starvation and the elements - so what's the big deal with the murder rate of a couple of thousand blacks in a population of 40 million? Apart from that, how is the death penalty to be administered and by who in a manner that will address 20 000 murders per year, never mind the rape of children and other capital crimes that should carry the death penalty? The police force is a dwindling pool of illiterate buffoons with no resources and on a pay cheque of less than R 5000.00 per month on average; no incentive to tackle crime that endangers their lives. The amount of logistics, administration, management and money that needs to go into overhauling the the police and justice system to bring it to a level where the death sentence can be properly re-introduced flies in the face of the basically lazy nature of blacks not to mention their general stupidity (with few cunning exceptions). The cost that would significantly impinge on the ANC Government programme of personal enrichment is in itself a non-starter. Finally, we are horrendously acquainted with the black kangaroo court justice system so what on earth makes any thinking person honestly believe that the ANC is going to effect the major overhaul of the judiciary and constabulary to placate inconsequential white people let alone retard the ANC agenda of annihilating white people by hanging their foot soldiers murdering whites in the suburbs?? Come on people - we are not dealing with sensitve human beings here so forget your pretty little white sensibilities and understand that the black sense of justice is either revenge, envy or blame based and applied as simply as blowing your head off because somehow you acquired a cell-phone at the expense of his great granny by virtue of apartheid; or alternatively, placing a petrol filled tyre around your neck because you don't see things his way and setting it alight. That's black justice - why stuff around with a cumbersome western bureaucratic criminal justice system especially as I said, to placate let alone protect a dwindling population of white people that Mbeki et al want to totally eradicate anyway? Once there are not enough whites left in SA to pay attention to, the ANC Govt is simply going to install a Mugabe-type dictatorship, muzzle the press and then go about dealing with criminals, dissidents, political opposition etc in the same way as Mugabe did and does - by killing off a couple of tens of thousands as an example and never have another problem again with anything that may effect the general population but not them behind their body guards, armed cavalcades and fortified luxury residences. The death sentence in SA by blacks of blacks - it's never going to happen. Any kind of provision for the protection of the white minority or their interests - it's never going to happen. back death penalty
i do know a few people who did a very lot of bad things and feel sorry for them and their actions. When you hear why they did it you realize that it all makes sense but a person should never reach that stage of selfishness. The only way south africans will stop crime is when the death penalty is back,i personally think that is a way of them to think before doing something and if they don't it's a open sign that they want to die .

JNVAnonymousDeath Penalty
Obviously any person with a degree of humanity within will agree that killing someone or having someone killed is never something to consider as a cure for our problem. The human is the most intelligent creation alive; surely we will be able to find a solution other than the death penalty, and there actually is! The problem we have is that we’d rather feel sorry for someone because he had a shit childhood, now because his father or uncle or grandfather raped and beat him, he now has the right to kill. Yes, I to feel sorry for someone who had to be raised in those circumstances. Unfortunately the only way the ensure the survival of humanity is to eliminate barbaric, savage and cruel behavior. If we are not successful in executing this profound and unpleasant task left by our ancestors to ensure that we not move back to the cave, then beasts like this will take over. Of course the poor killers family will never see him again, but maybe this will motivate families to raise better children to raise them with love and not violence, once they have seen the result of barbaric behavior within a human society they will react by ensuring this is not repeated. I believe that the same rights that count for law obeying citizens cannot ever be the same rights for criminals. All the politicians keep on going about all the human rights, criminal right and all that BS. Once you have decided to break the rules that keep us human, you have chosen that these rules do not apply to you period. Pro death penalty!!!!

