Africa en route to Stone Age

Jaco Strauss
13 March 2002 E-Mail this page to a friend

Zimbabwe had been a disaster for a long time, but has been seriously imploding for more than a decade now. I wrote this article so long ago and it is as relevant now as it had been then. O'bama even stood in his Irish village going on about the injustices in Libya and how the West won't stand for it. O.K..... remember Zimbabwe? The more things change, the more they stay the same...

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Years ago I read an excellent book on Africa by David Lamb. As a person growing up in South Africa during the period covered, the double standards and hypocrisy of the world in their dealings with Africa struck me. seems to be "acceptable" for blacks to be undemocratic and have a disregard for human rights...
The world, quite justifiably, found it unacceptable that whites can run an undemocratic country that discriminates against blacks. South Africa was therefore isolated internationally and made to pay the price for being out of sync with the prevailing zeit geist. The fact that far worse atrocities happened all over the rest of the continent, didn't seem to bother anyone.

It was as if they felt that it was "acceptable" for blacks to be undemocratic and have a disregard for human rights, but when whites do the same, it is completely unaccepetable. South Africa was not the only undemocratic country in Africa, but it was a "black and white" case for the western world to exploit in flagelating their guilt complexes over slavery and colonialism.

Apartheid can still not be justified, but recent events went a long way towards explaining the feeling of fear white Africans experienced when they deemed international isolation preferable to black rule. Furthermore, the resistance of the white Rhodesians to a Mugabe lead state was vindicated today. If they knew in 1979 what they know today, they would never have agreed to the Lancaster House agreement. The agreement which set the stage for Mugabe's destruction of a once prosporous country.

Mugabe has never been a "model democrat". He has been gerrymandering and slaughtering his way to a one party state ever since he took power in 1980. More than 20,000 casualties in Matabeleland in the early Eighties is a grim reminder of the last time he faced any real opposition.

Now, for the first time in two decades, he faced an even greater challenge during the recent presidential "elections". When opinion polls and every other indication was that he would definitely lose, independent observers noted that he:
Mugabe has been gerrymandering and slaughtering his way to a one party state ever since he took power in 1980

The Zim dollar went from US$2 in 1980 to a current level 0.03c and falling fast...
No objective person can regard these "elections" as either "free" or "fair" Mugabe is the illegitimate dictator of Zimbabwe today. A tinpot despot who proved time and again he would go to any length to retain control of what he regards as his personal fiefdom.

Under his leadership the Zimbawean dollar went from a value of US$2 at independence in 1980 to a current level 0.03c and falling fast. The inflation rate is 120% and rising. All this while he is actively destroying agriculture, one of the last foreign exchange earners left. The loss of potential foreign revenue is secondary to the even greater disaster looming when the inevitable happens and Zimbabwe runs out of food. "A country that used to be the breadbasket of the region" in the words of the ligitimate Zimbabwean leader Morgan Tsvangirai is now a "basket case".

No doubt Mbeki and company will try to whitewash this shameful chapter in African history. No doubt my tax payer money is going to be used to feed the inevitable starving masses, the same way I already have to finance the fuel and electricity we provide to Zimbabwe.

For Mbeki, the feelings of an anachronistic power mad despot outweighs the suffering of millions of Zimbabweans...
Mugabe will carry on in his destructive ways, bankrupting the country while he stashes millions of pounds and dollars away in offshore bank accounts.

For me as a South African, the way the whole sorry affair was handled by the Mbeki administration makes their Aids policy look like a resounding success. For Mbeki, the feelings of an anachronistic power mad despot outweighs the suffering of millions of Zimbabweans, the devaluation of the rand, the scuppering of any hope of an "African renaissance" and the destruction of an invester friendly environment.

Two years ago I wrote to the United Nations and to Thabo Mbeki's office warning about the consequenses of Mugabe's lunacy. In fact the UN at the time passively supported the violent farm invasions of February 2000.

While African democracy remains a contradiction in terms, where "One man, one vote" is taken literally to mean "once" and African leaders are not prepared to act against tinpot despots, the continent is, sadly, doomed.

On his current path Mbeki's "African Renaissance" is going to be precisely that - a return to the stone age.

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No one FORCED you to watch it! The TRUTH is often PAINFUL! Focus on the negative? How else will you SEE what goes on in this world by hiindg your heads in the sand? America is next on THEIR list. That is to say, AFTER they start the next war with Iran. Who has spoken only again Israel, and NOT of the U.S. But it is Israel who runs America, and not the other way around. Israel is run by the Jewish Criminal Network that is taking over the entire world, while Americans SLEEP! ..

