Black people aren’t animals

But that’s how "liberals" treat them

Andrew Kenny
The Spectator
29 December 2001 E-Mail this page to a friend

something close to despair is seeping through the land
In South Africa the news is so terrible and the response of our leaders so contemptuous and inept that something close to despair is seeping through the land. Every day there are on average 59 murders, 145 rapes and 752 serious assaults, and now a new crime is being reported: the rape of babies. This month a five-month-old baby was raped by two men; afterwards the surgeon had to remove her bowels. Women and children are being abused and killed in high numbers within the family, and the response of our minister of safety and security, Steve Tshwete, has been to declare airily, ‘We cannot police this; there is nothing more we can do.’ Mrs Marike de Klerk, the ex-wife of the former president, has been murdered in her flat. The rand, which was at five to the pound in 1994 when the ANC took over, now stands at 17 to the pound. Unemployment is at 33 per cent. The Actuarial Society of South Africa estimates that 12 per cent of the population is HIV-positive, but this is of little concern to the government because President Mbeki says that HIV cannot cause Aids. This month, at a Southern African Development Community (SADC) meeting, the South African government gave its unqualified support to President Mugabe’s reign of terror and lawlessness in Zimbabwe. Emigration from South Africa (mainly of skilled people) is at its highest level ever.

So is South Africa doomed to follow the rest of Africa into oblivion? No. There is a remedy, but it is a radical remedy. There is no way forward except by liberal democracy; that is, the rule of the law and a government elected on a universal franchise. It is true that black Africans were better off under colonial rule than they are now. It is also true that South Africa has the strongest economy in Africa simply because it had the most white people who
The fundamental moral difference between a human and an animal is that the human can be blamed when he does wrong.
ruled for the longest time. However, bringing back any form of white-minority rule is morally and politically untenable — and anyway no whites would want the job.

For liberal democracy to work in Africa it is essential that two principles should be put into effect. First, we must tell the truth in public. Second, we must treat black people as human beings. I realise that these are shocking and radical departures, but without them there is no hope.

The fundamental moral difference between a human and an animal is that the human can be blamed when he does wrong. When a dog behaves badly, we blame the human owner for not bringing it up properly. In Africa, when blacks behave badly, we blame the colonialists (or the imperialists or apartheid or globalisation or something) for not bringing them up properly. When panic-stricken policemen of the apartheid regime shot dead 69 black people at Sharpeville in 1960, the world rose up in outrage. When the minority Tutsi regime in Burundi set about the cold-blooded slaughter of more than 100,000 Hutus in 1972, there was utter silence. This is because the killers at Sharpeville were whites and so morally culpable, while in Burundi they were black and so not morally culpable. In both cases nobody cared a row of beans about the black victims.

In the 1980s President Mugabe, who regards ordinary black Africans with a degree of contempt unmatched by the worst white thugs of apartheid, systematically butchered some 10,000 black people in Zimbabwe without any
The ANC, which screamed for sanctions against Ian Smith has issued not a single statement condemning Mugabe
objection from the world. Today the ANC, which screamed for sanctions against Ian Smith and apartheid, has issued not a single statement condemning the massive violation of human rights — far worse than under Smith — under Mugabe. Again, the reason is that Smith, being white, is a human who can be blamed, while Mugabe, being black, is a subhuman who cannot be blamed. This belief is the fundamental reason for the disintegration of sub-Saharan Africa.

In South Africa we do not tell the truth in public (what we say in private is entirely different). This is because Thabo Mbeki, like Robert Mugabe, has perfected the technique of silencing all criticism by declaring all critics to be racists. It is very similar to the 15th-century Malleus Maleficarum (Hammer of Witches) used to convict people of witchcraft. ‘If we say you are a witch, you are a witch,’ has become, ‘If we say you are a racist, you are a racist.’ Suppose you were to say, ‘There are too many traffic accidents in South Africa.’ This would be proof positive that you are a racist: you would be giving out a ‘coded message’ that blacks cannot drive properly; you would be suggesting covertly that blacks are incapable of ruling the country; your agenda would be a return to apartheid; your criticism a veiled plea to protect the narrow white self-interest and deny advancement to the black masses. Such censure would stop any attempt to improve road safety.

