How does the UN define racism?

Open Letter to The United Nations

Jaco Strauss
3 May 2000 E-Mail this page to a friend

Dear Sir/Madam

It is clear to even the most casual of observers that the current racist land grab in Zimbabwe has very little to do with the redistribution of land.

The timing of the xenophobic Robert Mugabe’s latest bloody campaign and the accompanying intimidation of
UN subcommittee ... praised Zimbabwe for "the country's recent enactment of the Prevention of Discrimination Act"!
the opposition, strongly suggests that it was instigated in the hope of stealing another term in office. Amid this massive intimidation campaign, his band of hooligans and henchmen has to date already left at least 18 opposition party supporters dead and scores raped, injured and maimed.

In the process he also blatantly ignored two High Court orders declaring his actions illegal.

These illegal occupations started 2 March 2000; two weeks after the citizens rejected the tyrant’s referendum that would have made provision for the confiscation of white-owned land without compensation.

In an unbelievable press release, issued three weeks AFTER these illegal and violent occupations started, the UN subcommittee with a name straight out George Orwell's "1984" praised Zimbabwe for "the country's recent enactment of the Prevention of Discrimination Act"! It went further and stated: "While noting the challenges faced by the State party with respect to land redistribution, the Committee regretted that very little progress had been made in this regard."

NOT A SINGLE WORD OF CONDEMNATION of the gross human rights abuses suffered by the Zimbabwean people of all races at the hands of a power mad despot.

NOT A SINGLE WORD OF CONDEMNATION of the gross human rights abuses
Can this “Committee on Elimination of Racial Discrimination” explain its laughable conclusions and provide us with its definition of "racism" and "human rights" against the background of "the provisions of the International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination"? (The framework and conclusions also being Orwellian gems.)

This is an open letter addressed to the United Nations' "Human Rights Section" as well as the Office of their High Commissioner for "Human Rights" in order to get an explanation of this unbelievable press release issued the day before April Fools day.

A number of newspapers and news organizations are also copied in order to try and highlight this latest UN folly and bring it out in the open.

Yours sincerely

Jaco Strauss

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Same thing with me. I’m used to seeing a red ylloew blue flag for me and feeling all third world like and now here we have next to eachother a French, a German and a Swiss flag! How cool is that? All we’re missing now is an American flag oh, and I’m hoping with time we may even get flags from Asia and South America that would be so coool [to self: calm down... patience... don\’t get over excited...]VN:F [1.9.22_1171](from 0 votes)

I greatly aprpceiate this work. With my university students I emphasize massive white resistance to anti-racist reform instead of focusing on stories of isolated, individual racists. In connection with this, I\’ve found it helpful to show students a 2008 Toni Morrison interview with Charlie Rose in which Morrison analyzes racism\’s social and institutional roots in Bacon\’s Rebellion of 1676. Additionally, the testimony of ex-racist and ex-skinhead Frank Meeink in a 2010 Fresh Air radio interview helps my students understand how ordinary people (not just strange, monstrous people) become seduced by racism, and how they can (painfully) get out of it.

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kwame AdamuVisitor_at_anonymo.usvery interesting
quite unbelievable really
Herewith a poem I wrote back in 2001. Thought Ayn Rand might gain a glimpse of reality should she stumble upon it. Though there are none so blind as those who will not see. THE MYTH OF SAMENESS There is just one people, as you will find. All brothers and sisters, the human kind. I cannot baulk at this I think unless one of us is the missing link. But this is not the point of my case. I refer you here to the difference in race. To suggest that people are all the same is an utterly childish and stupid claim. Similar, yes! in many respects dependent on aspects that one selects. A gene or two and there you are the chimp and man are on a par. When God layed out the universe, with planets and people so diverse, Did He err when making man? where different people not part of the plan? But if they were then who are we to equalize humanity? To mix them up produce a blend too ill-defined to comprehend. A khaki clan of no distiction, cultures driven to extinction. Yet the hypocrites embrace the concept of one human race. Blind to colour race or creed, blind to their purpose, blind indeed! If we're so alike pray ask your heart, why is it so easy to tell us apart? (copyright RMV 2002)

thats what it is....then end.

