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Jaco Strauss
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12 November 2002 E-Mail this page to a friend

I found this gem on the NNP website. The shallowness of Kortbroek's* position could not have been explained better than by using the words of the man himself. His complete press release is reproduced here (of course with comments by me ;-)
Message from Marthinus van Schalkwyk MP : NNP National Leader


This 'slogan' is as original as the sell-out position of these political lightweights. It is clearly an adaptation of the British Conservative slogan of the Seventies "Labour isn't working". The only difference being that the Tory original was, well, original and made sense. I suppose something got lost in the translation.
For the NNP it is time to take on new challenges. The political landscape is changing dramatically. Our challenge is to break down the old lines of division, and to ensure that white, coloured and indian communities remain in the mainstream of South African politics.
Marthinus, you fail to say what changed so dramatically since your party was relegated to 4th largest in 1999. If things are "changing so dramatically", what additional effect would your crowd of privileged has-beens have in breaking down these so-called divisions - by aligning with the government?!
We cannot allow a situation where some communities are led into political isolation.
This is probably the most insightful sentence of the whole opstel* as this is what the Nats excelled at for more than half a century!
The realignment of SA politics has begun. This is the moment of truth for all parties in the country. It is time to make critical choices.
Now where have I heard this before? Ohhhhh yes it was in 1981 against the Conservative onslaught and in 1982/1983 with the (then) new constitution and during the last 'white' referendum of 1992 and in the general elections of 87, 89, 94, 99 and of course when the re-alignment actually took place in 2001 and then again, well, now all of a sudden. Very original!
You can either sit on the margins and be part of a side-show or you can be part of the process.
OK, so you vote for the opposition or the government???
We have opted for the centrist route.
OOhhh OK, please explain....
We have opted to be part of the mainstream where, from the opposition benches - like the IFP - we can contribute to government at different levels, while reserving the right to differ on merit.
Radical stuff, obviously denying yourselves any fringe benefits and perks such as bigger paycheques that come with the bigger 'responsibility'. The IFP sold out for a couple of cabinet positions. You reckon the Nats can expect to be as "successful"?
In the Western Cape the NNP and ANC formed a coalition in the provincial government. We have opted to share in the responsibility of building the country.
I suppose the fact that this was directly opposed to the wishes of your electorate, it makes you feel like someone who is in some ways still involved in 'opposition' politics?!
We have chosen to help break down the racial mould that has for so long characterised politics and society in this country.
Is that "to ensure that white, coloured and indian communities remain in the mainstream of South African politics" as mentioned above? Anyway, I wonder why "the racial mould" characterised politics and society in this country for so long. Maybe the New National Party should look into that too.
The NNP has taken this decision on the basis of principle. We are committed to the principle of participatory governance in all three spheres of government.
"Principles" you say. Now I understand why you see this as a radical departure for the Nats. Must be funny for the Nats to entertain the concept of a "principle".
Participatory government entails the NNP contributing to government as an independent political party with its own structures, policy and identity. Whilst serving in Government at all levels, the NNP will remain in the opposition benches.
That is quite a relief, but are you not worried that sitting in the "side-show" might perpetuate the old lines of division?
At national level and in some of the provinces, we will be a constructive opposition that will not simply criticise for the sake of criticism, or shout and scream from the opposition benches. That kind of opposition is polarising and destructive.

What we rather need in South Africa is an opposition willing to make a constructive contribution , and that is the role the NNP will play.

Hmmm, His Majesty's Loyal Opposition. An opposition even Mugabe would be proud of. The type of bulldog-without-teeth opposition that will ensure the Nats fare much worse next time round than their previous pathetic fourth place.
Participatory government will give the people represented by the NNP a direct say in local, provincial and national government.
Is the principle not that you get a "direct say" when you vote for "any party" in free and fair parliamentary elections? Is government by the people, for the people, through the people only applicable when you vote for the ruling party (or some other party who joins the ruling party after the fact)?
The NNP positions itself in the political mainstream where the real policy debates take place and decisions are taken. It is important to us that we take part in the debate of the future and delivery for all the people.
I'm sorry Marthinus, but you are still not giving me any reason to vote for the NNP, but rather reasons to vote for the ANC. Why support the middle man if you can buy wholesale? Voting directly for the ANC might even break down more of those "old divisions" you hate so much. Maybe you should consider it, or will you wait until your party is finally wiped out at the next election before you become the ANC mayor of Klip-sonder-Gat*?
The NNP refuses to lead the people it represents into a political desert where they have no say in decision-making.
Even when they ask for it by specifically voting for it? Anyway, a desert is only a bad place when you are lead around it by a "leader" who doesn't even realise he is already in one and has never heard of an oasis, let alone being able to find one!
We will not lead our voters into isolation on the right of the political spectrum. There is no place for that kind of narrow-mindedness and self-isolation in the New South Africa.
Interesting justification. I suppose you don't want to "lead" them into isolation on the "left" of the political spectrum either. So you rather opted to "lead" them into isolation in what you would deem to be the "centre" of the political spectrum. Politics have always lead to strange bed fellows, but describing a party in alliance with the South African Communist Party as being "centrist" while denouncing the liberal values of the DA as "right-wing" is even stranger.

In conclusion
The government, who enjoys the support of nearly two thirds of the electorate already had alliances with two "opposition" parties in the IFP and Azapo. Now the NNP joined this cabal, trying to take as many members of the Official Opposition DA with them as they could. In the unlikely event that Marthinus is successful in this exercise, the real loser will be democracy itself as more and more opposition representatives and parties follow his "vision" and join the government.