In a country where millions of people are without running water and sanitation, the ANC has decided to spend R60 billion on gleaming new weapons, far in excess of our needs. Following an inquiry into corruption surrounding this arms deal, President Mbeki declared that its critics had ‘the racist conviction that
The Employment Equity Act requires compulsory racial classification of workers using apartheid definitions
Africans, who now govern our country, are naturally prone to corruption, venality and mismanagement’.

Thus few dare to criticise the ANC in public, and this lack of honest criticism is crippling our economy, shutting out the normal signals that feed information into a healthy democracy, and condemning millions of blacks to brutal, grinding poverty. Our dreadful crime levels are caused partly by our dreadful unemployment, which is caused by our dreadful labour laws. These laws make it so difficult to fire anybody that employers are too scared to hire anybody. The Employment Equity Act requires compulsory racial classification of workers using apartheid definitions such as ‘Coloured’ and ‘Indian’. ‘Affirmative Action’ requires you to make appointments on race, not on merit. Our business leaders don’t attack these ruinous measures for fear of being called racists or losing government contracts.

Instead they smile, nod their heads and quietly shift their businesses and money overseas. Anglo-American and other major South African companies have already moved to London, and more would love to follow. In the companies still here, cynical white senior managers implement the Affirmative Action policies as they prepare for their retirement. Eskom, the public electricity utility, has a ‘space-creation’ policy whereby white engineers and managers are encouraged to resign to make way for blacks. The main criterion in a manager’s ‘performance appraisal’ is the percentage of blacks he has working under him. The education ministry had a policy of ‘redeployment’ to get rid of white teachers.

Blacks getting jobs this way feel humiliated, while the excluded whites feel resentful
The fact that jobs are awarded on the basis of skin colour has many evil consequences. Blacks getting jobs this way feel humiliated, while the excluded whites feel resentful. Some blacks, knowing that employers are desperate to fill their racial quotas, demand far more than a white would for the same job. Some blacks become rentiers who feel entitled to high pay and fancy company cars simply because of their colour. No matter how poor the performance of some blacks, employers dare not dismiss them, and can get rid of them only by giving them enormous severance packages. The competent blacks are associated with the incompetent blacks and they, too, get caught up in the cycle of frustration and resentment. Business efficiency falls, race relations suffer, and whites leave the country. Affirmative Action applies only to a tiny elite of educated blacks, while the vast majority live in desperate poverty and the huge black army of unemployed keeps growing. And if you say, ‘Get rid of these terrible laws that are shutting millions of black people out of the economy’, you are condemned as a racist protecting white privilege.

The outstanding achievement of the ANC government has been financial management. Our debts are small and inflation is low. Unfortunately, the phrase ‘Our economic fundamentals are sound’ is always followed by the phrase ‘The rand drops to a new low’. There are all sorts of silly explanations for this, including ‘speculation’ and ‘racism’, but the simple reason is that the South African economy is less efficient than that of other countries and is becoming worse. To produce a unit of added value in South Africa costs more than in other countries; rand costs cannot be reduced because of restrictions such as those caused by the trade unions; and so the rand drops against other
The ANC loathes the DP far more than it loathes any of the former supporters of apartheid.
currencies to compensate. The inefficiency is caused by lack of investment, low levels of skills, low morale, the labour laws and a poor infrastructure of communications, health and law enforcement.

Amid the gloom there are two recent examples of how things can be made to work well. The official opposition in South Africa is the Democratic party, which had an impeccable history of fighting apartheid and included the wonderful Helen Suzman. It is now led by Tony Leon, a tough, articulate liberal. The ANC loathes the DP far more than it loathes any of the former supporters of apartheid. Two years ago, the DP formed an alliance to rule the Western Cape province. And, lo!, they were able to solve problems thought to be insoluble. They distributed free anti-retroviral drugs to all poor pregnant women with HIV and to women who had been raped — something that has never been done in any province ruled by the ANC. They rapidly stopped a wave of assassinations against black bus-drivers and black passengers. They provided a measure of free water and electricity to the poor. Their education minister, a dedicated and courageous woman, Helen Zille, provided proportionately more funding to the poorer schools (which happen to be black), and made sure that the pupils rather than the atrocious black teachers’ trade union were the primary consideration. Things improved markedly. Of course, the ANC vilified them for this, ceaselessly accusing them of racism. Unfortunately, for disgraceful reasons, the coalition has broken up and the ANC will now rule the Western Cape.