Enid Matthewsmatthewsej_at_yahool.comDeath Penalty
I think the only way our country will reduce the crime rate is if the death penalty comes back. Our goverment is contradicting itself, while it is not excepted to put a murderer to death it is excepted for a murderer to take someones life. Prison should be a place that you never want to go back to, if its a crime like murder or rape it should also be a place that the people commiting that crime should never leave. These days the prisoners are living so much better then people struggling to keep head above water that actually try to make a decent living. Rather use that money that goverment spent on prisons to improve the real future of our land, SCHOOLS cause they are worse off then our prisons. for South Africans
I wholeheartedly wish freedom for South Africans from violent crime. I have understanding for crime committed out of necessity, but out of spite, because of the colour of one´s skin? That makes the criminal more of a racist than he assumes his victim to be! As I have had friends from different cultures(and colours)I know that it´s not the colour of the skin that matters, but the colour of the heart.But the South African Government tends to think the other way round. Democracy will always be a dream, unless the leaders of the world think more about the people and less about their pockets. So, for the decent people with love in their hearts for each other, I wish you freedom from oppression from the goverment and the criminals it protects. For the unreliable goverment and the criminals it protects, I wish all your sins to come back to you a 1000 fold.

phutiphuti85_at_yahoo.comdeath penalty
honeslty now, criminals actually enjoy being in food-the works! and we the victims outside are taxed for their upkeep. Then the bloody goverment has the nerve to say "VOTE". its about time that the our whishes are granted. we want the death penalty back now.

Ashan Ansell Penalty
It's our right to live in peace, from the day we are born, the innocent baby! We loose the right to be innocent, when we for whatever the reason, reverse the birth (kill) any human being, doing so means you accept death by penalty....Peace

MIkeAnonymousBring Death Penalty Back
I think they should bring back the Death Penalty back. But you know what is worse than not having one, is having one and having the politicians lack the intestinal fortitude to sign the death warrant for the exicution. I live in the US in a state with a death penalty, not one murderer that has recieved the death penalty, has been executed here in the last 30 years. Also I have seen first hand how a violent crime such as murder affects the victims family. My grandfathers father was mudered when he was about ten years old, and until he died at the age of 77, he could not, and would not talk about it, because it distressed him so much. I could never find out what happened to the murderer, if he was caught or not. The muderer, not only killed my great-grandfather in cold blood(he was stabbed in the back), he also killed a part of my grandfather. These animals deserve a one way ticket to hell, on the fastest way there.


Vlambekclarioneer_at_hotZap them?
Zap them? Won't help. We need to get them to value life. Them? People that's desentizied. How? Catch them on small crimes, well - catching them, and freeing them with a pat on the back won't help. We need to think about "punishment". Basically this is where you hurt someone in such a way that it's still humane, but make him think twice about doing it again. How? Well maybe we should get a police force up and running again? Ask/plead the guys who know what's going on to come back and sort out our policeforce, schoolforce, governmentforce, judgerialforce, xyzforce. Tell them they can keep goldenhandshakes - we need them on consulting basis to help get country up and running. Ok - So it's still running - but most of that is momentum... Oops. Am I being to negative here? Sorry. Maybe it is better to sort Zim out first - let's spend a few BILLION there first. We still have enough momentum for a few years...

shalayanonymousyoure all too emotional
Sure, south africa has its shocking murder rate but the answer is not for the government to become a duplicate of these monsters by executing them as we have no right.The answer is in preventing parole. Let life in prison MEAN life in prison not 50years down the line. Only God has the right to decide on your death.

Armed civilianAnonymouspro death
Gees this debate could go on for ever. Here is a question to all you pro life sentence fuckers. would any of you sacrifice your own life in a kill or be killed situation? i think not, so stop with this 'dont hang' nonsense and go get yourself a gun and learn how to use it well.