Maybe nobody ever took the time to explain some fundamentals to Marthinus. "Democracy" implies a choice. A choice to vote for the government when you support their policies, principles and track record and against them when you don't. I suppose this would come as a shock to Marthinus, but the German Democratic Republic wasn't really "democratic" after all. It doesn't matter what you call a system, you need to also be given the choice to vote for a party not in government to make it a "democracy".

Africa is not great on multi-party democracy as can be seen in Zimbabwe . "You are either with us, or you are going to be tortured, raped, jailed and murdered". Lightweights like Kortbroek would, of course, be frightened straight into the governing elite. If he was a Zimbabwean he would have been hand-om-die-blaas* with Mugabe, busy with quiet diplomacy and appeasement while "changing Zanu-PF from within".

Ja Marthinus, maybe you should have waited until you were wearing a langbroek*. Now, you might just never get the chance!

*Glossary of Afrikaans word used in comments
Kortbroek Short pants Shorts
Langbroek Long pants Trousers
Opstel Essay Type of essay associated with pupils at school
Klip-sonder-Gat Stone-without-Hole Very small fictional town
Hand-om-die-blaas Hand-around-the-bladder Infrequently used colloquialism denoting a very close, almost brotherly, association

The original review is available here.

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The UN operates like a godsairne version of Tammany Hall, full of patronage and back room dealings and hidden agendas and deals.The best thing to hope for is the collapse of the entire concept of controlling climate by means of treaties on CO2.

All spin by the flip flopping Mr Van Schalkwyk. The real facts in the inudstry which i am in , international travel inudstry contracting hotels and airlines . Fedhasa report a average of only 58% occupancy in 3 star upward to 5 star hotels this is a gradual downward spiral since december 2009. Not even the world cup created a slight increase. The other fact is that the figures this spin doctor from tourism dept and SAA cronies state does not remove duel nationals returning home on holiday ie: they included int he figures even though overwhelming majority stay with family . Makes one think.The next fact is and is minor but yet breaks these figures down to nothing is that TAAG national airline from Angola offer shopping trips on a thursday friday and over the weekend to JHB 2 flights per day with a 24 hour turn around ie: you get a cheap flight classify as a tourist in these bizzare figures and then shop and dash back to angola these are full 380 seater jumbo jets now times that by 52 and you will see why the massive exciting increase from angola is 48% they not supporting the infrastructure at all in hotels car hire etc. So add to the spin and the rest of the other spin the cabinet send out , and welcome to zim part two.
Yet another case of policits exploiting businss opportunities. My comments on Rooms4 U:Their approach was amateurish and unprofessional and immediately invited questions. Do they really think that availablity of accommodation will still be an issue in March 2010?? By then it will be almost over.We listed with them in spite of no terms being stated; just for the temporary inbound link!


Nice try Mabasa. I see you write for one of the few "newspapers" still allowed to publish in Zim. That alone says a lot of the "Features" you supposedly publish... Let me guess - it is not "How to ruin a country in 10 easy steps" or something to that effect! Anyway, I find it quite hilarious that you accuse me of being a "far right winger" - what do you call your paranoid homo-phobic inbred "president"? He is as loony as they come, but unlike you, I can actually publish it.

I see you struggle with the concept of date/time too. This article I wrote in 2002 already, so "no", it is not sour grapes. More the ability to spot an opportunist a mile away.

Just like I predicted the total collapse of your "country" in the beginning of 2000 already!

By the way, I see you are using an email address with the dreaded "" extension. Lo and behold, the mark of the colonial beast as far as Mugarbage is concerned! The bogeyman who is tolerated only because your pathetic excuse for an "independent" state is not able to feed itself. Is Mad Bob aware of your insulance, or have you already escaped the shithole you helped to create, by fleeing into the arms of the dreaded old colonial power?

Sounds like another far right winger angry that his bru has joined a largely Black party. Welcome to the world of real politik! And what's the faixation with Bob here in Zim? Mabasa Sasa Senior Features Writer The Sunday Mirror (Zimbabwe)

Hi Fred, thanks for the kind words.

I'm not sure who gave him the name, but as I remember he did it himself. Remember there was the gardener who claimed he offered money for more than just garden "services". Marthinus denied the charges, saying he doesn't do that kind of thing, saying something to the effect of "Ek is 'n boerseun wat kortbroek dra - ek doen nie daardie tipe ding nie"

Then he had all the afrikaans (boerseun) gay rights activists all over him ;-)

fred khumaloAnonymousKortbroek
My name is Fred Khumalo, and i write for the Sunday Times. i read your comments on Kortbroek and found them not only amusing but also insightful. but can you please remind me who gave him the name Kortbroek. was it Wimpie de Klerk or Sampie Terblanche? i have forgotten. and if you could tell me what the context was, i would really appreciate. thanks, bru.
sal nie kon glo n ou is so tweegat jakkals nie ne nou sommer n nuwe anc. arme drommel

No, I don't, but I suppose you can try their website (if they still have one)...
hi. can u by any chance provide me with e-mail adress for marthinus van schalkwyk, or the NNP's one.
Iemand moet tog vir Kortbroek, ook bekend as(oba) Die Man van Vele Standpunte, herinner dat Maggie jare reeds verklaar het: The middle of the road is where one gets run over! Die skyn-sentrisme van die NNNNNP is in ieder geval n politieke niemandsland aangesien hul sg.strukture, beleid en identiteit bloot die komiese verbeeldingsvlugte is van n politieke skobbejak sonder visie of gewete. To paraphrase Churchill: Up drew an empty taxi-cab, and out got the Premier of the Western Cape. Die Man van Vele Standpunte en sy "bedremmelde bendetjie", soos Tim du Plessis hulle in een van sy onkenmerkende helder oomblikke beskryf het,sal nog die argwaan van die publiek ervaar, vroeer of later...

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