We must say what is true, no matter how loudly we are called racists for doing so.
South African newspapers are free, but almost all are craven supporters of the ANC and feel that their civic duty is to protect the government from the people, especially people such as Tony Leon. They do not allow any potent criticism of President Mbeki — with one conspicuous exception: Aids. Here they constantly condemn Mbeki’s stance. This has given courage to civil organisations, and one of them, the Treatment Action Campaign (TAC), has taken the government to court for its refusal to provide poor people with anti-retroviral drugs, and won. It is an inspiring triumph for South African democracy.

South Africa has huge resources and many talented, industrious people. We can make our country safe and prosperous, but to do so requires great moral courage. We must condemn Mbeki when he does wrong. We must get rid of callous idiots such as Steve Tshwete. We must say what is true, no matter how loudly we are called racists for doing so. We must appoint, criticise, praise, pity and punish black men in exactly the same way as we appoint, criticise, praise, pity and punish white men.

If we carry on with the lies, smiles and silence, we are surely doomed.

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Anonymous: "Even latinos, altughoh on the surface they are being given America by the Jews they’re not being given the same America."Latino immigrants come to the US for the money. Even so, they would rather collectively replace White people than strike a deal with them so as to stop immigration and ensure a better economic future for the children of Latinos who already live in the United States. They tend to favor their collective racial interest over their narrow economic interest.[non-immigrant blacks] "get thrown anti-white cultural bones and AA for now"And that’s why they vote for anti-White, pro-affirmative-action politicians. They think they are defending their collective interests, even though that is a miscalculation. Most Blacks are probably against immigration, but they are even more anti-White and pro-AA.

"The key is group identity, not eoincmocs."The underlying driving force is tribal warfare but eoincmocs is one of the battlegrounds on which it is taking place."Jews (and blacks, latinos, asians, ...) are well aware of their group interests and organize politically to pursue them"They don’t though. Jews do yes and currently latinos and asians maybe but non-immigrant blacks, which is the group the first poster used as an example, don’t benefit from mass immigration. They get thrown anti-white cultural bones and AA for now to keep them onside but they’re in the process of being thrown under the bus in favor of latinos.Everyone is being played here except the Jews. The white elites who are going along with it for money are being played, the white majority obviously are being played, blacks are being played etc.Even latinos, although on the surface they are being given America by the Jews they’re not being given the same America. They’re being given the future Brazil version of America with a billion people living in slums. At the moment they may be getting a taste of the old prosperous America but their future in America is exactly the same as their past in Mexico - poverty and slums - simply because of numbers. The borders won’t suddenly close when white people are a minority. They’ll stay open until the new Americans are as poor as the Jews want them to be.Like i say. Everyone is being played.(This isn’t generally relevant to the position of this blog. It’s a specific response to Mr Weisel’s point about the gop/democrat puppet show.)

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Why should we bend over backwards 4 people who make up 12% of the population.They should be treated like the Israelies treat the palestines

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They belong in zoos like the apes they are. visit CHIMPOUT . COM if you agree

VisitorAnonymousshut up!
Nthabi, lick my boots clean blacky!

black personblackperson_at_yahoo.comyou all suck
You all suck! I can't believe your still on the whole racism thing! That shit happened like 200 years ago! Quit whining and get over it! Your not and never will be slaves!

meddiemkalu2_at_yahoo.comWorld of difference
I wish to say the authors of this msg, have forgotten all to do with difference - postmodernist perspective. Another issue is that, why compare blacks to animals!!! This is typical of neoliberal thinking embedded in supiority sentiments among race. All we need to do is to find a solution together as one, and stop blaming one another. we live together and whites came into Africa to seek for safe heaven and oue fore-fathers permitted them to stay, so let us leave them. Black and White all are human beings - respect each other.