Kalla penalty
Please bring back the death penalty.What we miss GOD won't miss.

madmendelsohnclan_at_yahoo.comcrime in high places
To die or not to die? who is South African?Black White Other I wander?When will we learn to live and let live.Our children will have to learn not to hate those who took our jobs home friends and family and sent us into exile to pay the price for the crimes of our fathers,father who will forgive and forget these new crimes while the world sleeps?We die a little each day. it back!
I say bring back the death penalty. We, the innocent people have to walk among these murderers every single day, and who knows who will be the next victim. We fear for our lives every single day we go out into the streets, and we buy newspapers and read about yet another person that was raped and killed. Did you know that it costs aprox. R100 a DAY per prisoner, and that we have about 180 000 prisoners in SA. Wake up and realise that it is us, the taxpayers, who are paying for our murderers. We are paying so that they may live just to be set free on parole and just kill again and again!! I can understand that there are people living in poverty, being beaten daily and all that, and I really feel sorry for them, but that doesn't give anyone the right to rape, murder, or kidnap or anything like that. To steal is understandable, but kill?? What do these people gain from killing?? There are really a lot of people who find it EASY to kill. How many times would these people kill before they pay. They go to jail, so what. They get food, clothing, some jails even give allowances and have tuckshops!! Just think how you would feel if a family member was killed, and although a few people identified the killer, he's walking freely, without a worry in the world. The death penalty may not then bring justice, but how about those killer who are sentenced to a few lifetimes in jail, but gets parole after 50 years just to kill again! I really see the death penalty as the only permanent solution for killers. They won't be able to kill again, jails would be emptier, because people would be afraid of the death sentence. O, and the thing about skin colour. If you killed a person, you should get the same penalty as ANY other. Coloured, black white. Why do people even look at skin colour? We all look the same on the inside!! How would you feel if you had to invite a family members killer into your house, give him(or her) a bed to sleep in, clothes, food, and even allowance?? Well, thats EXACTLY what we are doing!!

makdeath_at_penalty.combring it back
how can people think that not killing these murdering bastards wont work? do you think its better for the system to let people live their life in jail.. while people whos family members and friends have been murdered by the same bastards have to pay for their upkeep! its not fair to anybody to have to go through that fear, i was born in rhodesia and look at it now... we moved to south africa.. and look at it now. maybe if they had a bit of sense they would bring it back and not let these things live. sure, dont hang them for stealing if they are hungry or poor.. but if they are raping and murdering innocent children and adults.. what does that have to do with their need for food or money? south africa is a beautiful country with beautiful people, and its not fair that people have to live in constant fear. anyone who thinks giving someone who has intentionaly murdered another human being or raped a 6 month old baby a chance is crazy and should be fucking hung too. dont be blind, you could be the next victim.. one killing the murder solves alot of things, that person wont leave court and do it again.

Barry Death Penalty
Violent crime in South Africa is terrible, but I do not support the death penalty. There is no excuse for one person taking the life of another, and with that, no reason for the state to take the life of a person. What this country needs is for its judicial system to be jacked up. With the current state of the system, and should the death penalty reinstated, the state would be executing innocent people.

VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment
make the death penalty come back is like commiting a murder cause the mater is already done. one killing the murder cannot not repair anything

Kobuskobus_at_millions.cjb.netDeath penalty
The constitution of South Africa states that everyone has the right to life. Now please, someone, answer me this: if a person gets murdered, what happened to the right to life of that person. If the murderer is executed, his/her rights become equal to that of the murdered person. This means that currently, the murderer is more powerful than the government in South Africa.