White is the only way to be.white men are hated cause we are the top and white women are wanted cause they are the most beutiful.

its really sad to see all the pathetic, very poorly thought out comments on this page...i agree with nathan - what kind of rational person is going to respect bullshit claims that have nothing to back them up? just shouting louder and repeating oneself does nothing to change peoples perceptions - be they wrong or right ones. nor to change reality - at least not by much. minorities have at last arrived at the same levels in terms of legal rights as whites and even to a great extent socialy as well. the treatment they label racism is in many cases simply the treatment one would recieve if everyone was colorblind. I've had plenty of hatefull thoughts about people of all races - why does this need to be blamed on racism? it could be that the person is an asshole right? or is it assumed that people of certain races somehow aren't? do you think that any race will respect another so long as they complain incessantly about the injustices of the past? it dont matter how true these facts are - yes there was slavery, etc - few are denying that. and yes, its very hard to get out of the ghetto too - or out of any sort of poverty, drug use, or other downward spirals..but if we work together we can at least take one small step up each day rather than down, and eventually our children might have a better chance than we did. i know my parents did this and we had a better chance as kids - however, i'm not automatically doing better now because of it - i have only myself to blame for this. if everything were based on ones environment then this country would never be what it is today - but if people continue to beleive this it will continue to go down the shitter. to rely on the UN or any governement agency, thinking they are somehow less capable of corruption than a big multinational conglomerate is wishfull thinking - they are all human institutes and as such are all suseptable to human nature. to take responsiblity into ones hands and try to stand one your own two feet gives a person real dignity, and thankfullness for even having the opportunity!

ozAnonymousGeneral Comment
muslims are hot

Shyeeda Raymondshyske3_at_aol.comracism
Ithink that this is all stupid,racism,people who hate someone because of their race is shallow and naive. Racism is a non important facture in this thing we call life but for some reason people still ling on it. Now how did u come to sayn the whole black and white thing like those are the only 2 races, reality check....... it's not and's dumb..........

look around, theres a new race being created, a mixed one. Most children are of mixed race, niether white nor black.

we did this to them but all yall out there that discriminate stop. be good and think of others

Racism-not liking someone for no reason what-so-ever

mikafanokobulma_at_hotmail.comwhat do we do about it??
it is sad to see it still exists and unfortunately will always exists unless we do somehing about it. but what?? please let's all embrace each other because there is more of life we should worry about than of racism.

RACISM - the prejudice that members of one race are intrinsically superior to members of other races So if I say I am superior to blacks, the I am a racist. But if I say blacks are inferior to whites I am not a racist ...

i am trying to define racism

Mohamed Husseinbad_boy2864_at_hotmail.comEnglish
I think white people are their one of the must puplar makes lot of racism, but not all white some of the asian as well how ever I hate people with racism.

ali phillippitphillippi_at_aol.comracism

Nichole Petersonnichole _peterson_at_hotmai.comU.S. History
I dontknow why u dont tell me what i need to know. How do u define Racism?

laurenceglboyle_at_hotmail.comGeneral Comment
i fink this site is ud but not enough enfo

ThinkerAnonymousWhat Are You Guys On About?

it seems to me that most people have a rather one-sided notion of what defines racism. Main Entry: rac·ism Pronunciation: 'rA-"si-z&m also -"shi- Function: noun 1 : a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race 2 : racial prejudice or discrimination - rac·ist /-sist also -shist/ noun or adjective This definition means that racism isn't strictly white people hating black people, it's one person hating anothing based solely on the colour of their skin. I know white people that are racist against black people, black people that are racist against white people, I even have a white friend that is racist against asians for some strange reason, and another who is racist against mexicans. The reason racism seems so predominant is that people are raised by their parents to think like they do, and the cycle continues, even if there were no wrongs committed against them specifically. People spend too much time bickering over silly things like "I didn't get the job because of my race, that boss is a racist." Couldn't it also be possible that you didn't get the job because you weren't as qualified as the one who did get it? And there is so much affirmative action programs, those are inherantly racist, if all people are created equal, then why do we need a program that favours one race over another? I know I'm going to get flamed for this comment, because there are racist people out there that will assume that since I'm white I must be saying this all because I'm racist, but I'm not racist against anybody, I feel the need to hate people for a reason, not based on their skin colour. Yes, I do hate plenty of black people, but not based on them being black, just based on them being obnoxious, I also hate plenty of white people for the same reason, but I don't get called racist for that one. Just try to keep an open mind, black people can be racist of white people, in fact a good bit of them are, they seem to be convinced that we owe them because their ancestors were slaves. Well, personally, I've never owned a slave, and nobody in my family has ever owned a slave, in fact nobody in this entire country has owned a slave for hundreds of years. Don't you think it's time to get over it? How are we supposed to be held responsible for something we had no control over, that also did not directly involve you either? Another example of a racist attitude, but since whites are the majority in this country nobody focuses on that one. Another example is Black History Month, I say that is racist, because I don't see an Asian History Month or Hispanic History Month or European History Month, where are those ones? Don't other cultures impacts on history matter? And finally, getting back to the topic at hand, I believe the UN's decisions are blatantly racist, even from the US's point of view. In Africa, the white people are the minorities, and as such it is very much equivalent to the way the black people were treated in this country in the past. The difference being that in Zimbabwe the tragedy is happening now. How can you be more upset by stuff that happened hundreds of years ago and has no current impact in life, yet turn a blind eye to the same thing happening now? Well, that was a long rant, and I'm sorry for taking up your time, I just hope you'll read this through thoroughly and think about it before flaming for no reason.

