Austria and Zimbabwe treated differently

Where is the international outcry?

Jaco Strauss
Letter to the Press
14 March 2000 E-Mail this page to a friend

The hypocrisy of the West is as evident now as it had been back when I wrote this letter. O'bama is standing in his Irish village going on about the injustices in Libya and how the West won't stand for it. O.K..... remember Zimbabwe? The more things change, the more they stay the same...

This was one of the first articles I added to the site back in 2001. This had been a letter I've sent to the Electronic Telegraph on 14 March 2000, but as far as I am aware they did not publish it. I've now added the functionality to rate this article as well as to comment on it. Please feel free to do so. No registration is required.

IT IS interesting to note that the Western world united in condemning and snubbing Austria for the inclusion of the Freedom Party in their government. If the new government were to have passed objectionable laws or took similar action, such an attitude would have been understandable - but this happened even before the democratically elected government was formed.

...Robert Mugabe makes Jorg Haider look like Mother Teresa...

Meanwhile in Zimbabwe the racist, homophobic, despot Robert Mugabe can encourage the confiscation of land, purely based on race and without any form of compensation. While this barbarous anarchism is destroying the last foreign revenue earner in that country, no international outcry is evident. This blatant looting of Zimbabwe is a price he is more than willing to pay in order to satisfy his power-mad obsession to steal another term.

Property rights, non-racialism and the rule of law are concepts so far removed from Mugabe's frame of reference that he makes Jorg Haider look like Mother Teresa. Where are the sanctions, boycotts and international condemnation that should naturally follow?

Or is it the same old patronizing Western racism of "we expect blacks to act that way" so the chaotic anarchism and human rights abuses are just simply ignored?

Jaco Strauss
Cape Town
South Africa

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