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Jaco Strauss
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Chic 'n' Shack in l'Old Workshop offers an affordable alternative as a function venue in Somerset West CBD. Two venues are available. The one is more 'Chic', suitable for weddings, while the more intimate Cuban-style 'shack' is very suitable for smaller functions.
l'Old Workshop is an old converted workshop now used as an affordable, centrally located and secure function venue.

The two venues could be booked seperately; or together at a discount.

The Chic venue offers seating for up to 80 people, self catering, or arranged

Another view. As can be seen the function venue could be closed, or the doors opened for an indoor-outdoor function.

Another view of the Chic.

There is plenty of room for a nice spit braai. This could be arranged at a very competitive rate.

This was taken at a function in the Shack .

Yours truly and his better half at the Shack .

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Raquel Theronraqueltheron_at_gmail.comRenting Of Hall
Hi there,

Looking for details to rent venue for event.

Who do I contact and what are the prices for the larger venue.

Event will be on the 26th September 2014

Thank you in advance.

The First Annual Wassail Christmas Party for the residents held on December 17th, 2011 at 6:00 in the Pavillion was a huge scusecs at Chemainus Garden Holiday Resort. With the beauty of the decorated trees from the festival of trees event and the Christmas decor the mood was set for a wonderful time. The residents enjoyed the abundance of food and desserts and willingly participated in the sing-song for the twelve days of Christmas and the gift exchange. Many are already looking forward to next year’s event and I am sure that the mulled wine, hot apple cider and rum and egg nog helped to create the merriment. MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ONE AND ALL AND A HEALTHY AND PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR.The management of Chemainus Garden Holiday Resort.

Jeanj.mcqueenies_at_gmail.comwedding venue
Good morning

I am interested in one of your halls..


083 644 9984

Rene hire
Hi Please forward contact details for hiring of hall.


Hi there, please tell me where I can get contact details to hire one of these halls for my wedding.


Bradleybradsterbrad_at_yahoo.comHall Hire
Please advise on prices to hire this hall for 1 night on the 30 September 2011


Barbara Ohlssonbarbaraohlss_at_gmail.comHiring of THE SHACK
Hi there Jaco,

I know you ! Were you ever a student at Dynamix Training Centre????

I want to hire one of the halls.

Please contact me: 0834614715

Jan party gewees...
Jissie, maar daai lam was lekker! Dankie weer eens vir 'n lekker Party... Ons maak beslis weer so!

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