The Zimbabwe Disaster:

What Did We Expect?

Sam Francis
29 August 2002 E-Mail this page to a friend

"Robert Mugabe was once a hero," a Washington Post editorial sobbed about the tyrant of Zimbabwe last week, and led "his people's struggle for independence."

In fact Robert Mugabe was never anything but a thug and killer, leading a terrorist group that murdered Christian missionaries and their followers.

Mr. Nkomo and his tribe suffered far more brutal persecution from the new democracy Mr. Mugabe constructed than they had ever endured under white rule

The Post, of course, thought (or claimed to think) otherwise, and for its editors and those who share their beliefs, the man whom the recent editorial accurately credits with "with transforming his country from Africa's breadbasket into a southern Africa basket case" has turned out to be almost as much of a heartbreaker as most of its other former heroes from Lenin to the Sandinistas.

When Rhodesians in 1980 were about to vote for one of several black candidates, Ian Smith, the country's outgoing white leader, recommended that they vote for Mr. Mugabe's main rival and fellow terrorist, Joshua Nkomo, as the lesser of two evils.

It so happens in what passes for "democracy" in southern Africa that Mr. Mugabe's tribal following is larger than Mr. Nkomo's minority tribe, and black voting followed tribal lines. Mr. Mugabe won. Mr. Nkomo and his tribe then suffered far more brutal persecution from the new democracy Mr. Mugabe constructed than they had ever endured under white rule, and thanks to the adulatory stupidity of Western liberals, the terrorist regime was entrenched in power.

a famine threatens not only Zimbabwe itself but several other African countries that have already managed to destroy their own agricultural base and depend on food from Zimbabwe

Today, Mr. Mugabe has confiscated white farm lands and started rounding up and imprisoning white farmers who refuse to let armed black mobs drive them off their land. The result is the "basket case" that the Post has rather belatedly discovered and a famine that threatens not only Zimbabwe itself but several other African countries that have already managed to destroy their own agricultural base and depend on food from Zimbabwe to survive.

Future results may well include the outright mass murder of white farmers and whites in general in Zimbabwe, as Mr. Mugabe has openly vowed.

Mr. Mugabe's rationale for seizing the white land is what the Post calls "the colonial legacy that allowed fewer than 5,000 white farmers to hold 70 percent of Zimbabwe's best farmland," a "wrong that needs to be set right," the paper whines.

Grace Mugabe, wife of the great liberator himself, showed up last week at a farm from which the two white owners had just been evicted

But as it turns out, the Zimbabweans who support Mr. Mugabe and who seized the land and drove off the whites don't get much of it. Who does get it? Mainly, Mr. Mugabe's cronies - including his wife.

Grace Mugabe, wife of the great liberator himself, showed up last week at a farm from which the two white owners had just been evicted. "I'm taking over this farm" she declared, accompanied by the usual gang of courtiers and armed goons. "We asked her what would happen to us," said a black farm worker who apparently had  helped seize the farm. Her ladyship told him to go live by the river. The 78-year-old white man who legally owns the farm was dragged off to jail.

Mrs. Mugabe is not the only one to enjoy the fruits of Zimbabwe's social justice. The Washington Times, which reported the story in this country, also named 35 other cronies of Mr. Mugabe who have received formerly white-owned farmland. The thuggish black "war veterans" whom Mr. Mugabe encouraged to grab the land and push out the whites (14 whites have been murdered in the process) are largely ignored.

hundreds of girls as young as 12 are being raped or forcibly kept as concubines in rural Zimbabwe by Mugabe's youth militia

But not all. Some "war veterans" (most are too young to have fought in the war against white rule, but that's what they like to call themselves) actually have gotten white land, and black women to go along with it. The London Daily Telegraph reports that "hundreds of girls as young as 12 are being raped or forcibly kept as concubines in rural Zimbabwe by President Robert Mugabe's youth militia."

The paper cites human rights activists who have documented not only the kidnapping and rape of young women but also the torture of political dissidents by Mr. Mugabe's supporters.

