How african leaders under-develop africa

It used to be fashionable to blame the ills of Africa on others

Kofi Ellison

May 2000 E-Mail this page to a friend

The May 13-19, 2000; issue of the Economist, the influential London news magazine has Africa on the cover.   The magazine also has a sketch of Africa on an inside page. It depicts Africa lying prostrate while a bloodied black hand drills a knife into her very heart: Africa's problems are self inflicted! It used to be fashionable to blame the ills of Africa on others: Colonialism; Neo-colonialists; Imperialists; the CIA (never the KGB!); etc. Political Scientists describe this
The reality of the matter is that the major culprits of the destruction of Africa today, are AFRICANS themselves
phenomenon of the blame game as Dependency Theory, a symptom of a symbiotic relationship between the rich and the poor where the poor is dealt the weak hand, deliberately.  The late Walter Rodney, the Guyanan historian wrote a book about that, titled:
"How Europe Under-Developed Africa". This is no longer absolutely tenable.

The reality of the matter is that the major culprits of the destruction of Africa today, are AFRICANS themselves. To wit:  our corrupt leaders and their bands of sycophant, President does-no-wrong minions.  

   Major corruption in African officialdom continues to cause  degenerative under-development on the continent.  African countries have become the personal estates of official criminal gangs whose avowed aim is not the development of their countries, but rather the siphoning off of national resources into foreign banks. Officials in the tiny European principality of Luxembourg have just frozen eight bank accounts totaling 600 million U.S. dollars, belonging to the late super corrupt Sani Abacha of Nigeria.  This is one example of how our African leaders contribute to the under-development of Africa!

   Official corruption siphons off money intended for the development of Africa.  Apart from making a lot of profit on the interest on investments accruing from Africa's stolen money, Europeans turn around and loan such money to Africa at exorbitant rates.  Thus, in nearly all African countries today, we spend more money to pay the interest on such loans (not on the debt itself) than we do on Health and Education!  In effect, African countries are played like a football.  Whoever has the ball kicks it until it is near deflation!  It is then pumped up by some foreign loans, and the process continues.  Such has been our lot since independence.  Africa suffers from chronic intermittent growth, and perpetual deflation.

   Another method whereby our African leaders contribute to the under-development of Africa is the pursuit of wrong-headed policies that result in rampant and continuing wars in Africa.  At this very moment, at least sixteen
In the early 1990's, it was hoped that corrupt policies that contributed to the under-development of Africa would stop.
African countries are involved in some form of warfare or another.  In this manner, African leaders spend a lot of money buying various types of armaments and ammunition from Europe, America and elsewhere.  In this manner, money intended for development projects, are spent on the project of war-making.  Meanwhile, the money we spend on the arms purchases, provides jobs and income for people in other continents.  

   In the early 1990's, it was hoped that corrupt policies that contributed to the under-development of Africa would stop.  In fact, President Thabo Mbeki of South Africa, was so infatuated with this notion of a new wind of leadership blowing across Africa.  He described it as the "African Renaissance".  There was rebirth in the air.  Notably, new leaders in Ethiopia, Eritrea, Rwanda, and Uganda, not to mention President Mbeki, were seen as purveyors of accountability, good governance, and mature decision-making. When he visited Africa, President Clinton described these men as the "New Breed of African Leadership" who were going to set worthy example to be followed by leaders yet unborn. Alas, it was a harvest expected too soon!

   As you read this column, Uganda and Rwanda are close to war, unless cooler heads prevail.  Ethiopia and Eritrea have just resumed their two year old senseless war after a short cease fire which lasted long enough for the
Thabo Mbeki ... described it as the "African Renaissance
combatants to catch their breath, it now appears.  These are four countries whose leaders exuded the appearance of "renaissance".  However, some of us could decipher from the very beginning that they were merely  chips off the old block; or as the locals where I grew up would say "the same Kokrokwan". To paraphrase the words of the Ghanaian writer Ayi Kwei Armah, it would seem that the beautiful ones are (still) not yet born!