Norman Death Penalty
The contention that the death penalty will rapidly result in a reduction in violent crime shows just how little the "pro death penalty lobby" really knows about human nature. We are largely creatures of our environment, and we respond to what happens in that environment in a fairly predictable fashion. You see, our behaviour is largely shaped by the consequences that we experience. In short, behaviour is the result of its consequences. Behavioural response is dictated by a number of factors, chief of which are "Does it affect me or others?", "Does it affect me know or later?", "Is it guaranteed to affect me?". In the context of the death penalty for committing a violent crime such as rape, it is interesting to examine the possible consequences of such a violent act, and therefore the efficacy of the death penalty as a deterrent. If the person contemplating committing rape asks these questions, what are the likely answers? If I commit this rape: 1. Will I receive the death penalty? Yes, if I am caught and convicted. 2. Will it happen immediately I commit the rape or at some other time in the future? If I am caught and convicted, I will probably be put to death at some time in the future. 3. Will I definitely be sentenced to death? Well maybe, but then again maybe not. It depends whether I am caught and convicted. Consequences are at their most powerful, and therefore shape human behaviour most effectively when they are personal (it will affect me), immediate (it's going to affect me as soon as I do it) and certain (it will definitely affect me, no question). If, on the other hand, the consequence (death penalty) is societal (affects others not me), delayed (it happens at some point in the future) and a gamble (it may or may not happen) it is least likely to influence your future behaviour. Is it therefore surprising that the death penalty tends to have little or no influence on the incidence of violent crime? The reference to Spain having a murder rate of 3 in 100,000 needs to be seen in the context that Spain does NOT have the death penalty. The reference to certain Middle Eastern countries having very low crime rates due to the death penalty and the practice of amputation also needs to be seen in context. The societal order that exists in countries such as Saudi Arabia encompasses far more than just the death penalty and amputation as punishment for criminal behaviour. Rather they have a complex societal structure which in its totality discourages criminal behaviour. It is simplistic and misleading to contend otherwise. Once again, I am alarmed (but not necessarily amazed) at how shallow and one dimensional the bulk of comment on this site is.

Richputco_at_hotmail.comDeath Penalty
Grant - get a life Boy! How would you explain the 1000 White Farmers killed other than political? Only good thing about your stance is that they will get to you before they do me! White/Coloured/Black, hang them if it's deserved.

so because some iodiot in society decided to play God that means the govt. can do the same?what is the only constant in life?death!so evryone will eventually die but why should someone else dictate to you when "your turn" is?and how much better is the govt. if they do exactly the same?i've never had peolpe close to me die at the hands of a murderer or rapist or whatever the case may be but i if they ever do the i would want to kill the person yself but how much better does that make me?and is it going to bring that person back?will justice be served?i think i policmen are the rout of the problem if anything and that is who we should target:STOP the corruption,STOP the violence and STOP the manky attitudes!illegal immigrants selling harmlessly on the side of our roads should be the least of their worries and reporting to crime scenes in time(if at all)and speeding up all aspects of their cases should be the bulk of their worries!

Jenny Penalty
I do not agree with the death penalty!! For Scum like Kekane, death is too good!! There is a very simple solution. Why are we using helpless, and in most cases, harmless animals for product testing? As far as I am conserned, the Jails in this country should amalgamate with the Household Chemical, Cosmetic and Medical industries and supply human specimens for testing. This would achieve 2 things...the Jails would generate an income meaning better conditions, more expansion and facilities and the industries in question would have accurate product test results. And yes, Kekane could cuddle up in a nice big cell in a double bed for all I care, provided he had spent the day having his pubic hair dyed, nail polish remover enemas, shampoo squirted into his eyes and the latest Chemotherapy or AIDS product pumped into his veins!!

What would have happened to this country if Mandela received the death penalty. I know what it is like to lose someone to crime but acting on hatred and anger won't solve it. OK so bring back the death penalty, hell let's cut hands off too etc. What about when you're falsely sentenced to these punishments? What some people are saying is bring back the death penalty to reduce crime; and let's sacrifice a few more innocents too while we can!(the wrongly convicted) The worlds always been full of death and danger, adding more bodies to the count wont change anything. our country
Those of you who are so numb-skulled as not to realise that Death Penalties DO work should compare our country with countries who excercise the Death Penalty! The United Arabic Emirates to mention but one country, has almost no crime to speak of! No theft, because your hands get chopped of, no murder, because you'll be sent to the gallows. LET'S UNITE AND HAVE A REFERENDUM. Let us see the real wants of our nation! I BET it will be 92% for the Death Penalty!!!

f em allAnonymouscut them good
if you dont want to hang them HIGH.... (cause you're a pussy), them why not cut there hands off... that way next time they attack someone they gonna come off second best.

