Pahad's unfailing faith in Cde Bob Mugabe's credentials

Warns media against pre-judging Zim elections

Nicholas Myburgh
The Weekend Argus
9 Feb 2002 E-Mail this page to a friend

This letter to the press shows how little has changed in the last decade. Zimbabwe is as corrupt as ever and South Africa is still not doing anything about it. I've now added the functionality to rate this article as well as to comment on it. Please feel free to do so. No registration is required.

Dear sir/madam

The article "Pahad warns media against pre-judging Zim elections" on p.2 of todays Weekend Argus refers.

...millions of people around the world can think of quite a number of reasons why the Zimbabwean election is cause for concern...

I was amused to read about SA's Deputy Foreign Minister Aziz Pahad's unfailing faith in the democratic credentials of Comrade Bob Mugabe and his cronies. Refering to the prospects of a free and fair election in Zimbabwe, your newspaper quoted Min Pahad as saying: "We have no reason to doubt that the commitments given to the SADC.... will not be met." This statement is of course entirely in line with Pres. Mbeki's position on Zimbabwe, and therefore comes as no surprise.

However, I suspect that there are millions of people around the world, certainly several million in Zimbabwe itself, who can think of quite a number of reasons why the Zimbabwean elections and the conduct of that country's government is cause for concern. Credible independent observers figured that the MDC was robbed of victory already at the previous elections. In the meantime, judging by media reports emanating from that country during the past 18 months, conditions for free and fair elections have deteriorated to the point of making the entire exercise a farce. For instance, senior Zimbabwean military spokesman are on record saying the Zim Army will never recognise an MDC victory. In addition, illegal farm occupations, the murder of and serial assualt on political opponents by Zanu-PF, and the widespread indifference to the rule of law by organs of the state have continued unabated despite several undertakings by the Zimbabwean government that these fundamentally undemocratic practices will stop!

Yet, our Deputy Foreign Minister seems satisfied that all is well in Zimbabwe. But then again, as an old Communist Party hack one should probably excuse Mr Pahad for having a somewhat unconventional view on the essential nature of democracy and its practical application.It's just a pity that Judge Myburgh now has to spent precious taxpayers' money to determine why the rand is collapsing. The good Judge simply needs to make a brief perusal of the utterances and conduct of our government and its considerable offialdom to find the plain truth!

Yours sincerely

Nicholas Myburgh

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