Racism rife in the UCB

Jacques Rudolph is the New Basil d'Oliviera

Jaco Strauss
7 January 2002 E-Mail this page to a friend

Jacques Rudolph's exclusion from the national cricket team is yet another racist sporting incident, repeatedly experienced in this supposedly non-racist society. One hoped that, especially in cricket, lessons would've been learnt from the Basil d'Oliviera affair of the late sixties and early seventies.

Basil d'Oliviera couldn't represent apartheid South Africa, because of the colour of his skin. When he ultimately got selected for England, the South African government forbid the series to take place, ringing in an era of isolation, which were to last more than 20 years.

Roughly a decade after re-admission it is clear that not a lot has changed. South African sport is as racist as then and the
Officially nobody gets racially classified in South Africa, but unofficially the new racist elite demand team selection under undefined racist criteria
government as eager to intervene. Ngconde Balfour, the ANC minister of sport insists on two players of colour in the national side at any given time, regardless of ability and/or form.

It would be interesting to get the likes of Sonn and Balfour to define just how the race of players should be determined, seeing that the draconian Population Registration Act of the old National Party government had been scrapped even before the ANC took office. Officially nobody gets racially classified in South Africa, but unofficially the new racist elite demand team selection under undefined racist criteria.

An irony of the forced team change was the support it got from the Australian Prime Minister. How can one man's exclusion based on race be "a crime against humanity" while the similar omission of another is seen as justifiable by the political correct? As a supporter of racial quotas John Howard should practice what he preaches, start at home and introduce it to ensure the inclusion of aboriginal cricket players in their national side. As far as I'm aware not one has ever made it into the Australian test squad.

It is easy to imagine the international indignation if the Bush government were to insist on a minimum of two white players in the US basket ball team at all times as the current team is not representative of the US population. The same would surely happen if the UK government disapprove of the composition of its Olympic team, on the basis of it not being representative of the British public. This might sound outrageous, but such lunacy was experienced in South Africa during the last Olympic games when Sam Ramsamy, South Africa's Olympic boss, refused to send his African Champions hockey team to the Games as they were "too white".

Even so, the UCB must be one of the most pathetic of South Africa's sports bodies. Not only does its governing body consist of people with extremely limited cricket, business or administrative acumen, but also never seem to hesitate embarrassing
Bacher has always tried to bend over backwards to satisfy the latest perceived politically correct demands
the international governing body of cricket either. Through their amateur behaviour South Africa recently even sacrificed an official test. Jacques Rudolph actually made his debut during that "test" and therefore would already have had his second cap for South Africa if it were not for the UCB's actions.

Ali Bacher have to get a lot of blame for the current sad state of South African cricket. He was for example never interested in getting the right man for the top job in South African cricket. He repeatedly stated at the time that his successor will be black. Criteria like "merit" never entered the equation.

Bacher has always tried to bend over backwards to satisfy the latest perceived politically correct demands. He even prematurely sacrificed the Springbok symbol in a pathetic brown-nose manoeuvre to try and earn himself some brownie points. The rugby team is still called the Springboks and even the likes of President Mandela and Archbishop Tutu have proudly donned the springbok jersey in the past.

According to most observers Ntini, Gibbs and Ontong are the players in the national side currently somehow classified as "non-white". As there is no official racial classification in South Africa it is not clear how this classification is done. Gibbs for example is by no means one of the darkest members of the team and his education in one of Cape Town's best schools makes a "previously disadvantaged" tag also a bit ridiculous.

In any event, nobody will deny that these three players are extremely talented and deserving of their places in the national squad. However, it is unfair to demand of these players to always be in form and always to be fit to play at
"... South Africa will never beat Australia while they have one agenda (to win) and we have many others"
the highest level. Not only is it unfair on them, but also on their team mates and the diminishing cricket supporting public out there.

Clive Rice is right when he asserts that South Africa will never beat Australia while they have one agenda (to win) and we have many others.

The South African cricket authorities plan to host a world cup next year. They should look back at 1995 when a motivated, chosen-purely-on-merit Springbok team became the world champions and then they should reflect on what that did, not only for rugby, but also for nation building.

As a cricket lover the only action I see fit is to boycott cricket completely until Sonn and his fellow racists are thrown out and a non-racial cricketing body, embracing a winning agenda, takes it place.

With the current state of the game in this country, we will be missing nothing in the mean time!

Update 1 (26 July 2002)

ANC still as racist as always!