Stevesteves_at_safamilies.netDeath penalty
I grew up in a orfanage and had the choice to be a responseble persone or a criminal well a chose to be responsible so all those that say they turn to crime because of thier past bull shit it is your choice so lets bring back the death penalty for all those hideous crimes and we will see a imindiate redution in crime but why does the goverment not call a referemdun to find out howe we south africans feel about it they are always saying we are the peoples goverment but they lie as they are aware howe we feel but we are only there to be fleesed like sheep for them to live high on the hog and F%$#@ us and howe we feel.

thandile penalty
I`m quite aware of death penalty`s unconstitutionality,my question is,how many people must be killed per day in order for the gvmnt to be couragious enough to bring back death penalty, or to realize that long time imprisonment is not enough at all?

Justice? Hard for Peace
To all who support the death penalty: How many of you were raised in extreme poverty? How many of you have been beaten mercilessly day in and day out by drunken fathers. How many of you, because of your sufferings, have been looked down on and even rejected by society. How many of you have starved? Enough... I too would turn to crime if life dealt me such cards. Your indignation at wanting to take the lives of those who wronged you is EXACTLY the emotion that caused those offenders to turn to violence in the first place. It is wrong. The death penalty might curb crime in the short term but in the long run it will just add more misery, as in the case of an innocent being sentenced. Serious and comitted action must be taken to fix social ills and the correction service if crime is to decrease. Yes, we're all tired of governments lip service, but perservere brothers&sisters.One day, because of our efforts and refusal to give in to indignation and hatred, people in South Africa will live in a more humane society.

Carl Sebastiaanoomkalie8_at_hotmail.comDeath penalty
My brother, a farmer from Christiana, SA, was murdered on 01/11/1995, and the murderer, identified by 5 eyewitnesses walked free. The judge ruled that anyone who believes his or his family's life is in danger, has the right to defend themselves in any way they see fit at the moment. My brother's crime? - he was a farmer, unarmed and unfortunately wearing the traditional farmers attire, khaki, that marked him as a "racist". Bring back the death penalty.

Tembisa txabadiya_at_yahoo.comBringing back death penalty
I think that death penalty must not be back cause we (South African) we will be dying like flies and the witched can take opportunities we can tried other things not death penalty. sure
whoever thinks the death penalty wont work for white people is sick! why wont it work? do you honestly think the black government is that dum? so you think he doesn't see the distruction caused by his so called supporters? anyway it's not like there are only black people in high places, suprisingly enough there are also white people up there! although i fail to understand why. My point is,it's not really about who's in power, it's about all of us living together and having the freedom to do whatever we want without the fear of being killed by these dogs at any point in time and to achieve that we need the death penalty back and i'm quite sure that more than half of the black population in this country feels the same way so ya you have my vote i want them to die for all the pain they bring to people

Louis society
"We"(South Africa) have a perfect constitution for an im-perfect society. There's just no equilibruim. "We" dream of the society that we want to live in, and make the rules for such a "dream society" IDEALISM!! Instead we should rather set plans to achieve such a society, than to fake the dream. An archetype could be: Singapore, currently have stringent laws for their society, but what are they heading for? A care-free, loving dream society. This by example is not obtained in a mere eye-blink. An illistrative example is a algea ritten swimming poole. To remediate it, one apply a shock treatment of chlorine. Once a PH equilibrium has been achieved, one just need to maintain it with the smallest of attention. We need to apply a shock treatment "Death Penalty" to our algea "Criminals" in our desire to become a perfect society. Rules should be created to fit the society, not the other way around.

visitoranonymous re-instating the death penalty
I strongly believe that if the death penalty is brought back in South Africa the crime rate would be reduced! It is not fair that criminals are give the privledge to live while they mercilessly kill people. the death penalty should be returned before SA becomes filled with habitual criminals.

ajdont have onewhy
i dont think this shuold happen to pepple if not proven gilty!