What is happening in Zimbabwe is its transformation not only into a "basket case" but also into one of those pure hellholes that were the principal contribution of communism to world civilization.

Mugabe of course has always styled himself a "Marxist,"

Mr. Mugabe of course has always styled himself a "Marxist," which is why the Washington Post and its disciples drooled over him so much and for so long regarded him as a "hero" engaged in "liberation." Part of Zimbabwe's trouble today derives precisely from Mr. Mugabe's Marxism, but part also comes simply from the deep racial hatred of whites and lust for racial power that, much more than a passion for "liberation," drove so much of the black revolt against white rule in Africa.

And no little part of those troubles comes also from the sheer blindness and foolishness of the Western liberalism in which newspapers like the Washington Post are immersed.


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Since the military alraedy is mandated to protect the country from enemies both foreign and domestic we alraedy have this situaion. a president that wanted to use the military on home soil woule merely have to issue the orders (and replace most of the cabinet and generals that resigned in protest. Your just scaremongeringPro Web 2.0 Application Developer

it all---pure liberal blue-state tnkhiing---you love getting stuff from the government ------us republicans believe we the people should keep more of our dollars at home, not be taxed for government give-a-ways

. Given the way of the current Republican trndes at the leadership level, I’d say he was onto something.Taxed for government giveaways? The recent military/weapons package to Israel may not have been a giveaway in the purist sense, but the stupidly deep discounts they got we are paying for through our taxes. Why are we still giving them such good deals? Is their economy in worse shape than ours? Are they struggling to make ends meet? When we give weapons and materiel-it’s aid. When we give humantarian help - it’s a giveaway.Semantics is the game here. Both sides want to give away our tax money.

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?????anonymousThe serpent
Mugabe the serpent, what did we expect? we got a bite in the back,hope to meet you soon!

?????AnonymousGood work
How can you right a wrong? Who did the land first belong to? How did the whites first obtain the land? What tribes did whites belong to? How do you know Grace Mugabe cannot run a farm?

Gawaya, gtegulle@yahoo.comGrace Mugabe's thuggery
Big shame that the First Lady of Zimbabwe has no qualms taking over the farms of helpless elderly people. Reminds me of King Ahab, Jezebel and the vineyard of Naboth (1Kings chap21). She just might end the same way Jezebel did. God still abhors the Ahab and Jezebels of this world. Beware!

Collinsebucollins_at_hotmail.comPolitical Indaba
Little time remains as 2010 fast approaches. The future starts now. Political Indaba by Colin Bature. "day1now" seizures
The best way this situation could have been handled was to share the unused part of the land with the so called landless but not to take land and bring farming to a halt. What kind of farming can Grace do. That is utter rubbish.

fred Ülf always_remaining_you@hotmail.comdirty
i believe that the agricultural system in zimbabwe is not good. i hope the congress of the state comission. decides with their plan refering to the farming of whites. if the government goes ahead with the submittance please let me know. thank you very much. please e-mail me all the information you own and let me know if they are official with the X-52.

in my opinion all of this is awful, the only thing we can do is pray for all of this people that still living through all of this desastrous circumstances. God bless you all!

Jaco drivel
It would have helped if you made an attempt to try and justify the sweeping statements you are making. Judging from the shallowness of your generalisations though, I am not surprised that you couldn't.

* It is not the white farmers "paying the price" it is half the Zimbabwean black population facing starvation
* If the farmers were really so bad, why did all the farm workers oppose these removals?
* If you are really so concerned about these farm workers, how on earth can you support a series of events which lead to them losing their jobs, homes and livelihood?
* It is a well-known fact that the farm workers support the MDC. How do you reconcile that with the nonsense you utter?
* These farm workers you purport to support were the biggest direct losers of the illegal and illegitimate land-grabs. Some way to compensate them for the alleged wrongs they endured in the past.

VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment
I feel that the farmers in Zimbabwe are paying the price for the wrongs which they did. they treat the workers like rubbish and they are only involved in politics just to retain their wealth.

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