hey! racism is pathetic and stupid and racist people are very shallow and need to grow up get a life and look in the mirror! the colour of your skin, religion or even your origin is not what counts looks are not everything you sad pedos!its a different colour of skin big big deal! Not! Get a new hobby ppppplllllllllllllleeeeeeezzzzzzzzz!!!!


I honestly believe when such filth are allowed to be expreesed it causes more harm than good. Bad people who does evil things comes from all walks of life and nationality. There is only one race which is the human race so we all should try to get along in unity. The world belongs to us all no one nationality created this world but God.Flowers are all od different colours which we enjoy so lets enjoy the different colours of the human race.
i think the un is really trying to help us all ok so stop hating

TorstenAnonymousRacism Double Think!
Sounds like animal farm! "White Skin BAD! - Black Skin Good!" mmmeeeaaah

sean Anonymousto screw you@not gonna
Hey why dont you crawl back under your trailer and leave this to people with brains You inbred bastard. How much do you make what car do you drive. nuff said. leave this for persons who actually think you fuckin mother fucker(literally).

If yall black would quit doing all them drugs and shootin each other maybe you wouldnt be packed into jails and prisons. you made your bed so lay in it. Whites dont hate you we just dont care about you. fuck your problems we got em too! quit pointing your fingers and blaming your problems on the whites and fix your life yourself. worry about yourself. u think another wellfare check will fix ur shit wake up! i everyone would just worry about their lives and their own problems we wouldnt have to deal with half of this naacp bullshit. quit wining and get jobs like the rest of us

nathan gtccstudentemail@yahoo.comresponse to ragaa
and RAGAA? that comment aboutg mind your own white business? how is that not racism. its a two way street brother. I'm white and not racist yet i am interested in african american input how bad off do you think the racism problem we "whites" have and how do you expect us to give you proper respect you deserve as an inteligant human if you dont give whites the same respect? We are all the same just different colers so get over your black power bullshit and the same goes for us whites get over it and lets live together in peace

nathan gtccstudentemail@yahoo.comcomment
ignorance is bliss isnt it? what i hate more than anything else is people making claims without first finding sufficiant evidence to back that claim. How are the blacks better off than the whites or visa versa? How can you say get jobs and move out of the slums? like they can just get a wad of money to go to school and then get a good job and just move out of their situation? Who are you to judge others? i'm all for free speach but saying that the blacks have "cheats, free stuff and advantages" is bullshit. They only got where they are because of the white man did in the past. IF YOU WANT TO SOLVE ALL OUR PROBLEMS BECOME COLORBLIND THEN MAKE LAWS AND REGULATIONS but dont speak out of ignorance you just sound like a jackass

All ya right, but a man can only be sobber when beer is over.set ya differences aside fools, FINISH beer men,when are we gonna get sobber!?!?!?!?WE BOTH LOSE IN RACESIM.

PaulAnonymousthis stuff
i don't understand. The government gives blacks homes, jobs, cars sometimes. Gets african Americans into college alot easier. gives assistance to slums and there is a national day and a t.v. station. dam where the hell is all this racism and discrimination coming from. from the african americans. thugs, dealers, gangsters, pimps, playas, and general ghetto superstars. The life is represented by the race. blacks who do not dress like the guys we see on the news killing people and selling drugs are treated as they are. when you dress like a thug what are people supposed to expect. It's a natural reaction it is why we are alive today. instinct. Just take all your free stuff your advantages and your cheats and stop complaining. it's not equal, but you guys aren't the ones that should be complaining.

enough is enough stop all the crying get jobs and move from the slums
if you "white" you must be a racist if you "black" then you are not!!

