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Interesting to see how the wheel has come full circle

Jaco Strauss
Extract from an email I composed 20 April 2000

"Judith Todd is the daughter of former Rhodesian Premier Garfield Todd and a fierce, uncompromising opponent of the (current) regime. In this highly controversial book she . . . paints a vivid eye-witness picture of the realities of life under the present regime - a government whose policies are based on naked racialism, propaganda, detention centres, restrictions, censorship, brutality, and mass hysteria - and grimly warns Britain of the terrible consequences if we continue to ignore our responsibilities."

Back cover of "Rhodesia"
Published by Panther Books

Add murder, rape, disregard for property rights and the Rule of Law, homophobia; anti-Semitism, xenophobia, cronyism, nepotism and madness - and she could use this same 1967 piece to promote a book on "liberated" Zimbabwe in 2000!!!

As you are aware Zimbabwe is on the verge of total anarchy, while our government (as indeed all African governments) remains quiet. Rather than an "African Renaissance", we're fast slipping into the Dark Ages.

Judith Todd was arrested 25 October 2001 by the regime she helped to establish.

The criticism above was written around 2 years ago and the situation in Zimbabwe actually deteriorated quite a bit since then. Unfortunately SADC and the Mbeki Government still treat Mugabe with kit gloves and as such there still cannot be optimism for any kind of "African Renaissance"

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