Clive web site
To use a "good" ? South African word....SHAME....and that is what I as proud South African , feel about you !!!! You have lost it man !!!!,
Jaco, I am under the impression that many Black people only want "equal treatment" when it comes to deal out benefits. If accountability, duty and responsibility are expected they suddenly prefer a different status from Whites. Solution: Different political systems that can deal with those forming part of it in the mode they prefer. Separate States for Black and White people, where people can be ruled in accordance with their mentality.

dawndawn_at_yahoo.comexcellent site
I am a south african who left this country for the very same reasons, outstanding site well done.

yes they are

Polish peasantAnonymousracist blacks
This is a brilliant article. I have read some of the comments and it is blatantly clear that our black brothers cannot accept the incredible truths written in this article, i dont think they ever will. SA will crumble to a DRC like state and they will still sit in their BMW's complaining how colonialism and apartheid caused the country's downfall. I have no further comment. I am a manager in an SA company and i see the fuck up of affirmative action every day. To all you young white people, leave while you can and leave the racist blacks to rot in their stinking mess

jessicaAnonymousom gosh
i really cant belive that people could be that cruel i am so sorry

Joshjoshkar24_at_yahoo.comcolonial rule
In response to Nthabi - I find the article title "black people aren't animals" very appropriate and usefull - to be offended is your choice but serves no usefull purpose. the fact is, many people on consideration or through first hand experience would be tempted to think such things; especialy native born africans. I am NOT saying this is in some way true; but it is necessary to eradicate such thoughts from peoples minds if any progress is to be had, rather than fantasizing that things are different. The overall well being of blacks during the Colonial era was better by the great majority of statistical measures - but this does not mean whites treated the blacks good. It merely means they brought trade and ideas from western europe to africa. And these ideas, cultures, technologies weren't the product of just "white" people, but had evolved in ancient times in diverse parts of the world - including africa. In fact, most of europe was very primitive while Egypt and the middle east had developed in mathematics,art,etc. Of course the europeans took advantage of cheap african labor and slaves, much as stronger african tribes did to their weaker neighbors for centuries. the same as whites did to other whites for thousands of years. The bottom line is when a person truely realises what is important in this world, all the lies and terrible history can't disadvantage him one bit.

de KoijerAnonymousGeneral Comment
You may sugar-coat the truth as often as you like, but the fact remains that when South Africa is wholly black it will be, economically and otherwise, as dismal as the rest of the continent. FACT: the SA economy was better in the past. FACT: it has gone STEADILY downhill in the past decade plus. And it will continue to do so, until a once-great SA is now no better than the dismal likes of Nigeria, Chad, or the bloody Congo! Ask yourself... WHY? If you're honest, you know the answer (and you've already moved to London.)

I liked the article. It moved me. It was very touching. Very emotional. I liked it.

Sam Guppygupguppy_at_msn.comGeneral Comment about the wonderful Article.
i love this website, and the article was brilliant well done! im only 15, but i love it.

debbieanonymousS A is not a third word country

yawnAnonymousTypically Human
"-we are surely doomed." Yes, you get out. As I read through that article, I noticed the bias, the fears, the desires of the author who tries ever so hard to mask his racism under the guise of a sincere call for true understanding in a nation where white people are running scared because their power is dwindling. The harder you oppress, the harder you fall.

Visitortanatsatani1_at_msn.comGeneral Comment
blacks should never give up to article
Im a yuong black person who was not there when poeple where killed in 1960,but was there when we recieved u'r indipendence.althuogh i was not there i feelt the pain of the youth of 1960&1976 and the surferring are poeple are still going thruogh becouse of the previuos goverment.But we can not run away from thew truth,it was wrong what the goverment did to the black poeple.But i feel that your wright with some of the things you sad like we need to say some thing if the president is wrong and compiment him when he does wright.I think A.J Secreve is wrong to say that white poeple are responceble for political stability and wealth.You poeple had stability becouse of the many black cheap laboures and the fact that some of the big companies in the world sapported are oppresion including the now passed away American president Ronald Reigen.