   President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda and President Paul Kagame of Rwanda were the best of friends.  In fact they were Comrades-in Arms.  When Museveni was a rebel in the Ugandan bush fighting for the overthrow of Milton Obote, he employed Kagame a Rwandan Tutsi exile living in Uganda as his Chief of Staff.  General Paul Kagame was an integral part of the rebel forces who helped General Yoweri Museveni to attain power in Kampala by defeating the Ugandan Army and causing the flight from power of President Milton Obote.

   Once in power, and no longer a rebel, President Museveni turned to assist Paul Kagame who had formed his own rebel group to fight for the overthrow of the Rwanda Hutu government. They were successful, and today General Paul Kagame is the president of Rwanda.  But Kagame and his Tutsi government in Kigali had a problem.  The Hutus whom he overthrew had fled to Zaire and they posed infinite danger to him.  The late President Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire was supportive of the Hutus.  In fact, Mobutu kept the body of the Rwandan Hutu president whom Kagame forces had shot down,
Alas, it was a harvest expected too soon!
in a fridge in one of his estates in Zaire for future burial in Rwanda!  If only a rebel would surface in Zaire!!  Lo and behold, one did emerge in Zaire, sworn to overthrow Mobutu!!!

   Thus, Kagame and Museveni again united to support Laurent Kabila who eventually caused Mobutu to flee in May 1997, and eventual death in Morocco in November 1997.  Once in power, Kabila did not prove amenable to the interests of either Museveni or Kagame.  Meanwhile, Kagame and Museveni clashed over the spoils of the huge Congo natural resources. Hence, the two leaders are now supporting rival rebel groups aimed at overthrowing Laurent Kabila. It is this latter issue that is driving Uganda and Rwanda to war, unless diplomatic efforts succeed.  Both countries spend huge amounts of money to beef up their arsenal, thereby diverting funds that ought to be used in the development of their poor countries. A top Ugandan army official, Brig. Gen. James Kazini, remained in a fighting mood, saying Uganda was ready to fight if provoked. He told The Monitor, a Ugandan newspaper, "This time we're ready for them...., We're beginning to realize these people (Rwandans) may be real enemies."

In Ethiopia, we do not wait to have a full tummy to protect our sovereignty...,
   The other two men touted as "renaissance" leaders have actually drifted to war.  Ethiopia and Eritrea have been at war since May 1998, when Eritrea occupied Ethiopian "territory".    The causes of the war resist rational explication. It is ostensibly a border dispute, with both sides claiming sovereignty over a remote frontier that was never clearly delineated when Eritrea regained its independence from Ethiopia in 1993.

   President Isaias Afwerki of Eritrea and President Meles Zenawi of Ethiopia are indeed brothers.  They belong to the same Tigrean ethnic group.  Like Museveni and Kagame, President Isaias and President Meles were also Comrades-in-Arms as rebels fighting for the overthrow of Ethiopia's Marxist dictatorship under Mengistu Haile Mariam. With the overthrow of Mengistu, Isaias Afwerki became the president of an independent Eritrea, and Meles Zenawi assumed power in Addis Ababa.  Relations were cordial until Eritrea started to behave like a real independent country by adopting policies such as introducing its own currency.  That, and other policies angered Ethiopia.  Eritrea, though a small country has proven quite belligerent.  Since 1993, it has gone to war with Sudan, Yemen, Ethiopia, and has also threatened its much smaller neighbour Djibouti.  

   Both Ethiopia and Eritrea, also find time to support rival rebel groups in the country that used to be called Somalia.  As a result, funds that could be spent on the development of these countries are diverted to arms purchases.  

It seems the expectation of an "African Renaissance", ... is a dream to be pursued, but never attained
The current war between Ethiopia and Eritrea coincides with acute famine brought on by drought in both countries.  Millions of people are thought to be in danger.  President Meles has defiantly deflected any questions about the propriety of fighting in the midst of a natural disaster that affects million.  He has said this in response, according to a newspaper report: "In Ethiopia, we do not wait to have a full tummy to protect our sovereignty...,We resist the link between the drought and the conflict."

President Isaias on his part, has suggested that the current conflict, has an advantage in showing the reality of the independence struggle to a younger generation growing up without full realization of past efforts and sacrifices.