Since I wrote the article above, the following happened:

PRETORIA, South Africa
South African cricket authorities have scrapped a racially based team selection policy, saying all senior sides would now be chosen purely on merit.

The decision was taken at a weekend meeting of 150 senior cricket officials, who decided that a three-year old racial quota system had served its purpose in transforming the sport, which was previously dominated by white players.

"We can now be confident that we can move from numbers-based transformation to one which is driven by ownership and a spirit of responsibility and teamwork," Percy Sonn, the president of the United Cricket Board of South Africa, said in a statement. "Transformation will continue apace in cricket ... but we now believe that cricket people are mature enough to take responsibility for that process."
Mon Jul 8, 7:12 AM ET

I was extremely happy about this decision, but my optimism was soon to be proved unfounded. I should have realised that the fascist ANC government would never deviate from their control-freak ways and would continue unabated with their racist interference in sport.
South Africa's United Cricket Board (UCB) appears to have reversed - in part at least - its decision to abandon quotas at the international level, announcing on Wednesday its commitment to have a minimum of five black players in its 14-man squad for the 2003 World Cup.

A high-powered and seemingly tense meeting between government and cricket officials outside Pretoria was convened at the request of Sports Minister Ngconde Balfour.

Balfour made little secret of his concern that quotas had not yet served their purpose while the African National Congress (ANC) Youth League threatened to disrupt the World Cup, due to start in under nine months, if quotas were not maintained.


Ironically, black international players had earlier voiced their support for Sunday's decision to scrap race quotas. Justin Ontong and Ashwell Prince, who were capped by South Africa last season, said they supported the thinking.
"You should put your best side onto the field," all rounder Ontong told Reuters. "If you're not good enough to play, bad luck."
Ontong said quotas had been useful in exposing black players to the higher levels of the game, but he felt the value had been overshadowed by the system's negative aspects.
"I now know what is required to succeed at international level, but I wasn't in favour of quotas in the first place," Ontong said. "They made us as coloured players feel inferior and that you weren't really a part of the team."
Top-order batsman Prince said: "If I get selected for a team, I'll be happy to know that I'm part of the best available eleven and that the best available eleven is playing."
10 July 2002

I will therefore not be supporting South Africa in next year's world cup. I have better things to do than to waste time and money on a choreographed racist circus.
26 July 2002

Update 2 (3 November 2002)

Racist Balfour should immediately resign in disgrace!

The meeting referred to in Update 1, above, between the UCB and the sports ministry is described by Gerald Majola, the chief executive of the board, as "the worst meeting I've ever attended".

According to the UCB minutes of the meeting of 10 July, Balfour threatened to "disband cricket" if it were not for the World Cup taking place next year.

The fight revolves on the pace and nature of transformation, with Balfour taking a hard line on the Africanisation of the sport, and the board taking a more gradualist position, focusing on building up the game in already established cricketing communities.

Sonn's decision to release the minutes of the meeting that took place soon after quotas had been scrapped showed in vivid detail just what Balfour thought of the UCB position.

Referring to quotas, Balfour told the UCB delegation: "You say black players don't want to feel like quota players. Tough shit. It is the media that calls them that . . . If they can't stand it they must get out. I don't care a shit about that. They must take the pressure like we had to in the struggle."
Talking of his personal attitude to the South African national team, Balfour said he did not go to Newlands to watch players like (Mark) Boucher and (Jacques) Kallis, he went to watch Makhaya Ntini and Paul Adams.
"Who is Jacques Kallis? Jacques Kallis means nothing to me." (Jacques Kallis is universally recognised as one of the best all-rounders in the game today)
The sports ministry has refused to release its minutes of the meeting and Balfour was clearly angry with the UCB action: "I only want to make one comment about the release of these minutes. What foolishness have you done?"
"I will have that bias all the time because at the end of the day I would like to see a balance being struck. I will not be apologetic about that."
He then gave an assurance that the government would fully support the World Cup.
"The World Cup is a South African World Cup. No doubt about that. We support the World Cup as a government fully."
UCB president Percy Sonn said on 30 September that any policy change in respect of quotas, or anything else, would have to come from a full board meeting of the body.
"Until then . . . the decision which stands is one imparted to the minister on August 6, namely that the UCB disagrees with the terms of reference and composition of the committee."
Kallis said he had been aware of the outburst, but had not known its content.
"It is very disappointing, particularly coming from the sport minister who is supposed to support the national side," Kallis said.