Adam Leblanclostinlonerland_again@hotmail.comwell.......
its not gonna do us ne good just sittin here bitchin about wut the word mean, why dont we do sumthin about it.......theres an idea. lets put it to work.

I believe that racism is wrong against anybody. Why would someone of a different want to hurt anyone. I have a heart and i couldn't talk negitive about any race.

Jaco jaco
Ragaa, maybe you can help us out with some definitions of your own here. What do you regard as "White business" and what would then constitute "Black business"?. While trying to explain how many pigments you need to participate in which debate, it would be fun to read how you see this differing from apartheid. Maybe, while you are at it, you can enlighten us as to whether apartheid was "white", or "black" business as well as the definitions of "whites" and "blacks" in your little racist mind.

You are taking the "straw man argument" so far that you are creating and then racially classifying your own ones. I realise it must be difficult to try and reason from a complete non-sense base, but why don't you guys at least TRY????? to jaco
hey are you black ? if your not i suggest you shut up and mind your white business

Jaco thick
then please do so!?!?!?!?!

thicky thick girlAnonymousracism
its not enough info for me i'll could do better byself.

thicky thick girlAnonymousracism
its not enough info for me i'll could do better byself.

I don't know how you managed to find it. I just tried it again and could find no hit for "RD/900". I then searched for all press releases after 30 Mar 2000 and before 1 Apr 2000 as RD/900 was released 31 Mar 2000. I found the following result:

Headline 31 March, 2000

RD/900 I found it on the UN search site. Still there in its whole glory (sic)

Jaco Comment
The comments the last Anonymous visitor made is part of Africa's problems. The externalist view that all the continent's ills are always due to some external group/event is one of the biggest contributing factors to Africa's demise.
He/she claims "black people have been oppressed for long enough" and then try and use that as justification for the current oppression at the bloody hands of a (black) dictator. So, a couple of thousand white farmers lose their life's work and that is such an admirable way of addressing "past wrongs" that the displacement of 250,000 black farm workers and more than 6 million starving black Zimbabweans is not a problem. If you can nail a couple of whiteys in the process, the ones that actually stayed in black-run Zimbabwe to try and make it work, it is quite acceptable to lock the whole of black Zimbabwe permanently into the Stone Age. The ones that doesn't actually starve to death first.
You say Mugabe's thugs are "human", but then you proceed to treat them like animals in as far as you refuse to appropriate blame. Blame you have no problem in laying before anything white, whether contemporary or historic.

Maybe you should have a look at the tragic timeline of events in that country before you condone a system much more detrimental to Zimbabwe than anything colonialism or imperialism could ever come up with.

VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment
i think it is far and right, what the government is doing. The black people have been oppressed for long enough and are still suffering at the hands of colonial and imperial power long after it had been removed. They are only taking back what is theres, they are human it has long been argued that europe and americans were the cause of africas underdevelopment, and the cause of the third world debt

I suppose the obvious answer is that I wasn't around at the time. But it is also important to note that Zimbabwe as a country did not even exist, when the forefathers of some of the "minority" you are referring to, claimed vacant land in what was to become Zimbabwe. Over and above that, the land is currently being stolen by Africans from Africans, while half the country face starvation as a result. You being as ignorant as you are, I suppose you refer only to "black africans" when you talk about "africans". You would then have to acknowledge the fact that they themselves originally "stole" the land from the San (or Bushmen). Why did you not complain about that at the time????

But even apart from all of that, your 75% statistic is absolute rubbish. Here are the facts of the situation before the latest lunatic landgrab was in full swing:

The Government of Zimbabwe in Sept 2002 already owned 27 604 000 ha (70.6%), private individuals or companies using land for commercial purposes owned 11 275 000 ha (28.9%) and urban land consisted of 200 000 ha (0.5%), giving a total area of 39 079 000 ha which is all of Zimbabwe.
Maybe you will end up being less subjective and more aware of the objective facts of what is going on in Zimbabwe if you spend more time studying the facts.

Why did you not say anything when the land was grabbed from the africans? Just keep your subjective conclusions and ideas to yourself, 75 percent of the land in Zim is owned by the minority, what have you got to say about that?

VisitorAnonymousun "ministry of truth"
1984 seems to be closer than we thought!!!

AnonymousNoneI like it"
Let's see more.

Donovan Robertsdon-rob@hotmail.comWay 2 go
Nice feature. Keep on truckin' ...

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