Julius Nodr.no_at_mailexcel.comDeath Penalty
The State is not competent to hand out Judgements. Nearly 50% of those on Death Row are proved innocent in time. Man makes too many mistakes. The answer is to teach our young how to carry arms for self protection, develop situational and environmental awareness, shoot straight, and practise good manners when dealing with all mankind. God can sort out the rest. Cheers from Arizona! Julius

Johan penalty
If we all live with Ghandi;s Quote( an eye for an eye will leave the world blind)I must emphasise that there is no hope for South Africa.Those who kill and rape must die,no matter whether you are black,pink,white,green what ever colour.Bheki stopped the death penalty because tens and thousands blacs where hanged but i must ask:Who is in the majority off high profile crimes?I am sure our last ten years off democracy answers that Question.They are probably going to say i am a racist now.EVERY BODY MUST PAY FOR THEY CRIMES.

Conan Greenjazzspiritsouthafrica_at_hotmail.comReligion vs Reality
I have just read Max's insert and it made me wonder. I too am a christian and believe that people deserve second chances, however, it has become evident in reading these few stories and in the countless killings on the news, that jail is not sufficient. I happened to be doing an essay on the Death Penalty and from what i have studied i have found that, more often than not, criminals walk free. Do not torture them, it is pointless and will not satisfy revenge, the judgement is near and they too shall be judged according to their doings, as will all of us. Perhaps the more we forgive, the more we might be repayed. Where it really matters. back the death penalty
my daughter was killed on the 04 - 03-2003 in what was made to look like suicide.however proof was presented that shows that she was murdered.two arrests were made but these perpetrators are still walking free as they are related to police and we have constantly being confronted by corruption. Death
What's happened in the countrys of SA. and Rhodesia is so very sad. I'm an American and watching from afar is terrible. Concerning the 1st. comment by Grant, I can't believe he's seen the rampant violence and his hatred of "whitey" has clouded his innate goodness if he thinks the murder of innocents is justified by the past.'Evolve' he says,a society devolves into violence and anarchy and then in dictatorship. Sadly it's happening in the US.The more violence from below=more pressure from above,more government control less liberty. Penalty
Such an emotive issue and so few rational arguments. I am amazed by the 'us'/'them' mentality. "They" do all the crimes, the ANC is in cahoots with "them". I think the whiteys are just a tad ungrateful. Having watched bits from the TRC tapes I am in awe of the general dignity, generosity and forgivness shown by black south africans and tired of the whinging from the aging, sclerotic, embittered whites who spend their time demonising an imaginary 'other'. There are no barbarians at the gate. Evolve already. penalty
Bring back death penalty. Criminals have more rights than innocents. They commit crimes cause they want to go back to their enjoyable prisons. Bring back DEATH PENALTY. One Thing Left
I agree with anonymous that is what the ANC would do is hang all the white or the good black people that are left in that country and leave thier kind alone, those are the ones that go around hijacking, murdering and raping who ever they can get thier dirty filthy hands on, I would love to know what will happen to the last basterd left in prison for what he did, if I could I would like to be his Judge Jury and executioner take the basterd out myself but let him suffer first for sometime and do what he did to my family let him beg and plead for his life that is worthless anyway.

cameroncameron@ejectdeath penalty
what stupid nerotic monsters

STOP VIOLENT CRIME !We want a refurendum to bring back the death penalty in South Africa

S PAnonymousDeath Penalty
The death penalty will not work for the white man! What the ANC government will then do is make sure that their "comrades" aren't found guilty - they will just hang innocent white people for crimes they never committed. Remember - THEY are now in charge of everything - so they can choose who to find guilty of these crimes and who not ...

Chriscawilkin@sunguru.comDeath Penalty
When the legal system fails the population is to protect, the system (or those who implement and support it) need to be fire if necessary. Only when this happens will you be free. Take back your country from the criminals. Where is Mandela now? Where is the International press that crusaded for Aparteid to be destroyed? Crikey what a mess!