A.J. Secrèvesecreve_at_yahoo.comBlack people can't be compared to animals
I'm afraid mr. Nthabi's protest is somewhat misplaced, and not entirely true either. As the article stated, blacks were better off during colonial rule. Mr. Nthabi is probably unaware of the fact that he is writing in a colonial language, and South-Africa has lost all its major companies to foreign stockmarkets, which puts South Africa in a de facto state of colonisation. The description of Africans who had to lick the boots of white colonials might have occurred, but is abhorred by many people all over who themselves are of local and colonial descent. Mr. Nthabi has not mentioned the acts of tribal warlords in his protest though, which are strictly speaking much worse. As a matter of fact the Xhosa's viciously murdered and enslaved the Bushmen and sent them fleeing deep into the Kalahari desert to escape from their acts of tyranny, yet not a word of that is ever mentioned. Mr. Nthabi also forgot to mention the Difaqane - a tribal massacre that led to the death of approximately 3 million tribesmen until the despised Boers put a stop to the spate. Mr. Nthabi next asks a rethorical question on the number of blacks who had to leave the country to fight for freedom in order not to live like animals in their own land. He unfortunaltely failed to mention the security fence erected on South Africa's northern border to stem the tide from Africans elsewhere who wanted to enter the Republic in search of a better life, not to mention the large number of Africans who voted en masse with their feet in neighbouring countries to work in South African mines. The statement that the apartheid government that set people up to kill each other is pure nonsense. It was up to the apartheid government to prevent tribesmen from pitting themselves against each other. The ANC and Inkatha were fighting, and the erstwhile police force was commanded to stop the killing, which led to one in every three police officers suffering traumatic stress disorders. If Mandela had called for the killings to stop in 1984 as he was asked to do by former Prime Minister P.W. Botha, he would have been an free man much earlier. The fact is that the whites are responsible for wealth and political stability in South Africa, and are today more oppressed than they ever oppressed Africans who were "dumped" into the townships where they enjoyed virtually free accomodation, virtually free running water and electricity and low unemployment levels. Africans weren't "dumped" in the townships, mr. Nthabi, they came to the cities themselves, motivated mainly by hunger, which is Africa's most salient problem.

Jaco people can't be compared to animals
Nthabi, I think you miss the point of the article. If you (or anyone else) don't expect of blacks to be accountable for their actions - as is expected of whites - you are not treating blacks as humans. Why have different yard sticks?

Nthabinmkaxulu_at_yahoo.comBlack people can't be compared to animals
I find the article "black people aren't animals" very offensive. Although dated 2001 and some aspects may not be relevant anymore, for someone to even compare black people to animals just tells you how little respect they have for them.To say that we were much better off under colonial rule is a big insult. Considering what our parents had to go through during that colinial rule...we were treated as animals. Some slave masters even had black people clean their boots by licking them, literary. We were forced as black people to pretend as if what was done to us in the past was nothing and forgive the white people that took adavntage of the situation. How many black people have had to leave the country to fight for our freedom so that we do not live like animals in this land. How many were killed because they could not stand what was happening in this country? Personally I am still very bitter about what happened and what makes it worse is that there are people that do not acknowledge that what they did in the past hurt so badly that the scars are hard to heal and they open all the time one reads such an article.What do you expect from a young democracy? At least we have a democracy unlike other countries where people are not allowed to voice their opinions. It is this democracy that has allowed people to write what they like, just like the author of this article. If the government did not work, where do you think the funds to provide the "poor" with proper sanitation and electriricty, even housing came from, as it has been said about the Western Cape? From the same government that is said is not fulfilling its promises and not working for the good of the people. Unlike the apartheid government, where people would have been left to kill each other because of the very same government setting them up against each other and starve to death and live in run down conditions (like the dumping of people in townships like Soweto and Gugulethu), this government has made sure that its citizens, equally get the attention and care they deserve.

After all of these years us blacks are still fighting a struggle that we will never win.

Jaco comment
I don't like censoring contributions, but when a comment is amounts to nothing more than racist name-calling without any substance, I have to agree that it serves no purpose.

VisitorAnonymousGeneral Comment
sorry i meant the comment below...

Chrisfinbin4@hotmail.comGeneral Comment
please delete the comment above as it is counter-productive to the rest of the page. thank you for a sober and insightfull article.

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