   Africa, indeed has enormous resources that can be utilised to attack our myriad problems.  Sadly, such resources are depleted by official corruption, and genuflected to wrong policies of our leaders.  The so-called "new breed" of African leaders are merely like old wines in new bottles.   It seems the expectation of an "African Renaissance", to borrow some words of Bob Marley, is a dream to be pursued, but never attained.

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I’m well aware that Africa is not a country. Did you get the ipmsersion otherwise? Because that would be embarrassing.No, I used that specific reference because I’ve had the fortune of visiting every inhabitable continent on the planet, with the exception of Africa. That was my point, and I apologize if it wasn’t clear. I haven’t so much as set foot in a single country there, and that’s what I intend to change. Specifically, though, I’m interested in sub-Saharan Africa, especially nations where French is widely spoken (I’m semi-fluent in the language).But thank you for your comment. I agree if your point is that people must realize it is a diverse continent of culturally different countries, and can’t be lumped into one, all-encompassing category.

Iain, British companies do use this aparopch. In supermarkets you can see a little tractor logo in the colours of the union jack, that means the product is local.Personally, this never swayed me to buy a product when I lived in the UK. However now in South Africa I will buy the products marked proudly South African’ in preference to others, even if the SA products are more expensive.A tin of imported Italian tomatoes is cheaper to buy here than a tin of locally produced and tinned tomatoes. I believe this is due to European farm subsidies. It symbolises all that is wrong with the economic relationship between the West and Africa. I never believed that those British farmers really needed my support. I do however passionately believe in supporting African industry. Africa doesn’t need charity from the West, it needs business. .I think that blogging can have a positive impact on local business (just look at ), and blogging is definitely taking off in Africa, even in those countries where internet penetration is tiny.

sulaiman aunaabusulaym_at_yahoo.comoh fallin africa!
we d folowaship olso av a grt deal of fault. evndou, d laedas av d larga percent, bt ol hndz mst b on deck to positvli chng situatns....let’s stp blamin europe!

I hope our great African people to say something about what happens to them inorder all the world`s people to hear their sound

akaah shadrachakaahshadrach_at_yahoo.comarise africans
africa will only experience a new face of leadership if only the majority africans who are oppressed stand up to their oppressors and say no to oppression, and fight to restore back the glory of africa

sunday okwolisundayabelokwoli_at_yahoo.comafrican socimational for
I want Africa to be developed as other continents in globe

Not only African leaders are causative of wars corruption but also selfishness,lack of vision,nepotism,egocentric ism and greed.
we need to ask ourselves why african leaders are so economical greedy in their own countries,why they always preach of the development when they are in international summits while they meant the opposite who are they fooling them or people who are supposed to be served, its real painful to see funds that are suppose to develop the continent but dirveted to their pockets, something needs to be done they themselves overthrown their regime, most of them are well educated to mention economist, technocrats,historians etc lets call them into order its only we as africans who can change that

Nuellaprettymedina_at_yahoo.comAccount on how African underdeveloped Africa
Dis site is actually great

francis nwukunwukufrancis_at_yahoo.comafrican leaders
How african leaders uderdeveloped africa

Bilya are the coursec of our problem
we, the africans and our leaders are the major source of our under-development in africa due to the high level of selfish amoung our selves

Dezire mawabuldema_at_yahoo.comcurruption
Actually i cry for my mother africa,uganda my country corruption in uganda too much.World bank must stop aid to uganda b'se much of the money is swindled by museveni and his tribe men,yet the local people are suffering,no drugs in hospital,embezzlement in every sector of the economy. world leaders pliz assist.
wat i was looking for i did not get it if you can up date you site it wil help us that are coming to the net for solution

Frankvisitinggeneral comment
Do you remmenber that the late president of Tanzania- President Nyerere was depicted as the poorest leader in Africa. He was branded so because he refused to deposit his money in a foreign bank. The are thousand and one banks in Africa so why do these leaders prefer to save their moneies outside Africa. The forces lure them in depositing their wealth (for the whole continent) in these foreign banks for their personal use. When we want any aid the use these same money to provide us with aid and then charge us huge interest rate to pay back. If our leaders are intellegent they will use our own financial institutions. They lack common sense.