Kathy Penalty
I agree to bring back the death penalty for things like those monsters that did this to my family, they deseve to die it won't bring them back to us and it won't stop the tears that we cry everyday and all the things that go through our minds as we think of that terrible night when all this took place, did they for once think that Hester, Janine and Baby Kayla did nothing to deserve the kind of punishment they got from those bastards, what did they say and do those evil bastards that did this I can imagine laughted and felt great that they where in charge of two helpless women and a baby with a gun in thier hands. Well I think that if they went to court and a death sentance was passed down on them they would not feel that great would they or even someone else going up to them with a gun and start threatening them I bet they would not feel so great then swin's. I would love to see the look on their faces knowing that their lives have been shortend and that they where going to die, as I am sure my Sister, niece and Baby Kayla new that they would not see the sun rise the next day. Capital punishment is not good enough for those things that go aroung doing things like this get rid of the bastards, but let them suffer and know that they day has come. Even just hanging them is not enough punishment they should die slowly. Wake up Mbeki and take care of the people of that country that supports you and your family and get rid of the rubbish that do things like this. Kathy

VisitorAnonymousdeath penalty
I really don't wanna sound like a critical person, but I honestly feel, even if we get alot of votes to get the death penalty reinstated, it will NOT work...why should the government bring something back which will only kill most of its supporters?? My personal opinion on this is simple this...the government won't bring back something that they won't be benefiting from...??

Matteminaar@email.comGet up and do something!
People, it is obvious that something has to be done. We can sit around and discuss everything there is about the death penalty, but if we want change, we need to do something about it. Now, I'm not trying to lecture any of you, or preach, but seriously, we need to get up and take action. We can send out flyers and petitions all over. Start in your block of flats or houses, or your suburb. If we get the majority of South Africa really up and participating, the government HAS to take notice. Maybe we'll even see a cencus of the entire SA taking place for one reason - the citizen's opinion on the death penalty.

Brianbrianmaike@hotmail.comBring the death penalty back!!
I for one, think that they should be harsher in these kinds of cases. They should put them to death in the same way as they murdered those innocent people. If they put a bullet in the head of a victim, then they should also have a bullet in the head. Simple really. Max, I understand your point, but these under-privileged people will not change, they know they can get away with murder. Ever since apartheid was abolished SA has gone down the toilet. Maybe I am opening a can of worms, but I want to give you an example. In my old area or residence by Durban beach front, it was peaceful, safe and clean. Now it is like a New York ghetto, these people loiter around the streets, they play there awful rap music so loud from their cars, the streets are filthy, and they generally cause problems and crime has increased dramatically. Often there is now fighting and violence in an area that was actually nice to live in. I know apartheid is not a nice thing to have been instituted, but in my case it did work for me. Why should we have to suffer for past crimes by our founding fathers? Bring the death penalty back, maybe if they brought back the guillotine, they would think twice. I would imagine it’s more cost effective.

I'm not sure what you are trying to say Rebecca. Do you feel convicted murderers should rather be tortured to death as hanging or lethal injection is too "nice"?

why would you put some one on the death penelty that is so stupid why do you think they did it because a group of people that have no idea who the person is that they are sending to death said thay did it? so know you have accomplished nothing the only people you punished where the person you exacuteds family the person who is know dead felt nothing and probly was so stressed out they could care eather way if some one did something so bad wouldent you want them to suffer not feel a little sting and its all over and not breath something that stinks and fall asleep and not feel a thing why wouldnt you want them to drive themselvs crazy and not just take a peacful nap?