"I won't fret over it. I only hope the matter is settled by the right people."

Western Province spinner Paul Adams was hesitant to give an opinion. "The thing could get ugly and I don't want to be caught up in it," he said.
Makhaya Ntini says Balfour's remarks have put him in a difficult position. "It's great when the minister supports you, but unpleasant when he runs down your team-mates." He was equally cautious over getting involved in the debate.

While the UCB is showing a commitment to defy the ANC government's attempts to impose racism, I will support their efforts and hope the team will be able to rise above the politics and take the world cup.

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VisitorAnonymousGet Klusener back...
SA barely won their match against Australia yesterday..due to talented players like Shaun Pollock and Mark Boucher and of course,Justin Kemp. Imagine how strong the side would look with Lance Klusener in the side.Kemp and Klusener in one team would be simply too damn good.The people of SA have to come forward and force the UCBSA to include Klusener.I don't know why he is being left out.Smith is great, but inconsistent.Gibbs should be allowed to open along with's his natural position!!

VisitorAnonymousKlusener should be brought back
South Africa were thrashed by Australia yesterday..they played like a schoolboy time..Why is Zulu being left out??What else does he have to prove??He would be a solid strength in the SA squad that is among the most talented, but sadly also the most inconsistent in the world.Its time the UCB brought Zulu back..I don't know what they are trying to prove by excluding him

SinhalaPOWersinhalapower_at_yahoo.comANC sucks
ANC is short for African National Cannibals. How can these animals run a country.

Gopigkib_at_rediffmail.comRacism in RSA cricket team
If gerald majola and Directors of CSA really want to include 7 black players instead of giving importance then South african cricket team can't be one of the best. So iam advicing majola, not to bring any issues like that

sriramsrizulu_at_yahoo.comomission of lance klusener
iam a great supporter of the RSA team but iam really unhappy that the rsa team is not selected on merit and a clear example for this is the omission of lance klusener on no reasons he can be kept out of the team only bcoz of zulu rsa reached the semis of 99 world cup now also hes performing well and is kept out of the team. This acts will destroy rsa in the future as we have realized the big loss of kevin pietersen and it should not happen in rsa again so please recall zulu and let the great southafricn fighter have an happy ending to his career

ayeshadashingdelu_89_at_yahoo.comwell done RUDY!
hope you continue your strong resistance! SA NEEDS YOU AND SO DO WE!your fruitful efforts will always be rewarded. Amen!

diane formand forman for president
fuck all you niggers

jacque congratulations today atting so well against England I just want to say thankyou for all the work you pit into paignton cricket club,especially helping myself with my batting,i hope to see you at Edgbaston on the 3rd day vs England, all the best and good uck in the future

moonmoonoo12@yahoo.comjack rudolph
hi,you do only that thing which will be the very best for sa .

VisitorAnonymousJacques Rudolph rocks
As aa family member of Jacques I would like to say that I will not be supporting south africa during the world cup. Especially after his display against Australia thursday (6/2/03). Jacques we are all behind u. Rock solid

VisitorAnonymousAnonymous Visitor 2002/10/10
Why not leave your name, cry baby? It is very easy to make all sorts of comments when hiding behind anonymity.

VisitorAnonymousSA Cricket
This issue about the cricket qoutas, is what will eventualy destroy South African cricket. Under Hansie( Cronjie) we were the best One day team in the World, and we had something to go forward and to build on. But to the Sports minister, this is all rubish because his long term goal for cricket isen't a World cup win, but a Black Team. I have supported SA so long now and have always wanted us to win Australia, but that will never happen as long as The Minister keeps on giving our past the fault!!!!! Whats in the past can't be changed, but the future still needs to be written !!!! So let us use it for the good of every cricket Fan in this COUNTRY!

Jaco editor of this website
If the team is a "good representation" it is purely by chance. As your position seems to be derived purely from an emotional outlook it makes sense that you don't argue any of the points raised. Interesting that you felt obliged to fall back on race to try and obscure the froth around your mouth though....

VisitorAnonymousthe editor of this website
IT TAKES A RACIST TO KNOW ANOTHER! Stop crying you baby! i am white and i feel the team is a good representation for the world cup. so how about get with the program or burn in hell with Eugene Terblanche! in SA
I completely agree with your view concerning the issue of racism in South African cricket. I believe that are government is depriving and slowly decaying our proud cricket foundation, and they thus should be directly ostercised!

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