Kwesi Prahjust visitingUnderdevelopment of Africa
What you have written is not far from the truth. However, external forces interferring in our affairs have created all these problems. Just imagine Mrs. M. Thachter's son joining forces with some disgruntled men to organise a coup to overthrow the Equatorian Guinea government- simply because there is crude oil in the country. Sudan is a typical example. It is depicted as a civil war between the north and the south. In reality is all about the oil . What we need to do is to educate all Africans politically. We can also develope the entire continent without any foreign aid. The JEWS did it and now they control every fabric of the world.

bashirbashsummy_at_yahoo.comwhat is the relationship btween underdevelopement and colonialis
please give me a solution to this problem.

victorcvcabl_at_yahoo.comtheunder-development of africa
plz tell me on causes

mbajja ali luutumbajja2001_at_yahoo.coGeneral Comment
Its quite interesting and educative.

Mbajja Ali Luutumbajja_at_yahoo.caGeneral Comment
Its quite interesting and educative to the young generation.

N. Augustineamasoyi_at_yahoo.comIgnorance...
We Africans have been ignorant about our Government. We don't care what they leaders are doing to help us out. Its time for re-orgnization.
I do agree with you,if africans were underdeveloped by europe, what have they done in the last 20 or so years in indepedence????? change now to develope yourselves

May God help Africa.

i really think the same in that we are to an extent blame our african leaders. they should rise up. charity begins at home. so if they expect as to go a head they should not go for their personal gains in my cuontry kenya you hear that M.Ps advocate for large salaries yet the common man if working in the gvt earn less than aneighth[4 the better paid pple] the question is where are we heading?

BASSEY Comment
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"Behold, a time shall come, when the spirit of the most high God shall descend from heaven and every secret things around the world shall be exposed, then shall some of the European nations answer European by their lips, but in their mind they know they are Africa nations" Thus Saith The Lord of Host. 10. "The home for the world is finished" Thus Saith The Lord of Host. 11. Behold, the home for the world has cracked from top to bottom, and it great glory has been exposed itís beam has shifted. It is dangerous for it inhabitants. Behold, it is fallen ! It is fallen !! Sons of Men. 12. Behold, my temple have I risen. Thus Saith The Lord of Host. 13. Behold, "Worship me & Keep the sabbath" Thus Saith The Lord of Host. 14. Behold, "Algeria, attend to Babb". Thus Saith The Lord of Host. 15. Behold, ''Do not go for war''. 16. Europe, Australia, Afr

walterjjackwalls_at_yahoo.comGeneral Comment
i think it is true to some extent but not to all the instances

VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment
Where are the African? I mean the people.

Vusi wounds?
Partly yes. The former colonist must also take the blame @ the state of affairs in Africa. Jaco Strauss (01/02/03)is missing the point. Why does he bring Mandela name to this debate? Has Mandela not proven himself of what he is capable of? Does he need to comment on the Zimbabwe state of affairs to earn the accolade of statemanship?. How does one expect Africa to rediscover herself from the ruins of colonialism, when our researchers and scientist are spririted-away from mother Africa by the west? I would like to make a call to all the African brothers who are lost in Europe, US and othe parts outside the African Continent to return to the mother-land, Africa need your skill-Buyelani Ekhaya Ma-Africa!!! (Come back to the Mother Land Africans!) (text unedited)

Ele. Rrebamvisioninteractive_at_yahoo.comirresponsible governance in nigeria
it is frustrating that the present administration in nigeria only deems it neccesary to spend the state money on unneccesary things like purchase of a new private jet(which caused a lot of sensation some time back),hosting events like CHOGM and the likes which cost huge sums of money while the country continues to wallow in abject poverty and inflation. as the day goes by, they continue to initiate means to devalue the naira(the latest being that they want to change some current notes which are very much in use to coins thereby making it nonexistant as the average nigerian would not carry the weight of several coins about).imagine the government jetting out to settle crisis in liberia while the state was in a serious strike action. the present president is a sure dictator(as you know the characteristics of dictators)-in-civilian-time, a party-thrower who believes in using state money to host events which never benefits the state while important issues lie unaddressed.