Wouldn’t it be too heavy to carry? ..heh nah seriously If I were him I’d be sainyg. that’ll be $1.95 + GST (instant billionaire) but there’s more and here have it, I F***ed it up anyway, mind the mass graves,

Pointed to your site from Reddit. Doing good work. A friend of mine was chief autohr of the Zimbabwe constitution. For a brief time it was posted that this would be the nation to teach us how to move from colonialism to brotherhood.Most of the world’s constitutions are disconnected, none more than Zimbabwe. At my site, I post a project proposal to challenge places like Z. and the good ol US of A. Should be fun.

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MJAnonymousGeneral Comment
DH andrews you racist Yankee bastard from a proud black Canadian. You albino mutant

D. H. Andrewsdandrews_at_sport.rr.comget "Out of Africa"
My philosophy (as a White American) has always been to leave the Black Africans ALONE. We have no buisness there and it's pretty darn clear they don't want us there. They are an extremely primitive (human) species and in no way can we "Westernize" them or "civilize" them. Their native intelligence won't allow it. Their presense here in the U.S. is a terrible mistake. We should have "repatrioted" them to Africa at the end of the Civil War. Let's give up and pull out. Let nature take its course over the next couple of million years. They, as a people, have never been anything but a failure on the World's stage. AIDS (and their inability to deal with it) will be their demise. (Oh, by the way, you Africans who have access to a computer and are reading: thanks for sharing AIDS with the rest of the World; if it hadn't been for your ignorance in eating contaminated monkey meat, the Western World would have had to suffer through it).

VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment
frik, tien uit tien vir jou opmerking. Ons sal NOOIT Afrikane wees nie. So kom ons gee pad uit die land en laat die spulletjie nou hulle vryheid geniet. Nog so tien jaar en dis 'n tweede Zimbabwe of Zambie - waar hulle boere smeek om te kom boer.

SamAnonymousAfromonkeys suck
I am an American and proud of it,let me add my 0.02$. Afro-baboons suck,they have IQs less than the diamonds that are found in their CUNTries,Name one baboonland that has done well,at every G8 summit the naked baboons come begging for aid.Oh but AIDS is doing some housecleaning over there. Amen.

Peasantp_at_whitepowerAfrican Renaissance
a white african, jimmy (is that your white name) is a colonial who came to this land with that magical invention called the WHEEL and chased the stone age natives away with his thunder stick, and began picking up the gold and diamonds that the natives had been shitting on for the last millenium and build skyscrapers and roads so the stone age natives could pretend they were now part of the 1st world.

VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment
Jacob, you're going to end up a bitter hatefilled old man if you keep trying to make life fair. Deal with it.

Frik Heferfrik_hefer_at_comcast.netBlack rule
I can not stomach black rule, because after a couple of years blacks have been in power ,they blame everything that has gone wrong,whilst they are in power, on the white man, the world should have seen by now, and have experienced from all the failed African lessons, we are wasting our time in Africa, get out of Africa White man, and the last to leave please turn the lights off!

Smell the chese and yes I know an invester nitin

Chifundochifundo_at_gmail.comre: Mugabe
Zimbabwe was an independent country for 20 years, and for all those years the majority of the land belonged to the white minority! Mugabe took a drastic step and I support him.

Nitin De dhianitin_n_dedhia_at_yahoo.comBroker
Hi My Name Is Nitin I Am Indian If You Have Invester Give Me E-Mail

Lisa lisaswart_at_yahoo.comI am proud to be African
Reply to Jimmy:I was born in Africa, just because I am white has nothing to do with where I am from - my roots are in Africa! Let no one deign to tell me otherwise!

Jamming Jimmyjimjam_at_kelele.comWhite african?
How can there be such a thing as a white african? Come on get real. Yes, there are Europians living in africa who are white. But no white africans. The black people who live in Europe are more Europian than the White man who lives in africa being an african. Leave africa to itself. If you dont like it, simply leave. Thats all there is to it

kigutharakig@kelele.comanother imperialist
Oh dear what's wrong Can't stomach black rule ? Anyway, Africa is free from white supremacists now, Mugabe is wrong , but that does not excuse your yearning for Smith's fascism. Amandla! awethu!

Jimmy Jamjjam@kirby.comThe truth on Mugabe

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