Jakes de Klerkjakes@impressware.comDeath Penalty
While decidedly not condoning or even downplaying the absolutely horrible and tragic murder of the Rawstone family, I am not shocked by the behaviour of the perpetrators. They are not animals. They are human. What they did is not new. Just browse through newspapers, periodicals and history books and you will find similar crimes committed by all kinds of people from all kinds of nations, races and social classes, as well as government and religious institutions. Many civilised and educated people believe that to take a human being’s life in today’s modern age is absolutely wrong - it does not matter what they did. They equate the humaneness of all people with their own and believe that humanity has surely advanced to a stage where murder, even state sanctioned murder is abhorrent. Wrong. Human nature is still vicious and cruel beyond measure. The death penalty should not be about retribution and punishment – leave that up to God if you are a believer. It should be about the right to defend your self. If there is a very real probability that a convicted murderer will kill again – kill him. It should also be about removing individuals that commit violent crimes from society. In the event of a deliberate crime causing death or serious physical or mental injury that disables the victim, the person or persons that committed the act should be permanently removed from society, without being a further burden to it. Kill them. Some would say that we can and should try the rehabilitate criminals. I agree that we should do so where the individual has a chance of becoming a well-adjusted contributing member of society. But if he raped a child, we should not even try to rehabilitate him. Kill him and recycle his body. That being said, the ultimate sentence should be reserved for acts that exhibit an absolute lack of belief in the sanctity of human life. Yes, we can aspire to live the ideal of an inalienable right to life. Unfortunately the reality of today is that no legal system can guarantee the right to life. It is not an inalienable right. The Rawstone’s right to life has definitely been alienated from them. Maybe if we apply the death penalty more, and not less, we can one day reach an age where everyone can have a right to life.

Gerald Penalty
Bring back the death Penalty

Felicity Scottdjscott@ananzi.comDeath Penalty
When I read the story of Kayla the first time I was shocked and utterly disgusted. But the awful truth is that this kind of murder are committed every day in south africa. What about the farm murders for example? This comment really took my attention instantly: 5000 people died at the World Trade Centre and the world is at war, but in SA 21,000 people are murdered, raped and traumaticed...These perpetrators can't be discribed as human beings NOR animals, animals won't do that do their own kind..and what really upsets me is as a Law abiding, taxpayer, I am actually keeping these scum alive when they are centenced (mostly) just for a few years in prisonment..which i might mention are lately like a free boarder hotel, free food, free education, private hospital care, free gym etc etc..and what makes it worst they go for example 3 years to prison, comes out and start all over again...when is this government going to open its eyes and see what is actually going on?? When will it be safe again?

Jaco Penalty
You say that "murdering" the perpetrators will not bring back the dead and although that is true it might prevent others (still alive) to suffer the same fate.

The Van der Merwe screwdriver murderer of the early 70's got the death penalty, but is was commuted to "life" imprisonment. After 20 years the "model prisoner" walked free and immediately started murdering again. They would've been alive today if Van der Merwe got his just punishment.
People often claim that the death penalty is no deterrent, but I disagree. Criminals always try and avoid the hangman's noose and in the US try and get tried in capital punishment free states. A severe punishment like the death penalty cannot have no effect, and I'm sure it will not lead to more murders if we have it hanging over the heads of the scum discussed above.

To use the New Testament principles in defense is good theology, but bad legal precedence. If we have to forgive them 7 x 70, how do we justify locking them up? Some anti death penalty folk try and argue that lengthy sentences are harsher than death and a greater deterrent, so how can you nail the poor people like that. Demand of them to ask for forgiveness and set them free! Then sit back and see where naivity gets us.
And remember to lock your doors!

Max van der Wathpsgconsult@iafrica.comDeath Penalty
When one visualize the brutality of the murders and absolute lack of dignity and respect for human life demonstrated by the perpetrators it is quite natural that one would like to punish the criminals in the harshest possible way, namely by murdering them in return (call it the death penalty if you like). The Old Testament gave us this guideline "an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth" and the very basic human need for revenge will certainly be satisfied. However, this will not bring back the dead, it won't take away the pain and it would be rather difficult to reconcile it with the words of Jesus in the New Testament "turn the other cheeck" or "forgive them their sins 7 times 70 over". It will however provide a measure against which we can judge the moral and ethical fibre of our mainstream society of honest decent South Africans. I would therefore oppose murdering the perpetrators, I would keep them locked in jail because they clearly pose a threat to society, I would give them an opportunity to repent, I would not like to be responsible for the death of an innocent man (should anyone or all of them responsible be able to proof their innosence now or in future in an open court) and although it will cost me money to maintain this position I would see it as money well spent in my quest to live a morally defendable life. Jaco, jy moet maar sê as ek moet afbly van jou "site" af. Groetnis, Max

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