the above comments would really suffice,cos the present crop of leaders in africa are similar to pirates and bandits, who are in cahoots with their foreign and local collaborators in pillaging the continient

iyoryisamsughtex@yahoo.comhave the feel
u can also pass it to the next person close to u.

ajibade akesodeajibadeakesode@yahoo.comGeneral Comment

ajibade akesodeajibadeakesode@yahoo.comour leader
if we have a leader in this country it will hae been better but all what we have are contactors.

hassan babatundehassanbabs2020@yahoo.comsummrize walter rodney book how europe under develop africa
pls summrize how europe under develop africa 4 pages
From Mr, Atiku.Abubakar Dear Sir, I presume that this mail will not be an embarrasment to youas i have also thought much about this proposal before carring out my person e-mail search to source for areliable person who can liace with me to claim funds that are meant for payment of contract executed during the administration which was characterized by mismanagement, assasin, and looting of our country funds by force of arms . consequently, the present civillian government has restored the lost image of nigeria by coming out with transpiracy, equiety, and fairness to some foreigners who are purporting to be bonafide contractors in nigeria and thereby continued to pester C.B.N for contract which they did not execuit . meanwhile, we the inner kacus in apex bank new that some of this failed contractors were copted by the military to loot funds which does not belong them, so to say, i have being mandateg after the economic summit that took place some days ago to deburse sum of US$ 75,000,000,00 Dollars 5 contractors whom i know that were not real conrtactors, to this effect ihave decided to remmit the above chunk to our correspondence in other to inherit this funds as part of my benefits while in service . Finally, iimploy your assistance in this transaction if only you will be eligible enough to claim out the chunk from our corresondent without implicating y personality to bankers out there, so if you are interested, you can contact me on this e-mail address: , or send an e-mail for us to discuss more about this transaction as there are no risk or stringent measures attached to this transaction . I look forward to your reply Best Regargs Mr Atiku,Abubakar Governor Int Operations CBN

chienku immaculatenyongos_imma@yahoo.comcorruption
It is actually a very sad thing to see how corruption hinders any development projet in African, and untill Africans realise that corruption is one of the major obstacles of development the continent would remain as backward as it is today.

EMMANUEL SHUMAemmanuelshuma@yahoo.comHey
Im pleasured to read you opinion about history of world.


VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment
Why the goverment Own all the land in Ethiopia for the last 30 years ? Why Rebeles Get Recognition by United Nation as legitmate power while representing one tribe ? While we have 80 tribes in Ethiopia ?

Muyanga ShelaAnonymousthis wolrd of ours
africans sometimes we do it to ourselves corruption is wide spread in our countries but we tend to turn our backs on it.We are given aid from western countries but our selfish government officials take the aid for themselves,never thinking of who the aid might have helped. after that they go peading to the donors to forgive of any unpaid dept.Even though it might be fare to the people of zimbabwe for mugabe to distribute land equally to the people of zimbabwe but it was wrong of him to do it in the way he did it. in malwi president muluzi might have backed down on his third term campaign but it was wrong of him to think of the issue at all, don't let a one person lead a country he will get too comfortable and start misusing his post. millions of people are starving but in africa, aids is killing alot of people, america takes a long time to find funds to help people around the world but it can raise miilions of dollars in a matter of days to fight a "war against terror" which only makes the wolrd a more dangarous place

Ihave read your with alot admiration but i think its high time we thought of having patriotic leaders but also better to discuss other causes of under development.

Yes, and while the whole of Africa is either silent or supportive of the excesses of tyrants like Mugabe (who like all African despots ships his billions out of the sh*thole he is creating) the symptoms you describe will continue unabated. Isn't is ironic that so-called "statesman" like Mandela can't criticize Mad Bob, but has much to say about Bush and Blair.....

felix ayukayuk@hotmail.comTyranny
Today thousands of children are dying in Africa due to malnutrition,women are dying in the course of childbearing due to lack of adequate medical care,our students cannot study what they want due to malequiped universities.The whole world is silent.However Billons of Dollars are making way every day from Africa to America, Europe , etc etc...The World must do something otherwise the war against terrorism is very far from begining.

P L E A S E   P A R T I C I P A T E

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